Windows Of Healing

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We have all heard that the windows of heaven are open. Prayer can open them. God does things at appointed times, called moedim, but healing can come at anytime.

Remember, the pool of Bethesda. It was a mikvah bath. Jesus questioned that man, ” Do you want to be healed? ” And He answered that he had no one to put him in the water. At certain times, an angel stirred the water.

He didn’t recognize the gentle healer, but we do. The question is relevant. Do we want healing? I am sorry to say a lot of people are content to live with illness when He is a prayer away. I just think it is hard to understand for them, or they can’t believe how much they are loved, I really couldn’t say. Though there are those who need disability, there are some scammers, even people who will claim to have cancer to garner sympathy and take up collections.

The windows of heaven will open, but we must rest and receive, and be thankful. There is healing on our own tongues as we confess His words. Windows, in this instance is comparable to a gold claim and the slouse box that runs down a mountain.

I like to think of it as releasing the dove out the window of the ark. Jesus is our ark, the mercy seat, Aaron’s rod, and the Ten Commandments are in there. And He is sitting on it, the Old Covenant was one that brought death. Jesus brought life, and life more abundantly. He fulfilled all the law and prophets and His ministry is that of the Spirit.

When I was praying this morning, which is still only July 2, ( I always write ahead. ) I saw a window open like a kitchen one. Isn’t it nice to open a window to a cool breeze, or even hang laundry to dry. The smell is wonderful, especially, like a drizzle of rain.

Windows air out musty rooms, old houses or ones that have been locked or closed up a long time. Sometimes, a soul can need a little breathing room, the breath of God through His Spirit can air us out, and refresh and relax us as we pray.

Though healing comes at appointed times, it can come anytime. It can come when we are alone, or in church, by prayer, laying on of hands and even Communion, but especially, by communion with the Spirit. Healing comes from within, and it is His Spirit that brings healing and health to our minds and bodies as we receive and obey.

I believe He will heal us before His return, so let’s start believing and praising Him. And let the windows of healing stay open.

Rebecca Jones   Unsplash

A footnote from Christian dream interpretation, windows can represent…..

Revelation knowledge; unobstructed view; heavenly favor; revealed or laid open; seeing truth; prophecy; understanding; exposed; if unguarded or unlocked: could mean danger of enemy attack; if veiled: could me truth or revelation hidden. Genisis 6: 16; 8: 6; 26: 8; 2 Kings 7: 19; Joel 2: 9; Malachi 3: 10; Daniel 6: 10; Joshua 2: 15-18; Song of Solomon 2: 9)

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