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I hope you will go back and read Ecclesiastes 3, and then reread this post. There are so many things it is time for mentioned there. Out timing is not always His, we are capable of making bad choices, He isn’t.

People can choose the wrong person to marry when He would send the right one, maybe you made a bad career choice, when He had the perfect opportunity. Did you dance when your should have refrained from, rend instead of sew?

We have no say over when we are born, and people think you don’t have anything to say over dying, but there is prayer and healing. Jesus defeated death. I know I am here by His grace, having had a close call, and probably more than I know. He protects us from so much. Why?

He knows how to make it beautiful in His time. I do believe in heaven on earth, that people walking by faith, especially loving couples, even families can have heaven on earth. I believe He can make it so, by faith, hope in Him and the greatest of these, love. But not all people are of the same mind, have the same desires. Not everyone wants a peaceful, tranquil existence, so they just exist.

In my life, I have seen very beautiful things, but not nearly enough to suit me. I have seen far too much pain and suffering, dissention. I want the beautiful time. I don’t mind praying for people, but wouldn’t it be nice not have to. The verse about learning and not having to be taught again applies. Hebrews 5:12, What if believers all walked in what they were supposed to know and did not need t be prayed for? That would be beautiful!

It would be beautiful to not be weighed down with the cares of the world, the worries and fears, the things we all resist everyday in order to walk by faith. We should never waste His good gifts but walk in them, prophesy, follow after love, His name is Jesus.

He has just the right time, and that time could be very well now, before His return. He had spiritual gifts for you to open, He has a miracle with your name on it. He bequeathed us His peace. Yes, He left in in His will. Did you or do you receive it? He was punished for it, beaten and scourged for healing.

Jesus is love, altogether lovely, He had to come at a certain time and He will again. God ordains time, appoints time, and he can redeem it, He wastes nothing. God lives in eternity, can make the sun stand still, turn back time.

The clock is ticking on His return, are you ready or do you need to be taught again? If you don’t know Jesus, He has time for you. A God who can number the stars and name them, can measure the grains of sand, tell you the number of hairs on your head, can make time for you to know His love and receive Him as Lord. He really does love you, no one else could have made that sacrifice on a cross for you.

So follow love, His name is Jesus and He makes it beautiful in His time, because we don’t always give Him ours.

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Lukas Blazek
We learned about appointed times in another post but to
recap, God set aside certain times for feasts, there are seven
major ones, but only three where Jews were commanded to
attend. He does certain things at certain times. He can open or
close the windows of heaven, doors and opportunities. He is
said to decide about people during Teshuvah, which is usually
in August. it is a time of repentance and reflection before the
New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Are you righteous or unrighteous?
Though Jesus imputes righteousness to us as believers, our
lives may not always look to holy to some, and holier than thou,
isn’t good either. We need grace and peace. We have an
advocate and He is our once and for all atonement but that
does not mean we are free to sin but free from it.
So what about anointed times? We have all seen revivals.
Some that last weeks or months and others years. There has
been a great outpouring of His Spirit in the last century, and I
know He is moving still into the hearts of believers. I encourage
you to seek and speak His peace over your lives and families
and others you encounter or pray for. We all need that before
His return and I know how important it is to rest in His love.
Anoint means rub on, pour on or smear or be lavished with oil.
It ran down Aaron’s beard. I have seen ministers do that to
people,to one young man’s hands. I have had dreams where I
was praying for someone and oil was coming from my hand, as
the man fell to his knees, I put it on his head. Many people are
anointed at certain times. Jesus was anointed all the time and
all powerful. But even He had to rest and to refresh, He poured
out so much. He is not tired in heaven, He never runs low on
His anointing. I pray we are in anointed end times, let His love

