Officers Of Peace

Ever wonder where the phrase peace office came from. Well, here is the verse. Instead of bronze, I will bring gold, instead of wood, bronze and instead of stones, iron. I will appoint peace as your officers and righteousness your taskmasters. Isaiah 60:17

With a lot of rioting going on and a virus outbreak causing fear, I realize that lawless will one day abound and that the man of sin, the Antichrist will try to lure everyone into a false peace.

God is the God of peace, His law is love and His gospel peace. It is important to have peace officers and law and government, one day, it will all be on the shoulders of Christ, actually, it is and there is little time before He returns for His church in my opinion.

Let’s look at the symbolism here, gold for bronze, the riches and glory of God for a lesser metal, silver is redemption, iron can be power, and wood relates to the flesh, what stones, he is referring to I am not sure, there are various degrees of value. God will give us better, His exchange is always better.

The next verse mentions violence leaving, wouldn’t that be great. People cry out for justice, but who decides that? Only God is truly just, I like that He appoints peace officers, wouldn’t His peace officers be great? They would not make human mistakes, and righteousness, none of us are that except for Christ taking your place.

While we still have time, let’s try to be lawful and respectful. I understand trying times and unrest, all lives matter, but what matters most is where you spend eternity, and how you live your life now and what you believe, Jesus is there for us, with all the evil that is attacking what is right, that is all the more reason to seek Jesus and pursue His peace.

Rebecca Jones public domain photo

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