The Gospel Of Peace

I got shoes! You got shoes! Did you know that many times in dreams that shoes represent peace? Slippers can mean you are too comfortable, tennis shoes, walking by faith or being in the race. Ice skates can mean gliding through a problem or possibly even over a frozen heart.

As always, I caution people about dream symbolism. Not every dream means something, or is from God. The bright and colored ones can be and the dark or gray from the enemy, but God also lives in the darkness of time and space, and originally created darkness as good and as a time of rest. Even Christian dream interpretation can be off base. You have to consider the source as from believer or psychic. Never base faith on dreams alone, nor totally discount them. Just ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. He will never deceive you or lie. He can make it plain. Visions too, can be colorful.

But as for shoes and how they fit into the gospel of peace, let’s look at the verse, it is in the Bible, which is what we have to be sure of and to see how it relates to us.

How beautiful are the feet of those that preach the gospel of peace. Romans 10:15

Now, I realize it says feet, and in those days, sandals were the normal footwear. And it was customary to offer someone water or have a servant wash the feet of guests. Jesus did that lowly task for the disciples and sent them out to preach the gospel of peace and saying to speak peace to homes and even to shake the dust from their feet if they were not received. Mary of Bethany is remembered for this as she anointed Jesus.

So the verse or the interpretation may not be just exactly in line with the Word as we wear so many shoes these days. High heels can be a high calling to minister or even seduction. You have to realize that there can be two sides and which one is for you.

And personally, I like boots. I have always loved boots, but in my PDF file on dreams, that came from a church in Texas, of all places, boots represent warring in the spirit or plain old spiritual warfare. I can attest to that. Liking boots didn’t bring out the enemy, loving the Lord did. And He helps me kick it to the curb, whatever the problem.

Truthfully, I have always had wide feet, rough heels and the occasional ingrown toenail, I recently broke a toe and the nail has grown back funny. So maybe my feet aren’t always so pretty, but they are to God as they carry the gospel of peace.

Rebecca Jones  Andrew Tanglao / Unsplash

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