Remaining In Heaven

Repent…. that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus, the Christ, who has been appointed for you. Heaven must take Him in until the time comes for the restoration of all things, which God announced long ago through His holy prophets. Acts 3:19-21

Acts chapter three begins with Peter and John going to the temple, the man is healed at the Beautiful Gate. Peter is encouraging  the Jews to turn back to God, to accept Christ. He is at Solomon’s colonnade and people are marveling at  the lame beggar that was sitting at the gate asking for money now walking, leaping and praising God.

Peter and John will be told to stop preaching Jesus and be beaten and thrown in prison, let out and keep right on preaching Christ. But what we want to concentrate on here is that He wants times of refreshing to come, that is often with revival or outpourings of the Spirit, but He goes on to say that Christ has been appointed to you.

We have studied about the moedim and appointed times, though we may not know all of them exactly, though the months and dates are given, they are different to ours. Unless the Spirit tells us, and He may some things and not others and no one knows when He will return. He wanted the Jews to know that God had appointed Jesus, to them. He was born at the right time and was crucified at the right time and He will return at the right time.

This can get deep into eschatology, or end times teaching. People thought Jesus was Elijah, but Elijah will be one of the two witnesses who will come in the Great Tribulation, the other, Enoch. God will restore all things even Jerusalem, it will be where Jesus will rule from and not the AntiChrist. Why Enoch and Elijah, they lived but never died? And it was Peter who proclaimed Him Christ, not by flesh and blood, but the Spirit. It was revealed to him by God.

I realize not all people believe this and that is fine. Everyone has their opinion and the right to it. But look at all the confusion and chaos, God is the God of peace. Already that spirit of division, Antichrist is at work. So it it is wise to study as a believer, and let the Holy Spirit help you understand what can be a difficult subject.

What I think is beautiful about the passage is that Jesus remains in heaven until the time of restoration. And though it appears to be after the seven years and into the Millenial reign, I don’t think so, or at least not entirely, there is the Rapture or catching away of the church. While He may remain in heaven, believers who are alive, and those who died believing in Him as Lord will be caught up to heaven, before the great and terrible day of the Lord.

God poured out His wrath on His only begotten Son, so we could be saved and spared hell. He took our place. But if you haven’t accepted that love and forgiveness, as an unbeliever you will face it. People will believe in that time, but it will be so much harder and likely cost you your life.  But if you fail to understand or receive the love of Jesus, or ever take the mark of the beast, whatever it may be that numbers 666, you will be doomed.

I know there are many religions, and some have good ideas, but only Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for the world, the only God who died to save us. It is worthy a little reading, to determine where your eternal soul will go. And His coming is closer, God’s timing is not ours, but He can make it beautiful in His time.

He will one day appear and many will ask where He got the wounds, His answer, in the house of my friends. There will be much weeping, and so much more for those who are turned into hell. Repent, change your mind as Peter asks, learn of the love of Jesus, the Spirit will help you, and protect your soul. He is coming to restore.

And I believe Isaiah 53 healing has already begun, whose report do you believe? His church is not going to be full of disease or sin or any petty thing, let’s start loving as He loves, and let Him love and heal us and be ready, because He will not remain in heaven, He will come. And I believe He wants us well and ready to go, many of us will see His return, if we don’t give in or give up.

Rebecca Jones  Romello Williams / Unsplash

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