May We Meet In Heaven

All May posts are here. Being offline has caused me to have to move posts around, I don’t know about pictures or photographs yet, it has so many.

May we meet in heaven? Is this the month He returns, I don’t know. Passover is gone but Pentecost is in the month of May. Jews celebrate seven major feasts and are required to attend three, but these are spring feasts. As you see, I wrote this earlier, but He is close.

We have had clues that suggest He would come in the fall because He has fulfilled these feasts and He refers to not knowing the day or hour, that is the two day period when the shofar is blown at the New Year. Could that be the last trumpet? We will have to wait and see.

I was thinking about this same Jesus as He was ascending, that He would return in like manner. That would be great to me May or when ever.

There were two angels with Him when He ascended and there will be two when He returns. I will have to check the length of time from the resurrection, but Pentecost is in May.

That is when the Spirit came and fell on people and they spoke in other tongues, the fire was in the form of cloven tongues when the Jews saw them they knew it was God as their food laws allowed them to eat only what had a cloven hoof.

May we meet in heaven is a good theme. It is a time of spring, flowers, Mother’s Day. I pray you know the Lord as Savior and if you do not, it is not to late to accept Him, as Lord. He sacrificed everything for us and loves us so. So just believe, and we may meet in heaven.

Rebecca Jones Priscilla DuPreeze / UnSplash

Who Are The Five People You Meet
In Heaven?

The Five People You Meet In Heaven was a book and a movie a while back. I was thinking of the five. Jesus is first. I know I should want to thank the minister who was giving the sermon when I was saved but I was eleven and I don’t know his name. My mother, above all, taught me the love of Jesus and I know there are more, a couple of very special people though taught me well, but the Holy Spirit, so much, and protection, about peace.

I learned some things from a few special people. won’t make a whole list but what about you, do you have one or more, five, seven? Who do want to meet in heaven?

Would you like to talk to Mary and Joseph? I like the story of Joseph from the Old Testament, and Mary of Bethany, the woman with the issue of blood inspired me.

There will be lots of questions to ask them. There may not be any need to pester Adam and Eve about the fall though or some other things. But we will meet people and learn.

Of course, we will meet our relatives, My father who left when I was two, I found had been gone almost twenty years. I have a great grandfather and great uncle who spoke in tongues, did they prophesy something my way from as far back as the Civil War?

I am certain there will be some that I would really have like had we lived in the same time. And we will get to meet people we admire, writers, artists and musicians.

We even get to judge our guardian angels. Mine have been great! So think about this study for our May We Meet In Heaven. I know I have had a couple of internet friends say the can’t wait to meet me.

I think that was pretty nice. One had a lot of troubles and another might have had some but she. Like me, enjoyed sharing a laugh and hope. We all have had our trials and one day they will be over, no doubt we will meet more than five people there. I hope I get to rest with Jesus and get to enjoy my closest loves and family for a while.

We have an eternity to get to know each other anyway, so stop by my garden and say hello.

Rebecca Jones

All Dogs Go To Heaven

You know some people don’t believe dogs or pets, go to heaven. Can you believe that? I know they do, I have heard too many credible stories. I know someone who saw his dog taken by Jesus, and read about a woman who dreamed an angel took her older pet, in the morning, he was gone.

Most of us though are sure they do if we have had a friend to leave us. I know my poodles, all of them from childhood on, all pets and even birds are there. My cockatiel was almost thirty four when he left. I have had beautiful finches, canaries.

But the poodles were something else, Cozy could fold her paws and pray, I taught her, I told her all about heaven and her eyes were deep with love and understanding. She loved flowers and would always be beside a garden statue of Jesus smelling them. Now, she had the real ones and heavenly flowers. She was only ten but will be there forever.

Her sister Candy, was closer to sixteen but passed on a holiday weekend with no vet, and emergency hospitals far away at one in the morning. I rocked her, and told her to go with Jesus, and she did.

I have had some tough decisions to make, I know we all have. I never thought I would be able to counsel or pray for people, and even met a dear friend that way.

Never listen to people who say that it is just a dog, or cat. Pets are welcome. There are cattle on ten thousand hills and horses, Jesus will return to defeat the Antichrist on one. And we will be with Him.

A dog or cat has a soul, as do other creatures. I’m not sure about the creepier ones, I let that go for now. Though they don’t have to be saved, they know love and Jesus, and are sensitive to spirits. One poodle I had was blind and she would look way up over my head and wag her tail, what or who did she see? Angels, Jesus.

Dogs are sensitive to spirits. I know one woman I prayed for was bitten in the neck and shoulder by a dog she was friendly with, but I found out she was drinking, the dog may have sensed fear and addiction. I know she was in the hospital, I don’t know what happened to the dog.

Even mistreated and abused ones can have a home. We hate see suffering as people who enjoy His creatures, but I can tell you He is merciful. He is good all the time and merciful.

Did you know the word kelev, pronounced kee lev, is Hebrew for dog. Now look at the word lev alone, it means heart. If He carries us, His lambs close to His heart, He surely knew people would like dogs, didn’t He?

And all dogs go to heaven, a six year old boy told the vet as he watched his dog receive a final injection. People, that is another story, it takes them longer to learn to love, but surely all dogs go to heaven. Or all that we have enjoyed as His gifts, our companions.

Rebecca Jones

Christmas In Heaven

I remember writing my mother a little pink book full of ideas, it was called Christmas In Heaven, and yes, pink is a Christmas color if you have Victorian tree.

Without getting it and copying from it, I know I described the tables full of food, the fruits, the bread and the cakes. Angels at the ready to serve you wearing white, giving you golden or silver goblets to drink from.

The Christmas music filling the air from heavenly orchestras and harps, great singers and angelic choirs. The smells, the cinnamon and the pine, the apples and spices.

There was Jesus giving out gifts to children and adults, whatever suited them from puppies and kittens to robes and thrones. Crowns and rings, I know He is not like Santa Claus, though there was a St. Nicholas who redeemed girls from forced marriages, God is just a loving Father who gave us His best gift, Jesus.

I believe we will celebrate birthdays, holidays, real ones, certain feast days. Heaven will be joy and at right hand are pleasures forevermore. We can’t really imagine it, even with my imagination, it pales to far above what we can ask or think.

I wrote about trees decorated by children all over the world. All the colors, the golds, bronzes, purples and reds. The blues that emblazon the sashes of robes and the deep burgundy or eggplant colored curtains that open in mansions and on stages, in heavenly theaters.

The Christmas story, will be read, of course. What great performances of A Christmas Carol, poetry read, some caroling, perhaps, and figgy pudding. Candles and menorahs, wreaths and ribbons.

Ornaments of all kinds, glass, diamond, jeweled. Maybe, even sleigh rides and snow. Some people have never seen snow. I have seen very little myself, how quaint to get a dusting, how three inches can stop Atlanta cold.

