Pour Out Your Power And Love


This is the Spirit He poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior. Titus 3:6

I took the verse from Titus and found the waterfall to further demonstrate how He pours out His power and love by and through the Holy Spirit, but I went back and read the chapter as well. Titus tells us how He saved us, not by any righteous deeds we had done, but because of His mercy.

And that is so true, being a good person won’t get you to heaven, no matter what you do. You only have access to the Father, through Jesus. We are not righteous, just as He was not sin, but He became sin for us to receive His righteousness. He was cursed on that cross for us. Galatians 3:13.

He did wash us and cleanse us by the Spirit as we received salvation, the new birth. And Titus uses the word renewal. That is something He did and does daily as we refresh ourselves in Him, and rest in His love, and receive His peace. He goes on to say that we are heirs and hope in eternal life.

The chapter is also about words and works, while works will not save us, only His mercy and grace, He prepared works for us as we came to believe. There is supposed to be respect and not strife, we are to avoid arguing and speaking badly of others, when some have been warned, he says once, twice, then have noting to do with them.

We know we are to do our best to live peacefully with all, but that often doesn’t work that way. I tried to be the forgiving one, the seventy times seven, but that was tiresome on a daily basis. Jesus did not make us doormats, He will give us wisdom, and peace. When you can’t live in peace, it robs you of you Him peace And if the situation is familial, it takes prayer, and alone time with God to be renewed and refreshed. Of course, He will lead you from dangerous situations.

I went to the mountains once a long time ago, there was a trickle of water flowing down the rocks, enough to fill a bottle and drink, and it was cool, crisp and refreshing, no dirt or impurities, even flowing over a rock. That can be our visual today or even the waterfall.

Jesus invites us to drink His living water, the Holy Spirit, the refreshing water that is flowing from the rock with no impurities can continually cleanse, refresh and renew us.  And like the water we drink, the Spirit has to be in our mouth and bellies, whether the gift of tongues or even the speaking of His words, they are written on peaceful wings, untroubled hearts, and are a seal upon the soul.

The Holy Spirit is our seal, and our water and He has poured the Spirit out in abundance. Will you receive Him today? I pray we all do and feel the trickle, the refreshing flow and even the waterfall, as He renews us for His return.

Rebecca Jones Caitlyn /  Noble Unsplash

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