Are You Striking The Rock?

Now, you might be wondering about a lighthouse and rocks and how that ties into Isaiah 53, our base Scripture, in our month of healing.  I am about to tell you. A thought occurred to me, that we should not overlook the story of Moses in our study. You know, after all he went through, he wasn’t allowed into the Promised Land. Once he was told to strike a rock and water would pour forth, but the next time God him to speak to the rock, but he struck it twice.

First, let me say Moses was a patriarch, he witnessed healing first hand, Miriam, and people in the Exodus. He died, the devil wanted his body, people liked shrines and God wanted the worship, he buried him. Now, Moses would have been in Paradise, and eventually, heaven, when Jesus ascended, but he never made it to the land flowing with milk and honey because of his disobedience. Disobedience he may not have understood but we do looking back.

Jesus Christ is the rock of our salvation, God smote Him or allowed Him to be for that salvation in Isaiah 53. He should have obeyed and spoke to the rock, but he struck it twice. Once was enough. Jesus was a once and for all sacrifice to those who would believe. Moses made a costly mistake.

We mustn’t make that mistake. The crucifixion changed the old covenant, and Jesus brought grace and truth. He made the way to the Father, because He is the way, truth and life. We don’t have to be angry at God, He is slow to anger believe me, we do not have to scream and yell or beg and plead. No, we are His beloved children and He expects us to speak to the rock, Jesus, about any problem.

I hear people all the time saying to pray and pound the gates of heaven, or storm them. You don’t have to, Matthew 7:7, says to seek, knock and ask. And if evil people know how to give good gifts to their children, how much better are God’s? I thought of that yesterday, that He was really giving me what I asked and better, only I didn’t always get that. I wasn’t angry and not mad at God but I was disappointed, but His timing is just right. He gives us time to grow.

Water flowed to the children of Israel, when Jesus was pierced blood and water flowed. He was beaten, scourged, spat upon, his beard plucked the crown of thorns was for our peace, which is His peace, John 14:27. So, just talk to Him, He gave us His Spirit to help us. Speak to you rock, Jesus and don’t inadvertently strike Him with anger, or even doubt and unbelief as to His will, just trust His timing. And that He knows best because He knows what we don’t.

I’m not going to tell you that being angry with God will cause you to lose your salvation, if your are truly born again, Jesus doesn’t lose people, only Judas, even he may have been forgiven had he repented, and whomever the Antichrist will be, I think he would be included, but we are to be caught up with Jesus first, is my personal belief. Only people who will not receive His love and Him as their Lord will be turned into hell. But you might miss your promises here.

And just another word about Jesus, He saw Moses and Elijah on the Mount of transfiguration and spoke to them. Moses had died and Elijah carried away to heaven in a chariot. Believers should not talk to the dead, Jesus was the Son of God and He raised the dead, that is entirely different. Though believers should have His power and the authority, most do not have the wisdom and discernment they would need to walk in it, but He does give good gifts.

Faith in His ability to heal is a gift in itself, just talk to Him. People are just people, no matter how rich, famous, or great. But Jesus is worthy or respect and admiration, and like Moses, He is our deliverer, and He will get us to the Promise Land healed and delivered and no feeble among us. Let heal and raise the dead, literally and spiritually dead.

And remember He fulfilled the law and the prophets, Moses brought the law and Elijah was a prophet. But Elijah and Enoch are the only two people who never died and will be the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation, and they will be killed. But before the Antichrist comes, I’m look to Jesus to perfect my faith, be my healing and deliverance, and for Him to come, I’m speaking to my rock and He speaks His peace to me. And meet to be forever with the Lord.

Rebecca Jones  Michael Judkins / Unsplash

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