A Place For Me

We have all felt left out, out of place, even uninvited. And how many invitations have we turned down for various reasons. I know I missed a few weddings for several reasons, but there is one I will not miss and He has a place set for me. One of my top posts is called Inviting the Prince of Peace.

Though it is a poem about Jesus inviting us to join Him as a believer at the Marriage Supper, it is really us who has to invite Him into our hearts and follow after His love, desire the spiritual gifts He offers, and choose His words, choose to speak and taste the goodness of God from the one who purchased it with His life, to give us eternal life.

I have to say I did not mind missing these weddings, there were people I was not comfortable with, they were so far away, and I had no idea about a gift. I may have been invited, I may have declined the RSVP or sent a card. I didn’t have something to wear. Can anyone relate to that? Always a bridesmaid, never a bride may be true of some, but Jesus is our beloved bridegroom, in the spiritual sense.

The church is His figurative bride, because God has the strength of a father, the Heavenly Father and He loved like a mother so He created both men and women, He has a place for all of us, so we can be at ease with the Lord, He will lovingly correct and discipline but desires His family at His table.

And no, He won’t put up with bad manners or elbows on tables. He has even called out to everyone, and some did not attend, He called out to those in the street to come, and the one that tries to attend the wedding without the proper garment is cast into outer darkness. Jesus is the bridegroom of the parable of the bridegroom.

Actually, both parables one in Matthew 22, when the king plans a wedding for his son, it is really God and Jesus. In Bible days most wealthy people had one nice garment for weddings, and in some instances, the king or the wealthy provided them as with Jesus here. The      wedding garment  is the robe of righteousness, He provided us as believers. He took our place, we were unrighteous and He made us righteous, by being crucified.

If we don’t have that robe on, we are not welcome, and face outer darkness. Believers will understand and profess that we are the righteousness of God and that it is His gift. There is no way we could be righteous otherwise. He is also the groom in the parable of the foolish virgins, some let their oil run out and miss out on His coming.

I don’t believed saved people will miss the Rapture or catching away of the church, but there are some who may not know Him and only think they do, profess Him and not know Him at all, and those who think being saved is just not going to hell, when salvation is so much more. They may miss rewards.

I have my wedding garment. No gift I could offer would be good enough, but I gave Him my life. It may be a long way off, but He is my transportation, and has paid in full for me with His life. And I don’t have to worry about fitting in or not knowing anyone, not even what they will serve the guests, or how well I dance at the wedding. Jesus has taken care of it, and has a place for me.

Rebecca Jones Terri C. / Pixabay

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