Whatever heaven is like any day or everyday, we will have plenty to do and to enjoy. We will not be angels, and we will not sit on a cloud and play a harp all day. Heaven is full of Christmas, because it is full of Christ.

He is the one we celebrate, He will illuminate eternity for us all, and maybe everyday in heaven is not exactly Christmas, but a whole lot like that spirit, and even a whole lot better.

I used to hope He would come at Christmas. but any where Jesus is, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Rebecca Jones

If In Heaven We Don’t Meet?

” If in heaven we don’t meet, and you’re in hell where it is hot, Pepsi Cola hits the spot. ” Can you believe I read that in a relative’s yearbook from the 1950’s? It is silly, isn’t it?

First of all, it isn’t true. The place of torments will not have Pepsi Cola, remember, the story of Lazarus, the beggar who laid at the gate of the rich man? The rich man dies and goes to hell then begs for Lazarus to come and give him water, just by dipping his finger in it. It would have fizzled, nothing will quench the fires of hell. Lazarus had died and was in the bosom of Abraham, paradise, in those days. A gulf separated paradise and hell. Jesus took people with Him when He took the keys of death and hell and rose from the dead.

The rich man also requested that he be allowed to visit his brothers and tell them not to go there. That too was denied. They had heard the prophets.

It is much the same today, everyone has probably heard the gospel. Even in places it is not allowed, the Spirit can move in dreams and visions, and I pray He does. I pray everyone hears soon so we can go on to heaven.

So, I don’t want the silly ” if we don’t meet ” line to be true. There is no rest or peace in hell, only torments and nothing to quench a thirst, I believe you relive your worst fears and nightmares and evil you have done.

God never meant for people to go there. It was created for the devil and fallen angels. So I pray you know God is not out to get you, He sent His Son to die to save you. Some people probably don’t believe in hell, and some don’t even believe in heaven. Can you really take that kind of chance? If you depend on yourself, you can be lost. If you count on knowledge, medicine, science or technology, you can still die.

If you count only on intelligence, you can still end up there. There are some smart people there. But they didn’t think they needed a Savior, so they weren’t so smart after all.

The devil has deceived many people from Adam on down, and he was created perfect, but then so was the devil but he decided he knew better that God, his pride got him kicked out of heaven, judged and damned forever.

Some think we create our own heaven or hell, and that can be true to an extent but it is a literal place, this isn’t just allegorical. Not just a parable.

So please believe His love, I don’t want to think, ” if in heaven we don’t meet ” is true of anyone who has read my blog or heard what I teach, or even been in intercessory prayer. He is coming soon, don’t wait to decide.

Rebecca Jones

The Gates Of Heaven

Can you imagine the gates of heaven, a pearl large enough to be a single gate? And not only one but twelve? Does St. Peter really stand at the gate and let you in or turn you down? Not likely.

I would think there are gates of gold and even silver, too. Jesus is my pearl of great price and yet, He considered me His, enough to come and die for me on a cross of shame.

Heaven also has streets of gold. I recently met a woman who questioned if they were really. I say yes! The foundation stones are also jewels, like from the priestly breastplate.

There will be gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, all sorts of stones, and a white stone He will gyve you with a new name that is yours alone, I wonder if that could be a pearl?

Heaven will be opulent, extravagant, but not gaudy. Where else would God live? There will be palaces and mansions, but also houses and cottages, whatever or wherever a person would like to live.

You might like to live near a crystal stream, or in the hills. I love those old penthouses from the art deco period, Old Hollywood style homes and English manors with a rose garden.

We may come and go through the gates as a New Jerusalem comes down. Since there will be a new heaven and earth, we can likely come and go as we please, for there will be eternal peace.

You may be able to visit cities and place you only dreamed of, even with my creativity, I can hardly imagine it. Maybe, I’ll just stay close to Jesus a while.

After all He’s carried me through a lot, it will be nice just to sit and talk to Him. I will never be able to thank Him enough. I will read Him some poetry, though He already knows it and inspired it.

It will be a place of rest, peace and eternal safety. And who knows He might escort me right through the gate and say, ” Look at all I have made for you. ”

Rebecca Jones

Who You Meet In Heaven

Jesus, of course, but who else? Patriarchs, matriarchs? Slaves? Martyrs? Any number of people in the Bible who were redeemed as believes from the Old Covenant, and New Testament ones, disciples, Apostles.

It think it would be fun to ask Sarah about laughing and being caught at it. It would be nice to know what it felt like to cross the Red Sea. Maybe, ask Peter about walking on water.

It will be fun for me to see and meet angels. I have written about so many Bible stories, I probably wouldn’t know where to start. There are a lot of obscure characters too, what were Job’s daughters like. The daughters of Zelophead, the daughters of Phillip who all prophesied.

It would be wonderful to meet Mary, but how about Elizabeth? How about Lydia, the seller of purple of Tabitha. I think Jairus daughter would have a lot to tell.

Anyone would who was miraculously healed. And there are so many not recorded in history, and so many who were persecuted for the faith.

There will be a wide variety of people to talk to some we have admired and some we never even knew, like our relatives. I can trace some of mine back to 1798, there is some Irish, and I believe even some Indian on my father’s side but I never knew him or my paternal grandparents.

I am sure there are some I would like to meet having just heard of their stories. Some died young, very young. Most were from Georgia, or Alabama, some from Oklahoma, and Oregon, some even lived in Texas, one in the Civil War, i don’t think there are any others in the military that I know of. My father was in Germany during peace time.

I think I would love meeting other writers and poets, great artists and even FB of Pinterest friends, that I really don’t know personally. There are endless possibilities and an eternity to spend searching out family history and Bible roots.

Aren’t we all related to Adam and Eve in a way, I wonder who else could be in a heavenly lineage. I know one person I want to meet has to be John, I love his writing.

He called himself the disciple Jesus loved. I think He ” got ” Jesus and had helped me to, and what a terrible time he lived in and survived torture, he was the last disciple and exiled to Patmos, where he wrote the book of Revelation in code to confuse the Romans, what Christians understood, they would consider the ramblings of an old man.

Since we are talking about meeting in heaven, let’s take some time to think about who would would like to meet, it looks like we are ever closer, and to get there you have to believe in Jesus love and sacrifice.

Rebecca Jones

The Merry, Mary, Month Of May.

” While strolling through the park one day, in the very merry month of May…..” What a cute old song and spot number. From another time, that causes one to think of ice cream socials and bandstands, ladies in fancy dresses and with parasols, gentlemen in top hats.

But we are talking about Marys here. As we talk of May We Meet In Heaven this month, let’s think about the Marys we may meet. First of all there the mother of Jesus.

Wouldn’t we all like to ask her about Jesus as a baby, a boy, and even a man. She cooked, cleaned and changed nappies like an other mother but she was blessed and exceptional. While Catholics consider her ever virgin and she is, it appears to me she had other children, that they were not Joseph’s from a previous marriage. However, it is, she will have a lot to say.

