Sweet Holy Spirit

I once saw a mother singing ” Sweet Holy Spirit ” to her baby and watching the giggling and smiles, babies fresh from heaven know the Spirit. And last night I saw a video of baby in the NICU, with both hands raised in praise listening to a song. I also had read a story of a mother, who noticed her five year old daughter going in and talking to her baby. One day, she sneaked in and overheard the conversation, the girl was asking the baby to tell her about heaven, she was beginning to forget.

Now, aren’t those children just amazing? The work of the Spirit is amazing, the amazing grace of God. We all must forget being created, our closeness with heaven and the connection to God, like an umbilical cord. No wonder God hates abortion. Job says the Spirit of God created me, David says we are knit together in our mothers womb and many people are unaware unless they studying Hebraic roots that the word  for mercy, is so close to the word womb, they have very close root words.

So, we could say that we are here by His mercy. God desired a family, He had angels. Being a strong and loving Father, and having the nurturing qualities of a mother, He created male and female, and gave them bodies, along with the spirit and soul. Figuratively, we and creation in general, were conceived in the womb of God.

As we grow, we tend to lose the sweetness of His Spirit, children start to grow and walk and get quickly into the ” I want to do it myself. ” mode. And there is nothing wrong with growing and independence, but there is with demanding and disobedience. Proverbs will tell us how we should listen to instruction, so often children refuse.

Jesus spoke of us a becoming childlike in faith, He knew very well the faith, the strong bond of Father and Son, through the Spirit. He put a child upon His knee in the house of Peter as He answered questions of infidelity. It is children who suffer when families are broken, destroyed, through many of the enemies tactics. They may have too many “fathers” in a manner of speaking, but they still have a Father in heaven if they choose to listen to Him.

We are to be children and desire the sincere milk of the Word, but we are to speak truth in love and grow in grace, in obedience rather than sacrifice. We are to be fruitful and multiply, we are to bear fruit for the kingdom. Now, everyone isn’t going to have a dozen children but we can have spiritual families and children as well.

I believe a lot of the fruit I bear comes from my writing, If I write and it is read or shared, He is multiplying it, from a grape seed grows a bunch, He is our vine, we are the branches. He prunes us now and again like I would my roses. No correction is pleasant but His Word is profitable, and it is wisdom to receive, to keep His sweet Spirit, at work in us, producing more and more fruit, not hindering Him or grieve Him but operating in all the fruits of the Spirit.

It is not that He is not alive in us, He is, but so much happens as we live and grow and age, it is that we are not as alive in Him as we should be. I have seen far to much hurt upon God’s children, and actual children that are rebelling like never before the throwing away and destruction of lives, that have ventured so far from God. It is time to come back to our Father, whether we have known the love of a real one or not, He is our Father. He gave His Son, Jesus and His Spirit is given to all who believe on His name.

His sweet Spirit has come upon our soul, a fresh anointing like a river flowing, Holy Spirit come upon my soul. Our visual today is to see yourself and the Spirit coming upon you, see the dove, the oil, the wind, or even the river flowing over you, from the time you were a precious baby to the time you received Christ, and now.

And I am leaving you a wonderful verse today.

And this hope will not lead to disappointment. ( shame ) For we know how dearly God loves us, because He has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love. Romans 5:5

Rebecca Jones  Andrtyka-Pdninyk / Unsplash

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