October Offerings

With September behind us, and the start of fall, we are ready to delve into a new month of study. We are going to get into offerings. You might think of the plate being passed at church when you hear the word or those awful passages in the Old Testament that we try to avoid.

Believe me, they are important to study and not gloss over, I had to read them, listen to knowledgeable people on the subject, because Jesus was offered by God in the same way. He gave His life for us and is so holy, that He covers all the offerings in all ways, for all people who will receive Him as Lord.

Looking to Jesus you will see how the sin offering causes it to slip off us as we are born again. Having just studied the Spirit we are not supposed to continue in sin but we have an advocate if we do. His sacrifice is so great we don’t do justice to Him if we do know what He really did, by taking our place on that cross.

Jesus came as a baby, lived as man, to know what we as people go through, and took death for us, even went to hell to retrieve the keys of death, hell and the grave, and restore Adam’s authority. He is called the second Adam, the first one brought death, by his sin, the second, our Lord Jesus. brought life.

He was crucified, at Passover, like the lamb that was offered. He was the perfect, sinless, spotless Lamb of God. There is no need for any more sacrifices, ever! He is it, it is finished as He said. Now, it is up to us to discern His Word, the body and the blood and live accordingly.

Sacrifices were offered daily, Passover celebrated the return from captivity. Jesus is our sacrifice daily, the morning and evening, He is the sin offering, the grain, the guilt, and drink offerings, and even ordaining, all offerings rolled into one. Just like His name is above all names, all the names of God given to the Son of God, as God gave Him authority over all of creation.

Jesus is acting as our High Priest. In the old days the high priest would go in and offer a sacrifice once a year, that covered sin for a year. How much better is Jesus?  Personally, I think He is the one who walked with Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden, could it have been He that made the first sacrifice to cover them, without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. He would also have drive them out to keep them from eating from the tree of life and living forever in sin.

It would have been so much easier had they asked forgiveness. Let’s face it, these sacrifices are not pretty. It is hard for me to see Jesus that way, but it is what it took to save me. Now, I can look at Him as the risen Lord, who is going to return and He wants His people to know what He accomplished on the cross. What He atoned for, what He promised us. Isaiah 53 said there was no beauty about Him. Who am I to argue, I know it was awful, but there is beauty in that love, and the beauty of Christ keeps us from evil.

As we enjoy the crisp sweater weather and the season, all the things we think of in the autumn or fall, let’s think of Jesus and how He was our offering, and what He offers us as believers. Last month, I used visuals to help us picture the significance of the Spirit in our lives, I think we can all picture Jesus as our offering. We may not like to, but it is helpful when we face temptation or are faced with trouble, but let’s also not keep Him there, He is risen, and He is Lord.

Rebecca Jones   langll / pexels

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