Holy Spirit Fall Fresh On Me

We all can use a fresh anointing now and again, even spiritual things can become routine, and sometimes the warfare is is so draining that we need the Spirit to fall fresh on us. I felt led this morning to write more on the gift of faith, We may all have our measure of faith, but when it grew from the mustard seed, it was attacked..

I’m not sure most people even realize that the birds Jesus refers to in this passage are demonic. The faith we have, the more we have to offer others, a lot of times we fall under attack, whether mental or physical. I have seen so many prayer requests this morning.

I am compelled to say this afternoon as I write, or to ask as a prayer for there Spirit to fall fresh on us. As for the gift of faith, I made the mistake of trying to have great faith to be healed, I sacrificed a lot. I can in all honesty tell you, He knows our hearts. It is never going to be about what we do, the fasting, praying, years of ministry or anything. It is all about Him, His decisions and His love.

I think sometimes we are in the pretense of something we aren’t even aware of without knowing it. We are professing faith, but wondering what is wrong, why me? I know this is a question in your heart if you are anything like me as a believer. What have I done wrong? You can read more, pray more fast more. Yes, fast more, because you read that it breaks the yoke, or that some demons only go by prayer and fasting. But it is still not about you, it is His love that heals.

You will never defeat the enemy by your own efforts, there is so much we are unaware of but the Spirit knows. Anything we have or our healing is by His grace. It is not based on our works or lack of, it is simply His goodness. Hard work may pay off in some ways, but does it really, if it costs your soul? I racked my brain, lost so much sleep, was mocked  for believing, hurt and broken hearted but He saw my heart and He is healing me.

When I did fast, it was not about weight like many use it to diet, I asked Him to honor it, a partial one, and do what He saw fit. I wasn’t starving, I missed a few meals, some social media but so what. God rewards those who seek Him. Truthfully, I wasn’t even thinking about that. He was rewarding my prayers of intercession, doing things I never knew, in my struggle. But that was not where He wanted me to be, not in a place of striving but of rest and stillness.

Like a butterfly beating our wings we grow strong in our cocoon and the we emerge, flounder and fly, but the life span is short as is ours in the face of eternity, so you see why the gift of faith is important, paramount, to take us where we want to be, with Jesus forever. Many walked away from His teaching of Communion, many start out with Him and ended up lost forever, not knowing Him as Lord, they have not exercised the gift of faith they were afforded. I know this gets over into faith healing and I don’t like that term at all. I saw a lot of my confession, just not happening, but the Spirit understood and had reasons, He is not withholding, He gave us His Son, why would He spare any good thing?

We should still be safe in the cocoon of the Spirit, soaring with Him, walking among angels, seeing the miraculous. And we will not as long as we rely own our own faith or works, even prayers. It is all about love and all about Jesus. I just read about a couple who lost a baby, even with prayer and fasting. A singer with spots on both lungs, Covid patients, and woman who at seventy four and deaths door may not know the Lord. So much suffering and pain among the lost but also believers. Why? I think we are relying too much on own our own selves and our efforts. It is His love that heals, delivers and saves us from so much, every day all day.

I have been reading poetry and I found some George Sand quotes to be appropriate, ” Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. There is only one happiness, in life to love and be loved. ” And who knows love better than Jesus, no one loves you more. She also said, ” The truth is simple so we complicate the journey. ” How profound from  a lady poet with a man’s pen name. I could quote you more about love or flowers, beauty but there is no greater poetry that the Lord, no greater music, no greater literature or love, He is above it all.

And we should kneel if we can or bow our head and hearts today in quiet and pure worship and awe of His majesty. Our King is coming and we want Him to find that our gift of faith is alive and well because He has breathed the Spirit of His peace on our hearts. It is nothing we do, we have complicated our journey, forgive us Lord as we look to your wonderful face. embrace us with your love, and let your Spirit fall fresh on us. I pray you can envision this today.

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Rebecca Jones Vino Li / Unsplash

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