Rebecca Jones photo/ Lukas Blasek

Jonathan Borba
I love the by gone times. I read and write about them all the
time. I do like that more people appeared to have morals back
when but it may be that we just didn’t hear about all the bad as
much as we do now. I have been writing WWII mysteries, people did not want to believe the atrocities that occured but they happened, even
though people will still deny them. People who don’t get along
will even band together against and enemy, for a while. The
Bible is full of war stories. I suppose it why I long for the Prince
of Peace. What do you like about the olden days. Sitting by a
radio. a fireplace. Can you remember your first television set?
Everyone is glued to cell phones now and they wait for for
very little. I used to wait for my favorite shows and looked
forward to them, now it is on demand. I like records, photograph
albums, and books, real books that have a smell and worn look.
Not a Kindle or IPad, I probably haven’t caught up with
technology in many ways. I can take or leave a lot of it. I am
thankful for stoves, washers and dryers, indoor plumbing
though mine had given me fits at times.
I don’t mind washing a few dishes but I have a dishwasher. I
am glad I don’t have to take a stagecoach. A train might be fun,
I have seen some of those vacations. I would like if the
icemaker worked all the time, but I can picture children chasing
an ice wagon on a summer day, gathering chips. An old ice box
would have been a sight. We used to have a pie safe, it was a
safe place to store pies after baking for them to cool. I’m sure
we kept canned goods or something in it. I love so much of the
rich history, the comradery, the simplicity of certain years. I am
the odd one in the family, I loved to write.
I see things through many eyes, and through God’s. What a
beautiful world he created and so much to do and see, the
talent and intelligence He affords us and the many gifts.
I love the days gone by, but I am not to long for them
Ecclesiastes says so. I think we should remember and enjoy the
things from days gone by, by gone times, yet live ot make today
the best day of our life, after all, ” This is the day that the Lord
has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. ” Psalm 118:124
Rebecca Jones photo Jonathan Borba

Andrik Langfield

Esther had become Queen in Persia, Haman was about to
exterminate the Jews, she had a fast for three days. I don’t
know if you have ever tried that but it is not easy. It leaves you
weak, it is my personal opinion a handmaid had to help her
dress and get ready to venture in to ask the king to the
banquet. Hadassah had had year of bathing and luxury, and
probably wanted to go home more than anything, but God had
a plan, Mordecai told her in Esther 4:4, it was for such a time as
Of course, Esther had heard about Vashti being banished.
And she was not supposed to visit the king without being
summoned but she was facing death as a Jewess anyway, she
had fasted and prayed, and now she was taking her life in her
hands, but God delivered her. The king extended the royal
scepter and she was able to deliver the invitation. Jesus is not
a drunken king who has and new queen, He is King over all
kings, and He is coming for a pure and spotless bride, why I
asked the question, are we ready?
I may be ready on the outside or even the inside but am I
really? I awaiting His glorious appearance. He is extending the
most royal of all scepters, we, as believers are able to find favor
with the King. It is His grace. We have been spared from death
with eternal life. The stories are similar and very different.
Esther interceded for her people, I know people are praying
now, but even more so, I believe the Spirit is praying for us.
God knows hearts, and too many have been trouble too long,
and Jesus never intended that, why we must find His rest, and
remain in His love. For such a time as this, surely He is coming
soon, are you ready?
I pray so, but there is still time to believe for now, I pray we
come to know His perfect love and His perfect peace and I
speak that to the body of Christ. We have His peace as
believers, even when it looks the worst, He is greater. And He
wants us to walk the aisle of eternity in a spotless white gown,
washed in the precious blood of the Lamb, He was our
sacrifice, and our once and for all atonement, for all who would
believe and receive Him as Lord.
Even the most beautiful wedding will not compare to this,
perhaps, we have fasted and prayed, we want deliverance from
the evil that has beset us. We can come boldly to the throne of
Christ without fear, because He gave His life. Artaxerxes didn’t
do that, but he spared the Jews, and it was Haman who was
hung instead. Jesus will save us and the enemy of our souls
defeated forever as we enter the throne room as believers. He is
our beloved bridegroom and the church a figurative bride. His
love is worthy, it is where I want to be eternally, with the Lord. It is ever closer, I’m still doing my best to be ready for
such a time as this.

Rebecca Jones  Andrik Langfield Unsplash
Ricky Kharawala

I don’t like to be late. I don’t to be early, either. I like being on
time, you can even make an entrance, a couple of minutes
late, but you won’t have to wait a long time. Have you ever
been to a hospital emergency room, if it is not life threatening,
they make you wait. I once had to wait with a broken ankle, I
was trying to be nice, lying on my belly, with my foot up in the
air. ” Miss Jones, the medical students are here do you mind if
they observe? ” I was younger, but getting old doesn’t make
you mean. Yet, there are some mean old people.
Now, I would have said, ” Please fix me up, I want to go
home, I have been here hours already. ” I was cranky and
hungry but I was nice. God healed that broken ankle in two
weeks.Though I think He would have had I not been quite so
obliging. I can say I have needed things and had Him send the
right person at the right time. I have also been on the other side
of that under attack and in spiritual warfare. I still think that
even in the unseen realm, He was there and on time.
Or I would not be here. You know, it is like Moses, he didn’t
see God but he saw where He had been. No one could stand to
look at His glory, at least not then, He sent Jesus in full power
and glory and He will come again soon, so we will see Him in
His glory. It will as it was in Eden, we will walk with Him in the
cool of the day. But I think we will have pretty white clothes, and
colors and whatever we like to wear. I got shoes, all God’s
children got shoes. It’s an old song. We may not know the day
or hour but we should live expecting Him, I have to admit I have
always expected Him, but I know about prophecy that I did as
girl. It is closer. Closer that we think.