” Was it an amazing experience to visited by an angel? ”

” What was it like to ride a donkey expecting a child, and Him being born in a stable? ”

” What was life like with John? ”

And then there is Mary Magdalene, Jesus cast out seven devils from her. In the silent version of King of Kings, a loving look causes her to be clean. Though she is supposedly involved with Judas, a little Hollywood intrigue, when she comes to get him, she meets Jesus.

The camera angles are great for the year, she is played by the beautiful, Jacqueline Logan. She was shot in various poses and stances in darker light, perhaps even clothing and make up, the demons leave but hang on a little, clinging, reluctant but the have to go. Her whole demeanor changes and she covers her head as was the tradition in the day.

Of course, the real one was from Magdala, a wicked town. She was a sinner but became a follower of Jesus, so devoted was she that she was at the cross with the other Marys.

She also has the honor of being the first one to see Him resurrected, mistaking Him for the gardener, she asks Him where they have laid Him? She recognizes His voice. And runs to embrace Him, ” Rabbi! ”

But now a Jesus that touched others and was often touched, told her not to. He had not ascended to the Father yet. The disciples were told and probably didn’t believe her, but then they were hiding from the Jews.

Another Mary I have come to have a great admiration for is Mary of Bethany. She is also described as sinful, but is always remember for anointing Jesus for burial. She washed His feet when no one else had offered Him water for them, she dried them with her hair.

It is a beautiful picture of love, His for her and hers for the Lord. She took her most expensive perfume and found Him at the house of Simon, who was, I’m sure not a leper any longer. Pushing past Pharisees and Sadducees and the bitter Judas, she found the Lord, broke her alabaster box over Judas objections and poured it on Him.

He was a friend of family, had raised her brother Lazarus, was frequent guest, and even came to her rescue when she was being asked about helping her sister. Jesus said she had chose the one needful thing, to sit at His feet, and that it would not be taken away from her.

I want that relationship with Him. I think we as women all should but too often, we are Martha, Martha. Jesus wasn’t scolding either, He never told Mary not to go help, or to neglect guests, but the one needful thing was hers and it was more important that a sink full of dishes or pushing a broom, that can wait. And likely they had servants, so it was not a problem to have some help.

So those are three Marys, there are lots more. Miriam is a form of Mary. She argued with Moses, and once had to be healed of leprosy. She danced after the crossing of the Red Sea. And of course, she put Moses in the basket as a girl.

Naomi said to call her Mara which means bitter as does Mary, but that was not her name. There were bitter waters at Mara and a stick, like a cross was tossed in to make them sweet.

Jesus does make things sweet doesn’t He, and surely He will introduce us to the Marys.

Rebecca Jones
Stroll Over Heaven

I’m old enough to remember the hymnals. Some of the songs, especially about going to heaven are maudlin, sad, though I know going is a good thing, they can be depressing. I like some contemporary music, not frantic but lively, joyful praise and holy worship.

This post is not about music though, one song from the hymnal was Stroll Over Heaven, my post is about walking. Stroll implies a time gone by, ladies in dresses, the turn of the century, perhaps. A leisurely walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Do we stroll with Jesus.

Stride came to mind, are we in step with the Spirit or struggling to keep stride with Jesus, that is not what He has in mind. He is more likely carrying us.

Amble is a slow walk, easy and light are what His yoke is, so is a amble a good word. We should be comfortable following in His footsteps, we are to be in His rest and He left us His peace.

Some may strut around in a peacock pride and with a look at me attitude, but it is all about Him and not us. Prance may be another one that would be out, though our walk with Him should be as graceful as a ballet.

Jaunt is another one, but that give me pause, almost at a run, though we are in a race of sorts, we already have the victory through Him, He carries us to finish line.

This word is my personal favorite, meander. Kind of like saunter, a slow and steady pace, that is relaxed and flexible. It too is easy and light, hand in hand with Jesus.

We can wander and meander like the crystal streams the deer drink from, walk through fields, flowers and meadows, see the cattle graze upon the ten thousand hill.

We can watch the horses run the plains and canyons. We will walk literal golden streets, see beautiful homes and mansions, have one of our own.

We can walk to visit neighbors, friends, and I want to walk where the angels walk, see the choirs, orchestras, the harps and instruments.

I want to meander through their ranks and look and halos and wings, I have always been interesting in angels. I will meander through libraries, museums, see cathedrals.

So what do think is a good for your walk with Jesus. For so long it was a struggle, it was warfare, but He gives His rest, and left His peace, we have to enter rest to even be close to peace, but if we do, we are ready to stroll over heaven.

Rebecca Jones

Angels In Heaven

While people do not become angels as a lot of them believe, there will be innumerable ones in heaven. Jesus said He could have called ten thousand. Legions were six thousand, and there are legions at His command.

He has given them charge over us. He has charged them with our care and protection. Even if something does happen, believe me something worse could have, a broken toe is not a broken neck.

A sweet old lady named Nannie gave me a book about angels, today I have lots, I have read so many. Some stories are very credible and some you have to discern by the Spirit, but never let a fear of New Age or occult practices prevent you from believing in angels.

Angels respond to God’s Word. That is why we should speak it over our lives, walk in it, pray it. They cannot intervene on their own, that are not emotional but obedient, they desire to look into salvation, because they didn’t have to be saved, they were created in the beginning and the fallen ones will never be redeemed. Angels have seem the results of disobedience.

I have written a lot about what angels do. Little things like rocking a cradle or opening a flower, setting a butterfly to flight. I write a lot of angel poetry and stories, they are light and whimsical, like the cherubic images we see, but angels are powerful.

So never think that they are just sliding down rainbows or chasing moonbeams and fireflies, they are not fairies by any means, not mischievous, that is the wrong side.

Angel have swords and shields, they are warriors and even princes, archangels, and the seraphim are fiery and have six wings, they are around the throne, saying ” Holy, holy, holy. ” There are even angels called living creatures that have a different look.
There are both men and women angels, I suppose there could be childlike ones too, though angels do not marry or procreate, they don’t need to.

I once made someone a little angry who though there were no women angels. First off, He created everything male and female, so why not angels?

In the book of Zechariah there are women with wind in the feet who carry a basket with a wicked spirit to Babylon. Women with wind in their feet are obviously angels.

They do battle for us in the spiritual realm, and we need to know that, they minister us and others as ministering spirits, just as they did to Jesus when He was on earth.

If Jesus needed angels, when He was hungry, fasting or tempted, when He was mentally anguished or exhausted why wouldn’t we? Psalm 91, is a good place to start but there are many angel verses, and remember from Psalm 103, that they hearken to the voice of His Word. And they deliver us as well, like Peter, and so man other stories, Daniel, Jesus even appeared as the Angel of the Lord, to help Sarah, Hagar, Hazeleponi and others, He even fed Elijah after the ravens did.

