Offerings Of Praise

As fall is upon us and there is a splash of color, even a burst of explosion of it, I can envision creation calling out to Him singing His praise. ” Look at me, Lord, I am the gold of  your glory. I am the red, a reminder of your shed blood, I am the orangy brown, that is in the fire, a shadow of your sacrifice. ”

Colors have a lot of symbolism and meaning, God’s handiwork is evident in the blue skies and the green grass. It is in the sunlight and even the shadow, for we are under His wing. I sing a lot, to keep my spirit up. Singing should be all about praise and worship.

I am thinking about a chorus, that we bring the sacrifice of praise to the house of the Lord, not just to church, but a song to ourselves, His temple, we are offering Him praise many times when we don’t feel like it. That is what it takes sometimes, to keep you going, to get you going or even to sleep. Many times it is your security blanket, your sanity, your safety from an evil and troubling spiritual attack.

So we can sing to Jesus, in our churches, or even in our hearts. He hears and responds to the offering of praise. And then there is a snippet from a song I sing,, ” I’ll bring you more than a song, for a song in itself is not what you have required, oh no, you search much deeper within, that the way things appear, you’re looking into my heart. ”

He wants to sing praises as a release, for our joy, and to bless others, but it not a song He requires as an offering, He wants our hearts, He wants our hearts to full of Him of His love, joy and peace. That is what He wants for the ones He loves, just like we would want for those we love. Though we cannot always be to them what Jesus is to us, it is a choice.

I admit that maybe there were times I sung being in pain, or to drive fear away, but it has always been from my heart, at least I hope so. I want it to be and I pray it is. I bring Him a song, but I give Him my heart. I recall watching a church service on television, when the camera panned the choir, they just looked so unhappy to me, going through the motions. I was wondering how anyone who was singing His praise was unhappy. It can happen when your heart is not in His hands.

And another time, I saw a girl singing at Christmas, from Notre Dame’s chapel, the college. I forget the song but she was singing and the light from a stained glass window placed a rainbow over her, it even fell at her feet. God put a bow in the sky, He would not allow another flood, but He will one day flood the heavens and earth with His glory and praise, and I hope to be there with my heart and song.

It is all about you Jesus, you are our once and for all offering. Our visual today is sing a song to Jesus from your heart, can you see yourself singing  to Him. Forget how you sound, just worship Him and offer Him your praise. We know the earth will, and the rocks will cry out if we don’t.

Rebeccca Jones Valerie Elash / Unsplash

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