Are You Sacrificing Too Much?

Are you sacrificing to much for Jesus?, I was. Believe it or not you can do that. Let’s look back at Job, he was righteous and the devil went after him, though God would not allow him killed, reading the story might sound like Job was being punished by God or being taught a lesson. True, God taught him but he doesn’t employ the devil to teach you, that is why He sent the Holy Spirit, to teach, comfort and remind us.

But what about Job? He was sacrificing continually. Now, Job lived in the time of Joseph, according to my research, He was under grace, there was no law. Just like we are now, we are not under the law, or specifically, the Ten Commandments, we are under grace from our Lord, who did not destroy it but fulfilled them. And we have a new commandment to love one another and God, keeping all of them really.

But Job, like so many people, worried about his children and sacrificed. You will hear that his fear got the best of him and I have even heard that the hedge of protection is not anything more that a myth, but I beg to differ. Hedges have brambles and thorns, I have a line of roses, hedging in the porch. If I am cut or scratched in those, imagine the devil being caught on his own pitchfork when he crosses into the Rose of Sharon’s territory.

Personally, I think the cloud of witnesses are just the closeness of those in heaven through Him, and a host of angels, innumerable ones protecting us. Only a third of the angels fell with the devil, so he’s already outnumbered. And it only takes one archangel to bind him up and cart him off, so imagine one Jesus blinding him with glory. Hallelujah!

So how do we sacrifice too much? By not accepting the fact that He was and is our once and for all sacrifice, all of them, we don’t have to sacrifice anymore and when have access to the Father, the devil can’t run accusing us like in Job’s day. But he will accuse us, so we have to cast down those thoughts and imaginations, and guess what? Bring them into the obedience of Christ. His obedience not ours, we could never be good enough or sacrifice enough, it had to be Him. He had to carry what we could not and we are blessed when we realize that.

So still, how are we sacrificing too much? We can easily spend too much time on social media and not enough with our spouses and families. We need to talk to each other and love each other deeply as He loves us. That’s not giving you everything you want when you want it but it is giving you room to breathe in Him and to grow, like the roses, and keep the enemy out.

I sacrificed too much, I literally studied and prayed too much, even in tongues too much, though it is a powerful gift. I was wearing myself out over a situation I could not fix. I was even ready to do another partial fast. He doesn’t want sacrifice but obedience, and I needed the Lord’s love and rest.

Today’s visual, I want you to picture a hedge, thorns and roses or angels, even those barriers that they put up in the movies, however you see yourself, as a believer, protected by God. Only He can really guard our hearts and minds and protect us, We can’t do anything on our own, without Him we are lost.

Rebecca Jones Nastyia Gepp / pixabay

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