So angels will be creatures I will enjoy seeing in heaven, they had brought me so much protection and joy here on earth. What do think about meeting angels in heaven? And you you even get to judge your guardian angel. Mine has been right there for me.

Rebecca Jones

The Stars In Heaven

I saw an old show about a falling star, and how the characters interpreted into their lives, as a sign. Wrongly, I might add. God did design the heavens as a calendar. Nimrod corrupted astronomy into astrology.

I was thinking about the stars in my life. I love old movies stars. And I love reading and writing about angels, angels were referred to as stars in the Bible.

But mostly, stars are just stars, they display His heavenly handiwork and blanket the night sky over a velvety black covering. They, along with the moon, light the night and oversee the darkness that God created as good. It too, has become tainted but is nerveless a creation of God, it can still be dark and sacred, a blessing to rest in, and the stars still are a way to navigate.

The star of Bethlehem was, I believe, the very glory of God that was so bright a star to light the way to Bethlehem, it was a sign that the Messiah had been born to those who understood the meaning.

I may not understand every mystery, or the meaning of every star. I know Jesus is holding seven stars in His hand kin Revelation, representing seven churches. I suppose what I like is the peacefulness of looking at the night sky, knowing only God can count and name the stars.

I have written a lot about stars. I had a post featured on another blog. The hostess, Marva, said what I had written was whimsical, I like that, whimsical, lyrical, musical, chimerical, astronomical. Yes, that is the description of the stars of heaven, angels, real ones, or maybe even churches, if they reflect Psalm 148.

I will enjoy the stars of heaven, as we meet there. Perhaps, Jesus will show them to us, we might even have one named for us. And the psalm, oh yes. Praise Him in the heights all you shining stars.
I know He has appointed signs and seasons and He makes it all beautiful in His time. There are those who prophesy about Revelation, and other verses, but I know whatever His plans are, nothing separates us from His love or what He wants to reward us with.

Heaven will be a glorious place and may we meet there with the stars, even outshone by Jesus, I hope we get to see some.

Rebecca Jones
Can Heaven Wait?

Heaven Can Wait has been two movies, I believe. What I was thinking about is the old 80’s song, Forever Young, I just love that one.

The line, ” Heaven can wait, we’re only watching the skies, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, are you gonna drop a bomb or not? ” I actually rewrote the lyrics to this with a Christian theme.

You have to consider, this was my generation, we were twenty somethings and while we were children and only heard of Vietnam, the cold war was still on. There was always trouble in Middle East and people expected trouble with Russia, Germany was divided, lots of conflicts, terrorists were starting to emerge, cable television was broadcasting news day and night.

While we had pink and purple make up, big hair and some great music, leg warmers, rollerblades and we all exercised, there was an undercurrent brewing in the world. Was this about to be the Late Great Planet Earth?

Revivals came and stayed and even with a Gulf War, war on drugs, war on terror, God was merciful in the midst of our storms, desert or otherwise. Even with the tragedy of 9 / 11, Afghanistan and Iraq, and all that has happened. We wait.

Heaven has waited. We are still here. He has not yet called the church to meet Him in the air. But how long will heaven wait, Peter explains in Acts 3, that Jesus remains in heaven and wants to restore us.

Is heaven that close? Absolutely. Can it wait? A while longer. Will it? I know He wants everyone saved that possibly can be. Is He being rejected? Yes, Are people deceiving themselves? They sure are.
So how long heaven will wait may still be a mystery. We must obey the Spirit when we hear His voice, His sheep know it even through the chaos and turmoil when can be still and truly listen with our hearts.

After all, that is where Jesus lives. Heaven might can wait a little longer but can we? I am so encouraged that the Prince of Peace, Himself, could arrive soon.

And don’t wait too long to make the decision to follow Him. Heaven won’t always be waiting, and personally, I can’t wait for heaven.

Rebecca Jones

When We All Get To Heaven

Did you know there are people who think that everyone goes to heaven? That isn’t true. Of course, everyone has that choice to make.

So, in my opinion, don’t expect to meet tyrants, despots, and whomever. They will not be there unless truly repentant and born again. I have found that a lot of people who have made bad choices, are hard to turn around.

Remember, the rich man and Lazarus? He went straight to hell. So, I think would answer the question of soul sleep. I am not here to argue that. But Jesus did use the term sleep for dead on many occasions, and He even had to explain Lazarus, who was raised, not the beggar from the parable, to the disciples.

Jesus called Lazarus forth, imagine God in the form of His beloved Son calling you back from heaven, paradise, in those days. He called Him by name or whom else may have shown up? He had, and still has that power.

Jesus didn’t like to use the word dead. Why? Because He came to give live and life more abundantly. John 10:10 says it well. He died for us to live, to have eternal life, and many will be here to see His return.

So when we all get to heaven, those who have believed in His death and resurrection, and are forgiven, having believed and calling on His name, I believe will perhaps will understand how many times he kept us from death through His great love.
Not everyone is going, but when we get there it will be glorious and there will be no tears or fears, or anything to do with death, loss or destruction.

He went to prepare a place, we should prepare our hearts and minds for His soon return. And don’t believe everyone will make it or just any religion.

Jesus is worthy to open the book of life because He made the sacrifice, He is the way, the only way. And many people will tell you that the Great Tribulation is over, it happened long ago, not so, study to show yourself approved.

He is coming and we want to be ready for heaven. And to get there.

Rebecca Jones

Mother’s Day In Heaven

I used to dislike going to church on Mother;s Day as a sad occasion, and then I did enjoy a service where mothers were celebrated, I helped make corsages.

The front of the church was lined in flowers. As the pastor went down a list, the mother would come and takes her pick. The oldest mother over seventy, eighty and so on, the would sit down until they had a winner. The youngest mother, the one with the most family members present. A whole list of categories.

I never have like the though of sad church services. They are really all a celebration of life and love, in the Lord Jesus Christ. He honors mothers everyday, He even left Mary in the care of John.

In a way,we all leave our mothers in His care. If they are in heaven I am sure there will be a flower service and singing and probably a brunch.

And while we are here we can try to make life easier for our mothers, look at all they have done. And even if you have an estranged relationship, He is the one to add to the mix, I have heard of many people who had their relationships restored, it is at least worth the try, then you know you have done your best, and some people will just be left to heaven to deal with.

So never let Mother’s Day be a sad day, it is a day the Lord has made so rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24, you will be glad you did.

All the spring dresses and flowers, candy, the presents, will never be as glorious as the one in heaven, Jesus is honoring both there and on earth. Happy Mother’s Day!

Rebecca Jones

May Flowers

The flowers of May are brought by the April showers and the warmth of the springtime finally has blooms, the hummingbirds return. Would it not be great if the Lord did?

As May is about to burst with spring colors and flowers and the last cool days fade, I hope your heart is bursting with anticipation for His return. Though we have had trying times, I know there is also excitement in the air.

Angels are moving swiftly, the clouds a sailing by, the storms are quieter. The heavens are open windows to hear the prayers of the saints and rain down blessings. Heavenly blessings, peaceful blessings.

