Peace Like A River

Did you know that if we do what we should, we will have peace like a river? I have a beautiful blue river going through a canyon to illustrate it. Here’s the verse.

Oh, that you would have hearkened to my commandments, then your peace and prosperity would be like a river and your righteousness like waves of the sea. Isaiah 48:18

While this is Isaiah speaking God’s word to those coming out of captivity, and can refer to the Ten Commandments, it is Old Testament and how much more are we to follow the new commandment of Jesus, to love God and one another. I think that covers the ten. He fulfilled the law and the prophets and put us under grace an truth, we are not living under the old covenant but the new, not what Paul calls the ministry of death, which saved many, but the ministry of the Spirit. We should be seeing salvation, and if we did what we should, we would be experiencing peace like a river.Now, not everyone is going to do that. They will not like it and they may not even believe it. Many people will cling to the Ten Commandments, and while you can have respect for them, Jesus did bring us grace and peace.

He is the way, truth and life. I just love reading and living in the words of Jesus in John. He is our peace, left us His peace, is the Prince of Peace and He will be our peace like a river if we do what we should to begin with. Sounds easy enough, right? Yet, people are stubborn and self righteous, and many won’t give Him a chance to teach them by the Spirit, but that is the way to peace like a river.

I could hardly believe that when I first read it. While none of us may do exactly what we should, all the time, we have all had times when we knew it could be a mistake, and went on ahead. Perhaps, the Lord even tried to warn us and we failed to hear His voice.

The good thing about grace is a fresh start, even if we go back, repent or allow Him to heal something broken or missing in our lives or hearts, He will. He can even cause us to remember when it was, and we can still know peace like a river, and this time, make better decisions. He is always the right one.

Rebecca Jones  Alexy Topolyanskyi / Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Peace Like A River”

  1. Thank you very much for the blessed post.If only I could make myself worthy of that great peace promised by the Living God?Alas!I am so weak in body ,mind and soul so I shall rely on him and rely for ages to come if necessary so long my kind Lord will not have mercy on me.🌹👍🙏


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