The Beloved’s Crown Of Peace

Isaiah 53 is a prophetic word about Jesus coming and the crucifixion, the whole chapter reveals Him beaten, scourged, for our healing. But the crown of thorns He wore brought us mental peace.

Now, a lot of people may have trouble with that, even believers suffering through mental anguish, and I understand that. But Jesus is the same, always. He doesn’t change. His words don’t change, but spoken over us, they can change us.

The Bible has a lot to say about minds, renewing them, having the mind of Christ. It teaches us about thoughts, words and actions. Though it may be difficult to believe when you are suffering, the focus will be easier as He reveals His love, look at the risen Christ and the beauty of His sacrifice.

These were no ordinary thorns, I have seen them. They are thick and up to two inches long. And they were not placed gently on His head either. You can imagine them so deep as to even pushed into His skull, I would have said brain but He had no broken bones or at least not legs as were the practice to hurry along death. It does say His bones were out of joint, no wonder.

I had trouble with pain and identifying with His, I suffered. But it was a release to know He carried a cross so I would not have to. He wore the crown of thorns for me to have a crown of peace, and even if that is not specific to any verse of Scripture, it is not just one I made up. Not poetic license or a the imagination of a writer.

Jesus wore a crown of thorns for our peace, Isaiah prophesied it years before He was born. His punishment or chastisement brought us peace. His crown for ours. His punishment our peace.

Don’t disqualify yourself from receiving healing or peace. It is a gift and a promise to believers, many people think they aren’t good enough, holy enough, that it is not for today.

They are even afraid of taking Communion, all they have to do is keep a repentant heart and not be a willing sinner, ignoring the words of Christ altogether. You will, not only grieve the Spirit but insult Him.

Jesus sacrifice was a once and for all, it was all the blood that had to be shed and is in heaven. It is over believers. You may not be good enough for Jesus but He is good enough for you! It is only His goodness, that allows us healing, peace or even the next breath.

Read and meditate on Isaiah 53, especially, under mental duress, you can even ask Him for a crown of peace to replace what is bothering you, and if those thoughts or imaginations come back, remember, not to give up your crown for one that is like thorns. Worry, fear, torment are all like that.

Psalm 127:2 teaches that He gives sleep to the beloved. As believers, the Father accepted us into the family through Jesus, His beloved son. We are to be the beloved, and why wouldn’t He give the beloved a crown of peace?

Rebecca Jones

Eyre June Bustamante / Unsplash

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