The blessing of His rest. A place you have to enter to prepare your heart for heaven, take your mind off yourself and your circumstances, look up, look to Jesus who has authored your story and decide you want the happy ending He has prepared.

Decide you want to see Him coming in His glory, that you will live and declare the works of the Lord. Stand in the faith you have been living and let Him be your shield. Wait for the vision that is yet to come and will not tarry.

The May flowers will be budding and blossoming soon, and the angels may be gathering us to meet Him in the clouds one day soon. In May? Perhaps, but whenever it is it will joy forever, His peace and presence.

We can still have a degree of that, for the Lord has promised to light our way and the Spirit guides us through all seasons. whenever, He appears, it will be a pure delight to those who believe.
That is why He is called a joy and delight at His birth, He always has and will be, for those who have chosen to make Him Lord. He is in the process of restoration, and He will restore us all one day soon.

May flowers may take your breath momentarily, the smell of roses, but the beautiful rose of Sharon, has breathed on His beloved and we are the fragrance of the Lord. His beauty is our essence, and we are not to grieve, for the joy of the Lord is our strength. Nehemiah 8:10, so even if you think you have nothing to look forward to or be joyful about, do not grieve Him by not believing He has your best interest at heart.

And like the May flowers, you will spring forth, grow and bloom and you will turn your face to the sun, and to the Son of God in His glory, and there will be beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, praise for heaviness.

You will have no more shame or sorrow, He will wipe away the tears, and you will shine in His peace and presence.

Rebecca Jones
The Gifts Of May

Are there gifts coming in May? There are always gifts from Jesus, we are coming into a season of planting and harvest, soon there will be fresh vegetables and fruits.
There are always the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5. Love, joy peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Jesus talks a lot about fruit. We should be bearing fruit, we are known by our fruit, we praise Him with the fruit of our lips. So fruit is a gift of the Spirit.

He is vine and we are the branches, sometimes He has to prune us to bring us to fruition, and sometimes that might sting a little but He has to bring us to a place of bearing fruit.

Remember, the land flowing with milk and honey and it took two people to carry the grapes? Now, that is some fruit. And milk and honey makes a great lotion, and is good to drink. But drink it cold, NEVER HEAT IT WITH MILK, IT COULD BE TOXIC!

And there are all sorts of gifts, gifts of the Spirit. Each person may have a different gift, but from our same Lord. Some, actually anyone can have a prayer language, the gift of tongues, prophecy, discernment, knowledge, even healing and miracles.

Jesus us the best gift of all May or anytime. His return will certainly be a gift for believers. May He bless us with His peace this month of May and may we have the patience and grace to remain in His love until then.

Rebecca Jones

May We…..Or He

May He restore our souls, lead us beside still water. Psalm 23

May we taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

May we enter His rest. He has been good to us. Psalm 37:7

May we worship in the beauty of holiness. Psalm 96:9

May we be ready for such a time as this. Esther 4:4

May we know His healing power and gentleness. Isaiah 53:5

May we know that God is love. I John 4:16

May we have life and life more abundantly. John 10:10

May we receive the gift of His peace. John 14:27

May we abide in the love of Christ. John 15:9-11

May we overcome the world. John16:33

May we walk in His love, by faith. 1 Corinthians 5:7

May we know love never gives up. 1 Corinthians 13:7

May we do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

May we walk in wisdom, so others may see Him. Colossians 4:5

May we love Him because He first loved us. I John 4:18

May we allow the Holy Spirit to pray for us. Romans 8:26

Rebecca Jones
Bread From Heaven

When Jesus referred to Himself as the bread of heaven and explained Communion, many disciples followed Him no longer, not understanding about the body and blood.

He was the manna sent from heaven, the bread of life. And like manna we receive enough of Jesus each day, give us this day our daily bread. Even he said there would be sufficient evil for each day. Many people are taking daily Communion, I have. There have been many healed.

Don’t let the fear of taking it unworthily deter you or cause you to miss what God has. Jesus is the only one who makes us worthy and unless you are still willfully sinning, He has forgiven you.

But we are talking about heaven and I was thinking of the Marriage Supper, the fruit trees for the healing of the nations, the crystal streams that I am certain you can drink from.

I am sure there will be breads, likely bakeries, fresh vegetables, people will still want to plant, there will be grapes and vineyards and wine that won’t intoxicate. Honey, even milk, cheeses. But I do believe meat will be off the table, perhaps there will some sort of substitute. There will be no death there.

Remember God sacrificed the first creatures to cover sin, and so many more over the centuries. He allowed meat to be eaten though the Jews observed strict food laws, in the New Testament, Jesus institutes grace and as believers, Peter says that all food that is blessed is alright.

He realized people would need protein and iron. But now the Prince of Peace has put an end to all death, sickness, disease and pain, He will wipe tears.
There will be plenty to do and plenty to enjoy. We that enjoy merriment have a continual feast the proverb says, but we still have our days.

Not in heaven, there will be no more time as we know it, peace like a river and an eternity to eat with and enjoy everyone’s company. And of course to dine with the Lord.

Imagine a one on one candlelight dinner with Him, what a blessing! Some people are so confused about heaven and what we will be doing, there will be lots to do and to learn.

So if you are wondering about eating in heaven, we sure will. even Jesus ate with the disciples before ascending to heaven to remain until His return for the church. He ate fish and honeycomb.

So what about fish? I guess I will have to think about that. He would have no trouble creating a burger or steak, even fish, without taking life.

It will be interesting to see what goes on there won’t it? May we meet in heaven continues, lots more to enjoy as heaven surely is on the horizon.

Rebecca Jones

How Old In Heaven?

I like the idea of being forever young, how about you? I sing that song all the time. I do look younger than my age. Psalm 103 promises that He restores your youth. I tell women that as a beauty secret.

I was thinking of heaven and ages today as May We Meet In Heaven continues. I suppose babies may always be babies, they might grow up if they want to, what do you think?

If you die as a child are you always a child or do you grow up? The same for young people? Is everyone the same age of Jesus? Thirty three? I really don’t know but it will be interesting.

I remember seeing an old movie about an Indian who died very old, his wife had died young, when he joined her he was young again. That was a wonderful scene, seeing them walk off together in the clouds.

I am sure that if you are old or sick, and pass as a believer, you will return to perfect health and youth. If you are alive and remain in His love, and the Rapture or catching away of the church comes, you will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. And that will make you forever young, I can hardly wait.

While we might not know an exact age or if we can choose to grow up, although I know Jesus loves us and heaven will be wonderful so I suppose it is possible, we still enjoy thinking about it. If you can’t walk or see, you will. If you have chronic pain, it will be gone forever. There will be no more sickness or disease , mental illness or and stress, fear or worry. Missing limbs will be returned. I believe healing can come at anytime, but heaven will be glorious. And I think I’ll be thirty.

