Healing From The Inside Out

I wanted to write this post to help others understand true healing. It is a gift, part of the plan of salvation, and it works in many ways, and some are kind of mysterious. Jesus spat on dirt and healed a blind man, I think He actually created him new eyes. Some people were healed instantly, others as they went and some from that very hour. He even raised the dead, a few minutes, a day and Lazarus three days. Some never returned to give thanks, like the other nine, and some were not healed because of unbelief.

While we might not be spitting in the dirt, we can be healed in many ways, speaking in tongues, laying on hands, anointing with oil, Communion, and even medicine and operations, He sees us through those as well. He wants to be the healer but will meet us where we are and allow faith to work in us.

Many people are misunderstanding how God works, the Spirit is in us as believers and we are healed from the inside out, not the other way around. Of course, if you have a cut, you can apply cream or have stitches, but what about the heart, liver, kidneys, spine and the cancers, the flus and viruses, the internal bleeding.

And even the effects of spiritual warfare, the battle for your mind, mental health and depression. Tongues moves a lot of demonic influences, however, Jesus said spirits will return and with seven worse, so your house, mind, will and emotions, have to be kept free of clutter, and the oil of His Spirit pours in, filling you. That is why addiction to drugs or alcohol can be hard to break as well as other things.

We often hear of the Holy Spirit falling on people, and He does, Jesus can heal and forgive all at once. Some people will wonder why a sinner gets healed and not the church organist, but how does she feel about healing? Sometimes we are taught wrong, our confessions are wrong, we move into fear and worry, doubt can lead you to an evil and unbelieving heart. Unbelief may be the cause of not receiving healing, but that isn’t always the case, God just knows more that we do, and sometimes, He is merciful. Someone questioning the death of an infant grandson, would rather God take her. He doesn’t work that way. She may not have understood but knew she should not question, and now she ministers hope to others.

I don’t think God just took the baby, perhaps, he was spared from some terrible illness or a life of suffering, which opens a can of worms, right? Yes, it does, why a loving God allows suffering. We live in a fallen world, and not all sicknesses are the devil and his minions, but most evil and deadly things are, and they can include unforgiveness and grief, guilt and shame, all the things Jesus bore on the cross if people could believe and let the Holy Spirit in to heal their hearts and souls, and even bodies. Not everyone is strong in faith, even as a believer and when a major illness occurs, it can even try the most believing, why we need to so healing in before anything happens and draw from it if it does.

If you are a believer in Christ, you have His Spirit, get into His Word, sow healing into your soul. Even if you take medicine, see a counselor, or have surgery. The Holy Spirit is in you, the living water that flows from the inside to heal  you from the inside out. What is in you heart comes out you mouth, I thank Him for healing so much, even when I felt bad or was in pain. Instead of relating to His pain and suffering I realized HE took it for me, things I cannot handle He will. And by His wounds I am healed is my profession of faith.

I can be still, rest in His promises. His word is sent to heal us, He watches over it, not one word will fail. Don’t wait for your miracle to fall out of the sky, it is already in you, and is a gift waiting to be opened. His timing is always perfect. Isaiah 53 says it all. His love heals, let Him love you today.

Rebecca Jones  Lina Volkmann / Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Healing From The Inside Out”

  1. Most definitely! We heal from the inside out. You can treat the symptom or you can go deep and find the source of the pain. I’ve learned that many times chronic pain has a true cause and it is something traumatic in your life you must deal with. (See Susie Larson’s Fully Alive)
    Thanks for linking up at Legacy LInkup


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