Foolish Galatians

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O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? It was before your eyes that Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. Galatians 3:1

We are stilling talking about fools here this month and I want to clarify that verse a little more for you, and it is not just Galatians but is very relevant today. The Galatians had heard the message of Paul and received Christ as Lord, but many if them were still trying live as Jews.

In effect, they were going back under the law. Now, the sacrifice of Christ did away with all other sacrifices. Jesus sacrifice was once and for all who would believe. His sacrifice covered the patriarchs, He took them from paradise under the earth to heaven with Him.

His sacrifice and His blood covered anyone who believed in that day to this and in the future. He fulfilled the law and the prophets and gave the new commandment to love God and each other. Which, to me anyway, encompasses, the other ten.

If you love someone you won’t steal, lie, or covet. I live in the south and people here are stubborn about the Ten Commandments. That’s fine with me but don’t forgets  His by clinging so staunchly to a ministry of death as Paul called it. It saved many, but people were in the law of sin and death.

No longer, Jesus brought us grace and truth. We are under the ministry of the Spirit. His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. The Galatians were taught that He was crucified for them. So were we. Are we still living under the law of sin and death when we don’t have to? If the Galatians were foolish, so are we for doing that.

I know I was when I was trying so hard to be obedient and Christlike, when I was already under His grace and He was pleased with me, yet I struggled with so many things. Bewitched? That spirit will come against believers, in fact, the whole body of Christ to deceive you out of your inheritance in Christ, your new life in Him. The freedom of the Spirit, we are servants to Him but not in bonds or shackled.

Bewitching is deception. Many oppose a grace message as a license to sin. It is not. The freedom He gives you makes you love and appreciate that sacrifice and you won’t want to. Don’t let fears or fallacies deceive you when He is so near and loves you so much.

Go back and read about sacrifices and rethink the crucifixion. He was every offering. Galatians 3:13, tells us how He was cursed for hanging on a tree. That is the only reason any of us are saved, will see heaven or are righteous, and can walk by faith and in victory over our adversary. The only reason.

So, in Jesus name, Father, bind the demonic, cancel these schemes of the enemy, the bewitching that besets believers, keeping them from your beloved Son, and your grace and healing. And your precious love, made known and taught us by your Spirit. may they understand and not insult your gift, or abuse your grace by sinning willfully, it is sin to refuse the teaching that was given to advance your kingdom, and it keeps them bound, release the peaceful dove to assure them and reassure them, that we will not walk as foolish Galatians.

Fools Rush In / April 4th
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread is a line from a poem,
but angels aren’t afraid, are they? Nope! But we are as we try to be
earth angels or good Christians, even believers. Even though the
Holy Spirit is there as a believer accepts Christ, He has to be
allowed to guide you to truth, there is a lot of deception and
sometimes, believers can be foolish and rush in. It has happened to
me, trying to help people I really could not. I was hurt. I had to stop
rushing in, stop being foolish.
I never forgot the story of a pastor who told his assistant to stop
helping a woman, the man was surprised a little that he knew he
was until the more senior pastor told him about a dream he had, the
woman was dragging him down, not in the dream but in reality.
Many people rush in to marriage, to having children. It can be a
shock to have crying baby or several that aren’t old enough for
Many don’t even know the person well that they marry, it is a
commitment, not a reality show that if that was reality, I wouldn’t
want it. So fools do rush in. They are often in over their head. I have
been there but at least Jesus was with me. Not everyone can say
that. The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom and also a lot about
foolishness. A wise man will see trouble and avoid it or take some
action, fools will not or many even panic and will not be in faith,
though believers have panic attacks, fear ( terror not caution ) is not
from God. Wisdom, courage and strength are. The Holy Spirit is and
He will not deceive. So don’t rush in, be still and let God be God, I
was never good at it anyway. Let God rush in.
Rebecca Jones

No Fool Like And Old One Or Young One  April 5th
Well, April Fool’s Day has just passed and it has been over two
weeks that I have been without my internet and my blog. I can’t say
I am happy about it, but Jesus will never disappoint. People do
though. They can do foolish things. I have had to rely on Him, He
died for me and gave me everything and I can’t thank Him enough,
yet, I feel foolish myself, that I could have done or said something
different, prayed differently or even loved more, but I know that
everyone is not going to be receptive to His will. And that really is
foolish, to be disobedient to God. But many are, young and old.
Forget the ” no fool like an old fool ” , notion. There are plenty of
all ages.
I have seen lots of examples lately. I do wish I had able to keep
my blog and FB, but like I said Jesus will not disappoint. While I
may feel a little foolish, I have really done my best to obey, and had
no idea the foolishness and folly that was attacking me in spiritual
warfare. Michael Card sings a song called God’s Own Fool. Some
may consider what Jesus did to save people foolish, but it is love, at
its highest.
Who else could have done it? No one was worthy! And He was
no fool, He knew not everyone would believe or obey His Spirit. I
have tried myself for far too long to carry that cross of shame, but
now I know it is time to let go. Though I miss my blog and friends,
He makes it beautiful in His time and that isn’t foolish, I know the
love and mercy He has shown me. And I know He is still pleased
with me, even if have made a fool of myself at times. He is not
going to hurt you or ridicule you, He is not about embarrassment or
harassment, He just wants you to love Him. And if He has me
waiting, I know His love, and will wait, I’m no fool.
Rebecca Jones

Suffering Harm April 6th
There is a verse in Proverbs that says that, ” He who walks with
the wise grows wise but the companion of fools suffers harm. ” I
used to sing it as a children’s song. Certainly, wisdom is something
children should be taught. Though everyone expects children to
misbehave at times, foolishness in another thing. A few years ago, it
was a popular for teens to set themselves on fire, and put it out. I
saw the video, it was not only foolish but dangerous and possible
I would say if you hang around people like that, you could suffer
harm. Drugs and alcohol are much the same. Though I know people
who are Christians and have a social drink or a glass of wine, most
people just can’t handle it. It is easy to fall into excessive and
dangerous behavior.
The fact that others are doing it doesn’t make it right. Drugs are
foolish, why even start? Prescriptions are another thing, I know pain
can cause addiction, I am grateful I didn’t fall into that pit.

People who are in pain take more and more medication and
graduate to street drugs. That will cause you to suffer harm. I sowed
countless healing verses into my spirit but the Holy Spirit was the
one who helped me in times of trouble. It is wisdom to sow these
verses before you need them but it is not to late to start if you really
need healing or deliverance.
Walk with the wise. Companions of fools are also many other
things, remember the Prodigal and his riotous living. It can be
chipping in money where you should not, people gamble and go in
debt to excess.
I once explained to someone that a man who won $10,000,
should have walked away but he lost it. The answer was that it
wasn’t really his anyway. You should have seen the look I got for
saying, ” It was while he had it. ”
So you see the world is full of temptations, lots of foolishness and
sometimes it appears, very little wisdom. But Proverbs can change
that. Why not walk with the wise? For if you are the companions of fools, it is harmful.

Rebecca Jones



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