Sunday Bonus /Not My Label!

Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool. Ecclesiastes 7:9

Have you ever had the Holy Spirit reign in your temper? I sure have. Even in the righteous anger, when I was right, trying to defend myself and others. Yes, He reigned it in. Even so, situations can get out of hand and escalate into violence. God hates that and He has protected me from that, because I have had people so angry at me. People on drugs do not see reason or sometimes, even believe they are doing wrong. People do not realize that their rebellion is akin to witchcraft. It has stirred up strife beyond belief in families. And when you try to explain the spiritual warfare of it, even to believers, it can get messy.

Explaining that one, to believers may not go over well. Many people are not aware of the secretive sins, things they think are harmless or entertaining, they can open doors you don’t want to open as a Christian. I have seen that happen even to believers and chaos and confusion run amok in their families. Think visiting  fortune tellers, letting your children befriend just anyone, trying drugs, is no big deal, think again.  And it can be other things as well, envy, greed, selfishness. God looks at hearts, we are not fooling Him. Be angry but don’t sin. Jesus is the best example of that. He took a lot of abuse without becoming the accuser, even though He spoke the truth and did not mince words by any means. He was not drawn into arguments,  and people wanted to kill Him.

Having tried to help and pray for certain people, let me tell you some will not receive you. Some people don’t wanted to be corrected not about Scripture, their children, or even warned that they are making mistakes. It is not easy to step back and let people learn the hard way. But sometimes, you have to, and the bigger the sin the harder the fall, and still, i have seen many unrepentant and insisting that was never their fault, while I took on a lot of guilt that perhaps, I could have been a better influence.

It must be hard for God as a loving Father. I have learned not to argue, or argue a point, if I get angry. I look foolish. And if you ever find yourself arguing with a child,  the” Yes you did. ” and” No, I didn’t. ” That makes you as childish as they are. I have been there and I know. While it is coming out of my mouth, ” I saw you do it. ” to no avail. I have to let it go, children will want the last word like many adults, not unlike Sarah, ” I did not laugh.  ” The angel of the Lord, Jesus, insisted without anger that she did. ” She drops it. Not everyone will.

I was taught many years ago to get mad at the devil, stomp your foot. I did! I do get mad at him, but try not to take it out on the people, you have to separate him from them and what chaos and confusion is going on in their lives. There are people I will tell to stand for their healing. Once, I had a lady ask if I was angry with her because of that, I said no just trying to encourage her. She has had multiple problems since. Get mad and let the Lord get the glory, and let Him take His vengeance out on that enemy.

None of us are strangers to anger. We will probably be angry at least once today. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to bug  us and other times we are ready to blow like a volcano. Thinking before you speak helps, what comes from your mouth is in your heart, Jesus said. Counting doesn’t work. I have tried the fruit of the Spirit.

Love, joy peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. There is a children’s song on my Pinterest board, Teaching Children about Jesus. It is funny. By the time you have sung that mouthful, you probably will be laughing instead of being   angry.

And sometimes, nothing may help but alone time with the Spirit, some things we have to let go of that are not in our control, God gives a free will, not that you don’t correct or discipline within reason. Remember, to correct and discipline yourself and let the Spirit do it.

Jesus was angry and never sinned, He stopped to braid a cord before going after the money changers and then overturned the tables, there is a lesson there, let’s let Him turn the tables on the wicked one, who would gladly see us angry, if only we could say the same and not wear a foolish label but His love. Some things are not worth the anger, don’t go to sleep angry, tomorrow is another day.

We often think about designer labels, anger isn’t one.

Rebecca Jones    Abigail Keenan / Unsplash

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