Offering Answers

Answer a fool according to his foolishness, or he will think himself to be wise. Proverbs 26:5

Ever have to deal with disagreeable people? it can be tough. I have had people twist my words, try to put them in my mouth, say I said one thing when I said another. I have talked drug addicts, apparently  to no avail. That is not my idea of fun or God’s. And He knows hearts, truth and lies.

God has all the answers, when we only have natural ones and the spiritual ones He gives us, the true common sense ones. He offers answers in His Word, in the Spirit and in rhema words that are personal, and sometimes through others but some answers we may just not need to know, just to be glad that He does. And that He is merciful and loving, and gives us unmerited favor as believers.

I have to tell you I do more good teaching believers and praying for the sick. I always tell people that their addicted children have to want to change. God moves when He sees sincerity, a broken heart and contrite spirit, He knows by the Holy Spirit how to bring someone into conviction, and ultimately forgiveness, and then to not condemn them, I suppose we have all done that to ourselves and others, but He never does, He may remind us of things, where we have come from, but it is not where we are going. He offers answers, and gives us grace.

I don’t people let fool me, their words locate them, and their actions. No one is fooling God.  I try to answer with wisdom, but I don’t have all the answers, I just know the one who does, and that has to suffice. So much for the accusers who think I either don’t know what I am talking about or think I am better.

When hearts are not right or receptive, we don’t receive our answers or He can speak them and we will ignore or not recognize them. I try to keep an open mind and heart, that doesn’t mean I agree with everything or everyone or even approve of some the things they do, while others may be fine and helpful, God is the judge.

Instead of telling people what not to do, I like to tell them about sthe love of Jesus, grace is not doing what you want to. If you are a believer, you are bought and paid with a price, the price of His blood. I hate when people who know what you believe challenge you, think you are lying if they see you ill as you profess His healing. God call the dead to life, things that be not as though they were. Is He foolish? Are you foolish to copy Him? To be obedient? Aren’t you ignoring the answers He gives you if you don’t?

The gospel is to be preached in season and out. Your answers can be yes and no. You can explain it or speak the truth in love. I am a better intercessor in most cases, even with some believers. How you answers  can stir up anger or change a heart, but it can also stir your anger or break your heart. I have been there too many times, and yet, He wants me to shine and has blessed my words.

Learn how answer to correctly, let the Spirit teach you wisdom and discernment, so that you will not be perceived as foolish but profound. And the people who think you are foolish still, won’t matter anyway, leave them to heaven. Let me help you. I had an issue, older people will automatically think they know more  believer or not, or at least, some will.

I hate because children can work a phone better but that is another story, I am not despising youth or wisdom, but the foolishness, yes. The arrogance and wickedness, yes. But as for my own situation, the Spirit spoke into my spirit to say, ” that’s not your decision. ” to some who just assumed they could do better. Will it always be that clear? Perhaps not. But why not? the Spirit is our Helper.

Some people are just determined to prate, prattle, or natter. It is all flumadiddle, meaning to talk incessantly. It is foolish. Don’t answer foolish people and appear foolish letting them think themselves wise or even superior. Even if you are right. Never put yourself in danger. There is wisdom, a time to speak and to be silent. A time to offer answers and a time to, well, just hold onto them for a better time, and just maybe, to seek your own. Let God be God and offer answers.

Rebecca Jones  Ali Pazani / Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Offering Answers”

  1. I like that: “Let God be God and offer answers.”
    Yes, we have to seek God’s wisdom to lead us to say the right words and also follow His leading to know when we are supposed to be quiet. Thanks for sharing!


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