He Opened Not His Mouth

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Though we are continuing our study about healing, we want to keep in mind what a good idea it is to read Isaiah 53 even on a daily basis. And you can go back to the first few days of August for more study, but Jesus has always amazed me. How did He ever keep His mouth shut?

As much s I try not to complain, get in discussions turned arguments or even tell someone what is what, I fall short of it. And yet, He opened not His mouth before accusations, beatings, unbearable physical and mental torment, and we will never know how much no matter what we have endured.

While we are to copy Jesus, I would say most of will fall way short of that. Controlling the tongue is hard and He did it to save us, so we might want to step back and read what He really did, I am trying to make sure I read the chapter each day this month but here is the verses we are focused on today. It takes Him to help us tame it.

He was oppressed, and He was afflicted,
yet He opened not His mouth;
like a lamb that is led to the slaughter,
and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent,
so He opened not His mouth.
By oppression and judgment He was taken away;
and as for His generation, who considered
that He was cut off out of the land of the living,
stricken for the transgression of my people?
And they made His grave with the wicked
and with a rich man in His death,
although He had done no violence,
and there was no deceit in His mouth.

Isaiah 53:7-9

I want you stop and think about these verses today, How often do we panic over nothing? And how often are were angry and have to have our say. He was angry and didn’t sin. There was no deceit in Him, some translations say no guile. His promises and words are true and He will never deceive you, nor will the Spirit. There wasn’t spewing of hate that people think though He referred to people as dogs and vipers, He loved the sinner ans hated the sin. It is often hard for us to separate the people from sin isn’t it, and even harder perhaps for them unto understand that like Jesus, we do not hate.

It is a shame that people don’t realize that Jesus and hopefully, ourselves, as believers. just know the consequences of sin and want others to know too, And we know the love it took to take our place on a cross of shame and not open His mouth. We are not supposed to just cover up sin or sweep it under the rug but when a person has truly repented it is under His blood.

The devil will dredge it up, and people might forgive but never forget, but because of that love, He remembers it no more. The Jews or at least some of them and even Messianic ones and Christians have become familiar with the practice of Tashlich, a ceremony of casting away sin at a river or sea, I suppose you could do that with pebbles or sand, they shook their clothes, if you need some symbolism at Rosh Hashanah or the day after, but it not necessary as we know that Jesus’ atonement was enough to fill God’s heart for us and that for His Son’s sake, He will not remember but answers prayers and He will get the glory for what He’s done for us.

And through it all, the fasting, temptation, He use the Word on the enemy, and through horrific pain and suffering He never said a word, so that we might believe and make heaven our home. And so we could be healed, have His peace, protection and more.

He knew no sin and was made sin before the Father who had to look away from Him on the cross, then Jesus calls Him, His God. The only one worthy as a sacrifice, was taking my place, and He imputes righteousness, because were not, and we never want to be self righteous either, it is never because of how good we are, but because of how good He is and He is good.

So let’s try to watch our mouths, know how Jesus kept quiet to save us. Let’s give Him the praise and worship He deserves, and the respect, He is so worthy of. He lived and died Isaiah 53, and opened not His mouth for me.

Rebecca Jones   public domain


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