A House Of Prayer

As we have studied healing, in August and now the Spirit in September, as this post pertains to both, let’s take a moment to think about Jesus clearing the temple, and overturning the money changers table. He was angry and did not sin. Like we might take time to count to ten or even run through the fruit of the Spirit, which I do, He stopped to braid a cord, now we know He had the power to really go after someone didn’t He? But He was the epitome of calm. Still, He turned the tables.

That is what I would like for us to do as we heal. Our bodies are now the temple of the Spirit, and while drugs, alcohol, disease and other things, including medication have effects the body, we are affected by the spiritual as well. People do all sorts of cleansing,  while that is not a bad thing necessarily, some I would avoid, it is not the only thing. The Holy Spirit cleanses us and purifies us daily. We are washed with the water of His Word. Jesus even said of washing feet, that if you are bathed, you need only wash your feet, that is the dust of life, the devil’s domain as he crawls around causing trouble. Our feet should carry the gospel of peace, sometimes we have to shake it off. And we must speak His peace.

We are studying the Holy Spirit and of course, the gift of tongues, is a perfect way to cleanse your soul daily and refresh it. If you do not have the gift, study and ask Him about it. And if that is not your belief, you can still ask for wisdom, and stay in prayer and in His Word, keeping it in front of you, in your eyes and in your mouth. And in your heart, He can still renew you, refresh you, and restore your health. And rest, even if you nap, sleep more, spend more time with Him, your laundry will still get done, your husband fed.

Even if you have to get some take out or something piles up wouldn’t it be better to obey the Lord and be in health? Sometimes our sacrifices for others catch up to us and that is not the way God meant it to work. So let the Spirt guide you to the truth as to healing and health, rest and sleep, restoration. Don’t ever forget the one who loves you most, you matter to Him.

The money changers had moved in toward the temple. They changed money but there were also those who sold offerings. And some were thieves. We don’t need offerings any longer. Perhaps, a sacrifice of praise, even if we don’t feel like it but Jesus was all of the sacrifices rolled into one. And He was the once and for all sacrifice for those who would believe. ( October Sacrifices next month, )

Money changes people, and lack of it. It is called the deceitfulness of riches, but God wants to provide for us, He just doesn’t want  money or lack of it to be our focus. We are the house of prayer and His Spirit resides in us, His glory fills our temple. In the Old Testament, He departed it. Jesus will never leave us, though the Spirit may step aside and let us flounder as we try to fix things ourselves, when He desires our trust in Him. We can’t serve Him and money, our money should serve us. Our faith should, our words should, God works with us because of Jesus, and through the Spirit.

If you study the Bible closely, you will learn to glean the spiritual applications of many, if not all stories and parables. What Jesus did on earth, He does in heaven or in the Spirit, including healing, driving out demons, the robbers of our soul even as a Christians, the worry, fear, lack, despair, deception, grief, and so many more. So cord your whip, and drive the money changers from your heart and soul, the enemy is a tormentor. But Jesus will torment him for us.

Keep, His peace, His joy and above all His love, and you will be a house of prayer, and like the woman who swept to find the lost coin, the Holy Spirit will sweep over your house literally and over you as His temple daily, keeping you a house of prayer if you allow Him to cleanse you. That is a good visual, allowing Him to daily sweep over us and bathe us in His love.

Rebecca Jones   Ben White / Unsplash

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