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We are familiar with the verse about the last days in the Bible where people are lovers of pleasure and of themselves more than God. While I have found that to be true, even having been told that you only have one life you might as well have fun, ( if you call drugs, jail, losing custody of children and being homeless fun ) I can assure you peace is better.

I have had so many things happen to me that I did not expect in serving Christ. I was not a missionary or at least there in a hostile country, but that verse holds true here in the States, as people go their way. I found myself relying more and more on His peace. John 14:27.

So many are concerned with the pandemic, financial crisis and other cares, but there are those who go on seeking their own satisfaction and not finding it, because Jesus is truly the only one who can satisfy the soul. I would advise believers to cling to the gift of His peace, if life appears to be a struggle or even a battlefield, He is might to save and a might warrior, God’s name in the Old Testament is El Gibbor, meaning just that. He gave Jesus the name above them all, all the names of God rolled into one and especially, the Prince of Peace.

I pray Psalm 91 protection over us and that we are able to receive the gift of peace as we walk through our lives in expectation of His return. I pray for a safe and happy summer, with lots of joy and fun, but with the Lord’s presence always close by.

And no matter what comes, whether it is illness, worry, a low bank account, or something unexpected even spiritual warfare, angels are working for you, God the Holy Spirit resides in you, and Jesus overcame so we could, that is peace, peace the world does not have or offer.

I love Jesus for what He has done for me but more so for His sacrifice, He saw me before I ever existed and called my name, and I desire, meditate on, and love His peace.

Rebecca Jones  Thiago Miranda / Unsplash

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