Peace that Passes Understanding

Just what is the peace that passes understanding? I have surely read that verse. Jesus laid peace and that He left us His peace from John 14:27, on my heart a while back. Over two years ago. I had it but wasn’t availing myself of it’s power, I just wasn’t receiving it with all that was going on around me. I took my eyes off Him.

I had a broken heart. Proverbs 4:23 says to guard it, and all of life issues from it. I felt I had not guarded it well enough. Then, I decided that the Prince of Peace, Jesus would just have to guard it for me, that is the difference from the Old Testament to the New, His great sacrifice.

So Phillipians, tells us that the peace of God that passes understanding will guard our hearts, I had to step aside and allow Him to,

Going back to John 14:27, He tells us also to not let our hearts be troubled or afraid. Though I was casting down imaginations, speaking His words, that was getting in and in ways I had not anticipated, of course, He makes things beautiful in His time doesn’t He and He will give us His peace, in fact, He already has if we are believers, and that is the peace that passes understanding.

I never understood how I could accomplish what He wanted me to do, what about my healing? Why there was so much division and strife coming at me, even spiritual warfare. But I didn’t have to understand just receive His holy rest and peace, and not worry or be afraid. A tall order, at times, but the peace that passes my understanding, He understands and guards my heart.

How do you have joy in the midst of trouble, pain or spiritual battles, how are you remaining in His love, it is because, He left His peace, and it is the peace that passes understanding.

Rebecca Jones  Daria Shevstova / pexels

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