Rebecca Jones

No Apologies In Heaven

I don’t know about you but sometimes I find myself apologizing, and even way too much. It is like I am sorry for things that some people will say is not my fault.

I have prayed though, this is what I think. I have even felt like God blessing me had cause the enemy to trouble others. I am not ashamed of Jesus, I really don’t know what I was thinking in this, and I will say how sorry I am for their being hurt or marital woes, lots of things.

But I did realize I had to stop doing that. Everyone has a chance to study, to believe, to be healed. He is not a respecter of people. what He does for one He will for another. You don’t have to be a Super Christian or televangelist or even at every church service, you just have to believe and receive His love, His love is more anyway. He loves us even more than we could ever love Him.

You have probably heard the phrase that love is never having to say you’re sorry. Well, maybe so. I think that people who love each other will not over apologize but work together, and with the Lord to work things out.

I also believe that we are to lighten each others loads. I always say if you love someone, you make things easier, not harder. And it is true.

There will be no apologies in heaven. No need for them. There may be people trying to beg their way to heaven at the Great White Throne, and it won’t work. Ignorance is a poor excuse for ignoring God’s love, and the sacrifice of Jesus.

He has sent His Spirit, to convict of sin, and to teach and guide but not condemn. So often we do that to ourselves, and others will the enemy will, but not Him.
I am sorry for a lot of things, even things I should be way past, I should never look back or listen to the accuser bring them up, and I wasn’t a bad person. Being good won’t get you there, only a belief in Him will.

And the best thing I have ever done was to trust Him. Making that decision is one I will and I believe you never will be sorry for, even if life has its moments.

We have overcome by the precious blood of the Lamb and our testimony, and there are no apologies in heaven.
Rebecca Jones

Is Heaven Closer Than We Realize?

I studied prophecy for years, I never understood it as much as I would have liked, but now I have to believe heaven is on the horizon. Why?

There have been so many things happening from fires to a pandemic, there are always the wars and rumors of them like Jesus said. There have been signs and seasons, revivals and a falling off church attendance.

But what makes it real for me is His presence, I notice it so much more, there is healing in the air, angelic intervention, and even interference in the enemy’s attacks on believers.

I have had my own experiences. Spiritual warfare appeared to ramp up the past few years. I have prayed with and for people with so many problems. Not just one or two but several, the struggle with mental oppression, attacks of sickness and disease, not surviving cancer just once but even three or four times. That is not His plan. Jesus came to seek and save and healing and deliverance, angels, are a part of that.

Heaven is very real, if you are a believer in Christ. His love is overwhelming and His peace, priceless. You can get there when you enter His rest, don’t refuse it like the Israelites.

Heaven may have always been close, having Jesus in our hearts, but heaven is closer still if we are obedient to the will of God and let His peace that passes understanding enfold us like the wings of an angel. If we let His love embrace us, if we listen to the Spirit, calling us to Him.
I can’t say how close, but heaven is a close encounter that we should all be hoping for. I have prayed that He saves all He can, giving them every chance. I mentioned that I had stopped praying about it, for I know He is doing just that.

Right now, I believe He is pouring out a healing spirit, according to Isaiah 53. He wants us well and whole as we go to heaven, it can be in the twinkling of an eye and even before.

Sound mind, sound body, restored soul. God is good all the time, no matter what it looks like, you are not always seeing the entire picture, suppose you saw a movie, the start but not the end, it would be a guess as to how it ends. I think some suspense movies do that on purpose, but God is not keeping us in suspense.

He is about to release the full Revelation of Christ that John wrote about. Great for believers, Great Tribulation for unbelievers. We have seen the beginning, the middle and are about to see the end of the Bible play out. Jesus wins, hands down.

He is faithful and true and will easily defeat any foe, and we will step joyfully into heaven eternally when He comes for the church. Is heaven closer than we think? I think so.

Rebecca Jones

Heaven And Raising The Dead

Can you imagine being Lazarus and being called from paradise three days after death, the widow’s son the same day, Jairus’ daughter, a few minutes. One thing they had in common and no doubt many others, that were not recorded, were that they were dead. No matter how little or how long.

Jesus waited to the last mimute to raise Lazarus, four days was too long, like His own resurrection. The same is true of Jonah, He used him as a sign. God was not going to leave Him in hell, He took our place there. He took back Adam’s authority there.

Now, imagine a trumpet as He returns, graves open and the dead are raised again. I used to live near an old cemetery with graves from the time of the Civil War. Rich and poor, generals, slaves, business men, children. Young and old, all sorts of people, and a lion that rests on cannon balls and a flag, just like Jesus.

I used to wonder what it would be like to see spirits and bodies reunited in the air as I left, and I was a lot younger, surely He is closer. You know He can resurrect people no matter the circumstances. Whether they were buried at sea or even cremated, He can do it.

While we were sinners, our spirits were dead to Him, He still died for us. As believers we are supposed to be alive to Him, sometimes, that is not always the case. even saved people can be oppressed. And very oppressed.

Jesus went around healing and delivering people who were oppressed of the devil. He was anointed with power from the Spirit, and God was with Him. Acts 10:38.
He raised Lazarus because He wanted to show God’s power, He had even waited about coming to see his friend. But the Lord was stronger than death, His power and love, amazing, like His grace.

People have pushed Him to the limits, He has extended grace upon grace, and we are to receive it and be thankful. We are never to abuse it or to insult the Spirit of grace, not to grieve the Holy Spirit, by continuing in doubt and worry, fear. He has you in the palm of hand as a believer. He will not leave or forsake you, I praise Him for that.

And some of us will be resurrected while we are alive and remaining in His love, and though I have believe He will be merciful to every sinner, I pray He comes soon.

Rebecca Jones
Tables In Heaven

While we are waiting for the marriage Supper to begin, let’s think about that. While most people have been to a wedding or a banquet, they have never experienced anything like this.

There are so many people, table after table. I believe we could all be at that dinner together. Of course, it is possible to be at a different tables, and experience Jesus all at the same time.

I just thought of a really long line of tables. I made my mother a Pinterest board, it had a painting of a table and Jesus’ hands. I put goblets and golden plates, wonderful pictures of food, and angels, people wearing white.

What do you think about tables in heaven? How would you describe the marriage Supper of the Lamb of God. Would you serve delicious fruit? Of course, you would, milk and honey, wonderful breads.

I see angels pouring wine made from grapes that will not intoxicate you with anything but the breath of heaven. Chairs that are golden, more like thrones. Tablecloths that are fine white linen, like the robes we wear. Isn’t it great to think about heaven?

And you know there will be name cards, who will you be sitting by? He has us engraved in the palm of His hand, what an elegant way to be escorted to your seat by an angel and read your name there after it has been read from the Book of Life.

