Prescriptions For Peace

While many people are preparing recipes for disaster, I thought we could wrap up our peace study with a question and answer session. I read some celebrity answers in book, most were pretty bad, lame or even awful, except for Mother Teresa. So what is the best prescription for peace? Jesus, the Great Physician wrote it.

His peace is a gift. John 14:27

Sow peace if you can, if you can’t, shake the dust and move on.

Blessed are the peacemakers. From the Beatitudes Matthew 5.

Read and study, meditate on His peace.

Rest in His peace.

Find your quiet place.

Make time for Jesus, pursue the Prince of Peace.

You can ask your family and friends what is their prescription for peace. Here are some of my suggestions. Please leave a comment.

I hope you have enjoyed our study. I am including a PDF here of July, It may vary a little. Free to use, just leave my name.

Rebecca Jones Kate Hliznitsova /Unsplash

The Peace Of July

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