Are You Hindering The Holy Spirit?

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Are you hindering the Holy Spirit? We all have at one time or another. Now, isn’t the time though, really, no time is. Why am I writing this today? It has been on my heart just to get out of God’s way.

I was so busy trying to be Christlike, I was always praying, binding the devil, trying to write just the right words, even though they flow very easily from Him. I was stressed, pressuring myself beyond belief over things out of my control.

I can’t save people, or make them receive. All I can do is proclaim His great love. I am still surprised that there are people who don’t want to hear it, they refuse instruction or correction from His Word, and fail to see it is for their own good. God is not out to get you, unless it is to get you know His Son, Jesus, through the power and peace of His Spirit.

How do we hinder Him? By trying to fix the problems we have prayed about ourselves. We pray and leave our cares cast upon Him and then pick them up again and start worrying when should have left them alone and just thanked Him for taking care of it.

We hinder Him when we keep reliving the past, hurts or problems, things that are over and done, forgiven and forgotten by God, can we not forgive ourselves? And forgiving others, perhaps, we have, but the enemy of the soul will steal back in and wrestle back into our lives what others have done to us, and it is to destroy our testimonies and our faith. And he is disturbing our peace again, let the Holy Spirit handle him, the accuser, his lies are not going to get by Him, just remind yourself to forgive. Those people probably aren’t even concerned about you, but the Lord is.

We hinder Him when we don’t go with the flow, and that is not just following any ministry or Bible teacher, it is by following Him as you allow the Spirit to teach you. He will not let you be tossed about by every wind or every doctrine.

Jesus brought grace and truth, and He, Himself is our peace. Ephesians 2:14. So let the very Prince of Peace, through His Spirit of peace, open your heart to Him, and though the world is in turmoil, we can rest in His love, joy and peace of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus promised to us as we have believed in Him

Other people will also hinder us from study, prayer, they may reject us for our beliefs, especially, people from other denominations or faiths, but that is alright, the most important decision we ever make is an eternal one to follow Christ, and hopefully, our lives will reflect Him well and they may see Him in us.

I like to do word studies, we all know what hinder means right? But let’s look anyway. Hinder – to make slow or difficult the progress of something,  to cause delay, interruption, or difficulty in, to impede, to block or put something in the way of.

Has your healing been slow in coming? Finances? Any answer to prayer? God doesn’t employ the devil against us, he just keeps trying to get even for being kicked out of heaven, Jesus destroyed him at the cross, but one day he will be in the lake of fire as we enjoy heaven, but in the mean time, he will hinder us enough. Jesus gives us the power not to let him, through  the Spirit.

People will hinder you, even family and friends, but go ahead and pray, read the Bible, you might even get tired of hearing about Jesus or waiting for Him, He understands, He went through all we do and more intensely.

Let me pray for you today that as you pursue Christ, He will bless you and allow the Spirit to move on your behalf, in you and through  you to help you be the blessing you were meant to be.

Today;s visual is to picture the Holy Spirit as water, oil or wind, and tall wall or dam, all three can move through cracks the wall, in a trickle, a flow, but all are powerful enough to know it over as well, And the fire of the Spirit will burn it down.

Rebecca Jones Nika Allen / Unsplash

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