So Much To Offer

We are about to close our series on offerings, but I had to include a post for women who don’t think they have much to offer, in order to do that we will look at the widow’s mite, here is the story.

Then Jesus looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, and He saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. “Truly I tell you,” He said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others “. Luke 21:1-3

These coins had been struck in that day and were the smallest, they were at best, the equivalent of only a fourth or half of a farthing, one cent at the most. I have a couple myself, that are copies, they are smaller than dimes but brown like a penny. It made me wonder if that is where the expression ” putting your two cents worth in came from. ” Really, these coins would have been an unacceptable offering to the treasury, but Jesus saw her heart.

Being a widow, doesn’t automatically mean she was old, and the adjective poor only indicates that she was needy as opposed to a beggar. We just don’t get the whole story which is why I write stories about Bible women and often give them a name when they are not even named in the Bible, just as a teaching tool to to relate.

So this woman, whomever she was and whatever she did, whether it was all she had left after buying food for her children or all she had been paid to do someone’s laundry. She gave it and it was all she had, so it made her offering greater, than those paying a tithe or a tenth, they were rich and had it to spare, and God honors tithes but He also blesses those cheerful givers, she did not say she needed to hold onto it, she gave it all.

Jesus took notice of this woman and bothered to mention it, don’t you know she was probably blessed beyond measure after that. I have to think so and she didn’t think she had anything to offer. I thought that about myself many years ago, but God saw different and showed me what He saw in me, and He will you too. Don’t discount yourself because of income, education, or background, you are worth many sparrows as a child of the Most High God.

Jesus sacrificed His life, offered up Himself on a cross for you, He poured out His very soul. So, if you think you have nothing to offer Him think again. If you are a believer, He is thinking of  you, with many thoughts and good plans, the enemy will try to deceive you, that you are worthless, that nobody cares, even if that were true, Jesus does, He will come to us and not leave neither widows nor orphans.

So maybe you have a lot of money and can support charities, and causes that benefit others. Do it, and offer it in love. Or maybe, you are average, living paycheck to paycheck, find out what you have to offer and do it in love. It may not be money, but some of your time because it is a valuable thing, you don’t get it back, but you can redeem it and God certainly can, He will not waste anything done in love. Even if you are homebound, an invalid, you can offer prayers, pray for His peace for yourself and others to receive it.

I pray to walk in it. It is a gift. You can phone people, take prayer requests, or  visit the sick, lay hands on them if God directs you too, and since a lot of people are in quarantine and panicked at the Covid outbreak, and I am not taking it lightly, use social media, speak healing and peace to others, make them laugh if you can.

I encouraged a new blogger the other day, not to be worried that she had only a few readers. God takes small things, like fish and loaves and even mites and multiplies them. Let that visual be yours today. Do you bake cookies, cakes or pies? Stay home or run a corporation? He will bless it. Teach children? He will bless it. Write books, take pictures? Whatever you do no matter how large or small, He will bless it all.  You may not think so, but you, as a believer and Daughter of the King have so much to offer.

Rebecca Jones Nastya Gepp / Pixabay

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