Getting Low Before The Lord

Funny how the Lord works on your heart sometimes, I was writing posts in advance, I was telling you all about Isaiah 53, healing verses and I was looking at Jehovah Rapha, one of God’s many names and how it means healer, I was reading Exodus 15:26, about the plagues but God says to listen to Him, it is for His people then and now, I AM the Lord who heals you, and then I am literally on my face in prayer. He is the great I AM, who heals and delivers.

I have been praying and seen some results, but I knew that to be delivered I was being brought low before the Lord, kneeling before the Lord my maker. And I found myself in the book of James, 4:10, to be exact, about humbling ourselves, and being exalted by God.

I’m still reading Isaiah 53, still taking Communion, still doing a partial fast for August, but I am also going to be getting lower before Him, as we near the end of the month. I hope I can share some of God’s heart for His children, by what I am doing as a believer to walk in His path to healing.

I can tell you the problems both health and otherwise and seeing Him raise me out of them is a humbling experience. It was never how good I was, and I was good, but it was that He was. He planned my life, He made the sacrifice. My suffering was not His intent, He knew I had faith and it would grow, and that I would come under attack but He was there. He really was, when I hadn’t a clue.

A lot of us, women especially, though I know men can understand it, have that not good enough or unworthy feeling, when it is He who makes us worthy. I do write a lot of affirmations of faith, I have a Pinterest board by that name. Like many women, I have had to draw from the well of my salvation, and claim promises and be sure to read an profess good  words and actions over my life. Verbal abuse is a terrible way to live, and not God’s way, we hear enough from other people and the enemy of our souls, we don’t need to listen to anyone but the Lord, reject the world’s opinions and believe how God sees us, silence the accuser.

There is nothing wrong with professing your faith or His promises over you life, and I don’t really care for name it and claim it, blab it and grab it idea. While so many have been claiming and making demands on Him, they have become arrogant and even self centered, it works both ways among believers the ones leaning in one direction and another toward just getting to heaven.  God is love and peace, striving so hard took His joy.

Jesus did die for your salvation, and it is much more than just getting into heaven, it was for healing, protection, peace and yes prosperity. But He expects you to have wisdom. The devil exalted himself and was put out of heaven, I’m not telling you that making affirmations or believing in who God wants you to be will make you exalt yourself or get you booted out of heaven, but you do have to be careful that you are not just building up yourself but your faith and giving Him the glory, you might miss blessings, by shooting for the stars, and not counting on the Lord to promote you.

I have had people see the Lord in me, and some have probably considered me the enemy. Sometimes, I feel as though I am on a fine line dealing with others, and I have to just walk away. But it is true, that we must be on the straight and narrow, that is the way to enter in. Many people are called and few are chosen, called to minster or chose perhaps, but even to salvation. Many are called and don’t receive or only that they are saved. Isn’t that a shame? Isn’t it an insult to refuse His gifts?

That verse amazed me to think that like the disciples, He chose me, and I thought I chose Him. I told you it was funny how He works sometimes. We are to be childlike, but then ready to eat the meat of the Word, not babe with milk. We are to let Him be our confidence, to  go boldly to the throne, and yet we are being humble for Him to exalt us.

I truly hope this post is a help, don’t be ashamed to be in your prayer closet on your knees, or if you can’t kneel just bowing your head, you are in the secret place of the Most High, you can be His dwelling place, give Him your heart, He might break it with the story of the love and sacrifice of Jesus, but that’s what heals you, an gets you to heaven, so let’s get low before the Lord.

Rebecca Jones    Priscilla Whendy / Unspalsh

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