Taste His Grace

He said to them, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.” John 4:32

Most of us starting meal planning or make a grocery list if we are running low. Maybe, some times we order take out or have  sandwiches until we can get to the store. There are ways to order online, and I like that, not carrying bulky stuff. But Jesus is not talking about regular food here, He is referring to spiritual food.

He had food, dunamis power of the Spirit, how else could He heal a woman with an issue of blood and say He felt the virtue go from Him and only minutes later, He is raising Jairus daughter from the dead? He was fed and filled continuously by the Holy Spirit.

That is why He said they did not know about it. But we can, though they walked right with Him, the Holy Spirit was sent to teach us and live in us. Jesus is referring to fasting, being still before His Father and even the rest that He offers us as believers. While most of us will never be on a forty day fast like Him, we can fast and pray. Actually, I did do a forty day and twenty one, just as a partial fast, having prayed about it.

Once, I tried three days, I didn’t make it. Why? Because it was on my own and not what even expected of me. I found it a lot easier to give up a little social media, a meal a day, desserts. And I remembered to take Communion, I tell people on medication not to stop eating, just put down the phone or stop watching television. Read the Bible, be still and know Him. Psalm 46:10. This is how we have, ” meat ” or food that sustains us.

Other people will notice, that we are overcoming, even under oppression. Why? Because like Jesus, we are enjoying unmerited favor and the grace of God. John 1:16 says He gives us grace upon grace, and I like how the Message quotes that verse, ” Gift upon gift. ” And we know  grace is what saves us, not our works, nor fasting, and Communion is rightly dividing the body for healing, and the blood for sin.

As we studied last month, Jesus is our once and for all offering, as a believer. If we love Him we, are no longer willing sinners though we sin we have an Advocate, but what we know is wrong is no longer a desire. Most people are not going to be like Paul asking for a thorn in the flesh to be removed, I don’t believe that many people attain that level of revelation from the Lord. It was clearly some spiritual enemy, and God doesn’t use him to teach us lessons but allows us to go through trials, so that we will keep depending on Him or we would not even need Jesus would we? His grace is sufficient and it abounds, not that we should sin to get more grace, but that it is greater, He will not help someone abusing His grace.

Jesus multiplies food on two occasions, and He multiplies grace. While the disciples had no food, and needed a miracle of loaves and fishes. He had food from the Spirit, spiritual fruit, healing fruit, life giving fruit. And He wants us to taste and see  God’s goodness.

And just like the multitudes, who listened to Him teach, we will have real and spiritual food provided, our baskets will be full and overflowing, and there will be leftovers. So let’s taste His grace and be thankful for its abundance, can you envision yourself on a hillside and Jesus feeding you, how about in a garden of prayer? That takes grace.

But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift. Ephesians 4:7

For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to everyone. Titus 2:11 ( But you have to accept Him as Lord. )

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Peter 1:2

Rebecca Jones Chinh Le Duc / Unsplash

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