We have all been to church dinners and celebrations but nothing compares to this one, I can hardly wait. I remember to wear the spiritual crown that will one day be a literal crown of life, I hope to cast it at His feet as I have sat beside Him like Mary of Bethany. And I am careful to wear my robe of righteousness, given to me by the Lord in an exchange at salvation.
He took my place, He redeemed me, I would never be righteous but for Him and neither would anyone. So, as we think about heaven, let’s focus on the beauty of Christ.

Let’s take a little time to celebrate His coming, even in advance. Why not prepare a feast of our own, if not a meal, then a spiritual one, in our rest time, in our prayer closet.

Phillipians 4:8 advises us to think about good things, taking our place in heaven as a believer in Christ is a good thing. And why not enjoy thinking about how you would decorate. I was using purple plates, and golden silverware, lots of flowers, candles, and centerpieces, all sorts of reds, blues, purples, golds and silver.

And lovely silver napkins. Silver is the color representing redemption. Do you recall, when He was risen and the napkin folded. Did you know that was a custom, to fold your napkin when you left the table if you had enjoyed your meal? And that you would return. He had probably done it many times at the house of Zacheus, Lazarus, even Simon. Jesus counted His suffering joy so we could join Him, His horror, brought us to His banqueting table, and His banner over us is love, and He will return, and we will join Him at the tables of heaven.

Rebecca Jones

Rewards In Heaven

Have you thought of rewards in heaven? I really wasn’t concerned about it, until I read about the persecution of the prophets and great was their reward in heaven. I know I have come under persecution, and in ways I never expected.

I knew the verse that He was a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. But I was never doing things for rewards or money, though I could use some. I was doing what was right because it was right, even if it turned out wrong for me because of no fault of my own.

Some people may think of rewards as spiritual, but they are literal too. He gives spiritual gifts and the power to get wealth to prosper to establish His covenant, and for His glory. He enjoys blessing His children, and we are to be cheerful givers, to light the way for others, and we have to have wisdom above all. He will not give you things you are incapable of or money to waste like the prodigal. Our inheritence from the Lord is priceless, never to be squandered.

Sometimes, we may feel hurt or ashamed, even unworthy. God is not condemning us as believers, He offers grace and truth through the beloved Son. It is not wisdom to abuse or insult that grace. He is rewarding us as we seek Him and grow in grace.

These feelings can be traps of the enemy, lies to keep us from His truth and our blessings. While we must not just be asking for things from God for the wrong reasons, personal gain, to beat out someone else, to have our way, we are to go boldly in Jesus name to our Father’s throne.

A lot of people think he doesn’t answer prayers, but He does, we may not always receive. We have to ask and not amiss or being double minded as James says. We have to ask according to His will, a true believer will not ask anything wrong of Him, not healing, or help with decisions or even money.
Some are uncertain of His will, but He says He is willing to heal to a leper. He did not even hold back or spare His Son, why would He want us in illness or lack. He wants us to knock. seek and find, Matthew 7:7.

He wants us to have faith and He will reward that. He has both a permissive will and a perfect will. Praying in the Spirit guarantees perfect prayers, but even so He is gracious, beyond that gift. Though it is powerful. He will allow things hoping you will come to Him, but as a believer He turns what the enemy meant for evil into good as Joseph says of His brothers, and He is a type of Christ in the book of Genesis, see God was revealing His plan then and now. Revelation is playing out before our eyes.

I wasn’t concerned about rewards but now I am grateful, I see how He has rewarded me in spiritual things and in life. The fact I am here writing is a reward in itself.

So while we don’t have to compete or be better or see who has the most rewards, we should be aware and be seeking God to have His gifts, His good and perfect gifts. Rewards on earth, they come with bad behavior and sometimes not with good. But with God all things are possible, and when you have overcome by His blood and your testimony, and we really have already if we truly believe Jesus, we will have love, joy, peace, all the fruit eternal life and rewards in heaven.
Rebecca Jones
On The Cusp Of Heaven

I had this phrase pop into my head. I was thinking ” cusp? ” Not a word I usually use. I know that it is a word associated with the zodiac, people will say they were born in the cusp of whatever, Pisces, for instance. I did study the Zodiac from a Biblical stand point, from a well known minister in Florida. He actually sent me a free book when I asked about the broadcast.

It was Nimrod who corrupted astronomy into astrology. The zodiac was meant to be a calendar, not to be twisting false predictions, but there were those who could discern like the sons of Issachar. It was never meant to be used for fortune telling.

That said, cusp is like being on the verge of something, you are almost there but not quite. We are on the cusp of heaven, no doubt. His return is imminent, when? I could not say and be accurate, no one could.

But there are signs and season, political upheaval and turmoil. Yet, there is His peace and grace, even favor being poured out on believers. We have survived many spiritual attacks, things we were not meant to, but by the grace of God we have, and I have seen him extend grace to the wicked, and within the past few days heard that someone does not believe in God or that heaven is real.

Believe me it is real. I have experienced enough to know that without Him, I am nothing. I do not want to be a sounding brass or tinkling cymbal. I want to live in His love. And in His heaven. And the cusp on heaven. We are on the verge of His coming.

It is like being somewhere on a precipice, like looking out over the ocean of His love and being ready to dive in. Like floating on a cloud and being at peace in the sky. People do these things all the time, they dive, sail, or parachute. They describe a rush, a sensation, but it is not comparable to being met by your Savior and entering His peace, His rest, His heaven forever.

Surely, we are right on the verge, the edge, the brink of eternity. And I think that the more we are resting His love, the more peace we will have, the better we are able to pray, to believe in His love and not what the world is looking at, we look to Jesus, to author and finish our faith.

And no doubt in my mind, we are on the cusp of eternity, the cusp of heaven, and that is a good place to be while we pray for those going the wrong way.

Rebecca Jones

Moving Heaven And Earth

I don’t know about you but I could sure use a little moving of heaven and earth. I believe in a loving Lord. Surely, He answererd a prayer and made the sun stand still, He will do things for His children they cannot even imagine.

No matter what, He is on the throne. And His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. A God who sent Jesus and really made provisions so that believers couldl have some heaven on earth, will move mountains.

The earth will moan and groan, for His return and things may shake but our faith must not be as He moves heaven and earth for us, to bring us to the heavenly realm where He is.

I have had to learn to rest. I never knew there was so much to it or really understood it, but He wants to be God, and Father, it is a gift not to refuse. I had to quit trying to help Him and let Him help me with rest and love.

Now, I can do that. I can sleep many times when before I could not have. I have had terror come at me and it misses everytime. I can go to God lean on ,y fahter;s shoulder and confide in Him, even the deepest of worries and cares, He can soothe, the sadness He melts away, there is beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. He has given us a garment of praise for heaviness and we are righteous through Christ. we must remember this when attacked.

He is moving heaven and earth. He is a just God, he has seen the injustices, He has seen the pain and suffering, He turned away from His beloved Son, so we could be saved, He will not turn away from us.

He has heard our cries for help, our desperation in time of need, He sees the blood of Jesus, He remembers His Hord, He knows what was prophesied by Isaiah and fufilled on the cross.

