Healing The Hurts

I can’t begin to tell you I know how to heal your hurts. Oh, I know, I write a lot about Jesus and make sure you know He is the answer and He is , but we are all different and are affected differently. What you can laugh off, might hurt me. What I laugh off might offend you.

I have never intended to come across as holier than thou or look at me, or know it all. Yet, there are times when I have felt the shun like the Amish, my excitement about some word study, wasn’t someone else’s. I don’t listen to every preacher. I never tried to force my beliefs on anyone, but they probably thought so. I have been called ” perfect “, and faced lots of accusations that are not true. I just wanted people to see Jesus like I did and maybe they can’t, because they are not me. And I am not you.

We are unique by God’s design, what works for me might not be the same for you. We may see it or perceived it differently. I admit being harder sometimes than I should be on people I know should know better. Once you have immersed yourself in God’s Word, and really know it, the Holy Spirit reminds you. You can have a refresher course but you shouldn’t have to be taught all over. But I try to do it in love, I have seen too often the enemy steal joy and peace and wreak havoc on health. There are things I have learned that  I try to pass along, but it is not always received.

Not every one received from Jesus, and some did and were not thankful. People now are no different, perhaps, worse in many ways as we near the end of our age. That is why we need Jesus and the Spirit as believers to direct our paths and guide us into truth. I know more and more what Jesus took for me, and I want you to as well.

I’m telling the truth when I say church has hurt a lot of people. It did me, well, the people in it. Truthfully, I became aggravated with some in ministry. I hold no grudges, they are just people, some things I may have misunderstood. I may have not liked many things but I loved Jesus and why? He first loved me. And to me He is so wonderful.

I want that to come across in my writing. I might get angry, but you can get angry and not sin, don’t stay that way. Even being mad at the devil, it is just better to let God handle it. When I thought about my own hurts, even that righteous anger would get to welling up in me, sometimes a good cry before the Father was all I could manage. Once I had heard someone say not to let the devil see you cry, so I didn’t cry for years, trying to be strong. Go to the feet of Jesus,man or woman, and let the tears flow if you need to.

He wants us to cast our cares on Him, to let Him be our confidence in prayer, to pray from victory and not defeat. Let;s stop looking ad ourselves and our hurts and see Him in His glory and rest in His love for us and receive the gift that His precious peace or we will stay hurt and wounded and never be the kind of  ” perfect, He wants us to be, we are unique masterpieces designed by the Father, and He knows our hurts and needs and just how to deal with us and any painful dart that comes our way.

Even if I cannot tell you in person, I pray my words will reflect the love of Jesus so that He can touch the deepest of wounds and scars, and place a hand of protection over you. That angels will encamp around you and you will know and love Him, and be sensitive to Him and not the whims or misgivings, the controlling and willful, even spiteful and hateful people you may encounter, we get through it with love, the greatest of all gifts, His love. It heals the hurts.

Rebecca Jones   Fabio Spinelli / Unsplash

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