Offering Wisdom

I searched everywhere, determined to find wisdom and to understand the reason for things. I was determined to prove to myself that wickedness is stupid and that foolishness is madness. Ecclesiastes 7:25

There is a lot of wisdom in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, throughout the Bible. Isn’t this a great verse, as believers we should be searching out wisdom and understanding. Wickedness is stupid any way you look out it. How many lives are destroyed because of wickedness? And yet, we have the very answer in our hands as we read the Word of God, but sometimes, it is on a shelf overlooked and ignored, and sadly in our hearts and minds and ignored. Many have become offended, afraid to speak the truth, accused of hatred, but we must not allow the enemy of our souls to destroy them, not when Jesus offers wisdom, by the Word and by the Spirit.

Drugs, greed, jealousy. wickedness. Stupidity. A loss and waste of life. Children and young people are in desperate need to know and be taught right from wrong, at an early age. I have to believe everyone must know in some innate way. Society and environment do play a part, the mad man in the tombs and Mary Magdalene were both from or near wicked towns. But that doesn’t necessarily made you bad.

Atlanta is a big city with a high crime rate  but it didn’t cause me to get into trouble. The only trouble I had was against me as a believer and I learned to let Jesus take care of that. You do have to submit to God and then resist the devil. Children sometimes have little resistance to bad behavior. I have seen eight years olds go bonkers and follow the lead of a disruptive four year old. It is no different with teens, young adults and even some old people. The enemy goes from person to person, seeking to devour.

I could get into trouble calling people stupid or crazy, but read the verse. Wickedness is stupid and foolishness is madness. It is time to stop being wicked or foolish. To stop being driven into depression, anger, fear. It is time to put on the armor of God and ask His help to defeat the wickedness in high places, to tear down the strongholds. To come into the obedience of Christ through His Spirit. That is grace. His love, His joy, and His peace, seeking Him with all our heart and soul, He offers wisdom, He was and is our once and for all offering.

There is coming a time during the Great Tribulation when wickedness will abound, even more than now. It will be hard for people to be saved and you do not want people to take that mark if they are left when Jesus comes for the church. This is a warning for them. Though He will return and defeat the Antichrist, He will have to turn many into hell.

Now, that is foolishness, to go to hell forever, for a few years of drugs, greed or lust. Whatever keeps you from the love of Jesus. Search out wisdom, for yourself and your family. Nothing will ever separate you from His love as a believer. Wickedness can be anything from lying to murder, corruption in politics or churches. But He offers wisdom, what to keep or throw away, when to be silent or to speak up.

Don’t let wickedness deceive you or ignore what is foolishness. it is time to walk away, repent, and be ready for Jesus, searching out His wisdom by the Spirit. It is something God gives freely, another blessing and offering from the Lord.

Can you visualize God giving you wisdom? I can. What does you r wisdom look like, and what changes will you make? It is up to you.

Rebecca Jones   Peyman Farmani / Unsplash

Is it snowing where you live? It rarely snows here.

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