And He is moving heaven and earth, He is saying to rest in Him, He says He is there when we call and we wil lbe saved, not just as a believer but from whatever we need saving from. And He speaks peace too, peace to those near and far and He will heal us.

I want to be still and know God, and I know He is moving heaven and earth.

Rebecca Jones
So Close, So Far, Heaven.

Heaven is close enought to touch, in the last days. But sometimes, it is like it is so far away. I know prayers I have prayed are like a hundred years ago and then, like yesterday. Why is that?

Is it just that our minds playing the enemy’s tricks on us, and we have to keep renewing them? Is it just that He is making things beautiful in His time? What’s the rush?

We get tired of waiting. People are like that. But it is different to waiting in line for a package in the mail. This is eternal. This is His perfect peace, His perfect will and heaven forever.

And it is like there is a breath of heaven that breathes over my soul, and yet, it is too far to hang onto with all the trials and pain. That’s when He holds onto me, when He carries me, and He has carried me a lot.

Maybe, He has carried us all, and will just continue to until He comes, I will have to wait. So close or so far. It is almost an illusion, the enemy is deceitful.

Heaven is as close as Jesus in your heart. Why not talk to Him? He is your friend, your Savior. He loved you more than anyone ever has or will. His yoke is easy and light.

His love will never fail, though ours may. He never breaks a promise, though some never receive and others are waiting, like me, reach out to Him, and a heaven that sometimes appears far away, but the enemy lies, Jesus and heaven are closer than we think.

Rebecca Jones
Heaven’s Economy

I have beentrying to figure out if heaven even has an economy, there will be no rich or poor, second class citizens, or third world countries, though everyone will have different places to live and different rewards.

I mentioned segregation only in reference to where people want to live, not race or nationality, there will be people who prefer the outdoors, and some will enjoy their mansions. I believe everyone will live where they want to, but go come and go and let still meet new people, even change where they want to live, who really knows?

To me, the main thing is the health, peace and the unspeakable joy, and it is forever and not just glimpses. I thought that there be a system like, someone bakes a cake and you give them a book. Of someone arranges flowers for you, and you give then roses. That sort of thing, a barter system of sorts.

No waiting for checks in the mail, paychecks, paying bills. Jesus redeemed us fully and paid a debt we never could with His precious blood.

People will receive various awards and rewards, everyone will have a crown of life, but there are so many more. I wrote a post called, Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Crown, not that you lose your salvation, but people will keep you from attaining more. Jealous people, cruel people, even fellow Christians.

We are not in competition but in Christ. I have had things happen to me and said about me, I would wish on no one, nor the pain, grief. But I am more than a conqueror through HIm who loved me.

It will be interesting to see what happens and how it works. I have seen some lack, and I know others have as well, I have been writing about the Great Depression, we are not there but our economy tanks and picks up, you can’t rely on stimulus packages, the stock market or even the military. You can rely on Jesus.
And your are bound to prosper, with heaven’s economy. Whatever it is or however it works, some people have said they are richer than God, no one is, but we are richer because of His love.

Rebecca Jones

I’m In Heaven

I love old movies and nothing beats Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers gliding across the dance floor singing, ” Heaven, I’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak….” and they find happiness dancing cheek to cheek. Nice, right?
I always wanted to be like Ginger Rogers, she was pretty, funny, could sing and dance, had great legs, looked good even blonde, brunette or a redhead. I could see that as my heaven, dancing cheek to cheek with someone.

But it would be writing, not from some cramped desk and hating phones that I can’t always work. What about my library? My desk and a beautiful view of the garden. There are no glitches, gremlins, or goblins.

Heaven though is the joy of health that has so often eluded me, the moppett on the walkway who sung, ” I’m a little teapot. ” with her home perm and cute boots, went through way too much, but the greater one prevailed and she never stopped believing or loving Jesus.

So heaven is a straight back and great legs, not a home perm, but some rocking cute boots that swollen ankles kept me from wearing too many days.

But more thatn anything heaven is Jesus, and how much He loves me. And you too, as a believer. We will find more than happiness in heaven, whether or not we dance cheek to cheek, but that would be nice with Jesus, wouldn’t it?
God is supposed to have danced the day we were born, right? He rejoices over us with singing and quiets us with His love. Zephaniah 3:17.
And for me, I can still rest a while, and just be still and know God or let Him quiet me in His love, as I so often have to do now.

Rebecca Jones

On My Way To Heaven

Do you recall an old hymn, ” On my way to heaven, I shall not be moved, anchored in Jehovah, I shall not be moved…..and so on. Well, I am on my way to heaven and I am not being moved, how about you.

There have been so many spiritual attacks ad so much going on that there has been some shaking up of the spiritual realm. But we don’t want our faith to be shaken, nor our faith, hope or love. And love is the greatest of all.

They work in tandem, they go together and produce fruit. But nothing works with out love, His love. So while there is a shake of the world and the heavens above it, Nothing is shaken in heaven, He is still on the throne.

We must take care in these last days to hear His voice and not follow false doctrines. His sheep know that voice.And we are on our way to heaven, aren’t we?

We must be careful to obey His voice from heaven, it says in Acts, people did not escape hell or trouble before if they didn’t even before the crucifxion, so how will they now.

You are not going to lose salvation but you can invite danger into your life or cut it short, you can lose rewards, true believers in Christ will both hear and obey and not be deceived by the many spirits that abound before His return, almost like ancient times, as it was in the days of the ark, but He is our ark. Let’s remain in His love.
And we will be on our way to heaven, and whatever shakes, rattles or even rolls will not moved, we are anchored in Jehovah, because we are anchored in Christ, and we shall not be moved.

Rebecca Jones
Joy In Heaven

There is joy in heaven over the sinner that is saved. So what about many? And even believers? There is unspeakable joy, and pleasures at His right hand forevermore.
Even though I am still without the internet, and I can really use the rest over the summer if the Lord does not appear first, I am considering my theme for June. Joyous June.

I have written on the blog about brides and the Father, getting to know the Heavenly Father had given me joy and peace. I had not always understood the Bible as well, sometimes the darkness of the enemy tried to blind my mind with comparisons of earthly fathers.

Jesus is there, He is my joy and delight. And whatever He has given me has given me ia joy, though the enemy and even people, fellow believers will attempt to take it.

Jesus says not to let them do it, and it can be a challenge to count it all joy, but heaven is worth it and you know Jesus is, and whatever we are facing we have this beautiful thought to keep in hearts and minds.,

There is joy in heaven. And what could be better than a life with so much joy, when often there had been bitterness and despair? Joy is better than pain, fear, depresson and oppression.

Joy is better that disease or illness. Joy is better than sorrow or tears. Laughter and smiles are better that frowns, scowls and scorn, meanness and madness.

Let’s reach out embrace Jesus, and begin to accept His promises, they are true, and there is joy in heaven.

Rebecca Jones

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