Speaking Peace

Did you even know that we are supposed to speak peace? Well, we are. Most of us just want to say our peace. We don’t always know when to hold our peace which is wisdom. Often, it is better to rest in Him and let Him handle the problem. I know, I have had to let Him do that. I chose the softness of this picture to demonstrate that, although it is difficult to speak peace to some. He adds softness and gentleness to us as believers.

Jesus was always speaking peace, He is after all, the very Prince of Peace, Himself. From His birth to the crucifixion, and even back to heaven. Long before the plan of salvation, the Lord had promised to gift His life, as Adam and Eve were given free will, and I think should have repented, but the fear was horrendous. He gave up the peace of heaven to come so that we might be saved.

The Lord speaks peace, like the Hebrew greeting, Shalom is more than hello or goodbye, it is literally, ” How is your peace? ” Shalom, we may often hear, is more than a mere greeting. It is like nothing missing or broken. That is something we all can understand, how often do we feel like something is missing in our lives, or that we are broken in some way? Well, with Jesus we don’t have to be. He speaks peace and we must receive the gift He left us.

As for speaking peace, Jesus sent out the disciples and told them to go out to go to houses and speak peace to the house, and if they were received to remain, and if not to leave, and shake the dust from their feet.

In order to fully understand this, we must consider that Jesus references dust, it was the custom to offer guests water to wash their feet, the devil was cursed to eat of the dust. So if peace is not received, you get the picture. Either Jesus washes your feet or, you remain under the curse, in a sense, not enjoying His peace. He was cursed for us, because He hung on the cross. Galatians 3:13.

The houses are literal, in the cities where the disciples go to minister. But the house can also be spiritual in application, ourselves, because we are the temple of His Spirit as a believer, we should speak peace, to our own house and others. And the same is true, to remain or to shake the dust off.

This doesn’t mean you will never see that person or talk to them but that you use wisdom in speaking God’s Word to them and it is a good comparison to ” casting your pearls before swine “, sometimes, you are wasting your breath on people or situations, though we may pray for people to be saved or healed, they too, have to receive it.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if believers really started speaking peace? Peace, and He will heal us. He left us His peace. He, Himself is our peace. I’m speaking peace, won’t you join me?

Rebecca Jones Ina Garbe  / Unsplash

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