He will come when we least expect Him and in a hour we are thinking He will. He will come as a thief in the night, whisk us away like the Jewish bridegroom. I’m ready and I hope you are.
Don’t wait until it is too late. You could miss Him if His Spirit is
not in your heart and He is our Lord, and even believers may
not realize the times. It is important to keep watching. I
remember a day in 2012 when I was prayed for, perhaps, I had
let something go too long and more likely it was a personal
attack of the enemy on my life. Prayer intervened where most
people would have called an ambulance, I called on the Lord
and had a loving intercessor.
Later, He told me about my close call. If you need an
ambulance that’s fine but keep your faith. I have always praised
Him that He was right on time that day! And He always is,
whether we recognize it or not. God may be kind of last minute
but He is always on time, I’m looking forward to His entrance, I
hope you are, just believe how much He loves you.
Rebecca Jones  Ricky Kharwala / Unsplash
Ronit Shaked

Most people don’t even understand how God keeps time. His
appointed times are called moedim. There were certain feasts
the Jews had to keep. They were mandatory. God gave specific
dates. I have always thought He followed His original calendar,
before Nimrod corrupted the Zodiac and turned it into astrology.
The trouble is as smart as we are or think we are as human
beings, we don’t know the five days off of every year. They
were not all 365, the leap years. He made the sun stand still a
day for Joshua. See what I mean and I am terrible at math.
But I don’t think even the greatest scientists or
mathematicians could tell you exactly or pinpoint the exact
days of certain events, though we have clues.

If a thousand years is like a day with Him, what is an hour? A minute? This comes into end time theology. But whatever and whenever the
appointed time is, I won’t miss it. Will you? We just have to be
ready anytime He comes for us. Or has a plan or vision for us.
Though the verse in Habakkuk about the vision being for an
appointed time may have been for a specific event and it did
not tarry but it came quickly and did happen or whether it is
prophetic and still on His calendar, it will come at the right time
and it will be quick. Many people write their vision, the plan or
dream for their life. I did but mine didn’t come as quickly as I
hoped but perhaps it is on the horizon. His timing is perfect.
People do perish without a vision or dream to hold on to. And
still this can mean literal visions. God holds eternity in His hand,
He controls time, and redeems it. People who operate in
spiritual gifts may have literal visions. Do you remember the
story of God calling Samuel. There were no open visions in that
There is now, the Holy Spirit will have to give you wisdom and
discernment, teach you to try spirits. There are deceptive
practices and wicked devices in abundance but believer should
not that prevent them from God’s best for them, fear is the
enemy, not caution, wisdom, terror. The Holy Spirit protects you
and will not lie. You have to rely on His Word and that He will let the Spirit teach you. He can show you things to come and how to avoid
other things. Never rely solely on dreams and ask the Holy Spirit
to help you interpret them or any vision. He loves you and has a
perfect will for your life. The Holy Spirit will help you pray
perfect prayers in tongues but I believe His love is even greater
than the gifts of the Spirit and you can operate in the spirit of
wisdom and love. He has not given us a spirit of fear, our own
in Him. But the Holy Spirit is the power, love and the sound
mind, we need but don’t always have, why we have to renew
our minds and thoughts.
And whatever the vision is, whether a dream placed in your
heart by God or a literal dream, or if it is how you envision your
life, or a real vision that God birthed in you. Wait for it, it will
surely come and it won’t tarry. What God promises, He will do
and He has an appointed time. And I think even if you missed
it, or it was stolen through your lack of knowledge or no fault of
your own, but spiritual warfare, he even has that covered as the
redeemer of time, He will not waste anything and we don’t want
to either. Jesus pretty much told us it was a waste to worry,
didn’t He? He has a restoration in mind for the body of Christ.
And the vision, for an appointed time, it’s coming and it is near.
Rebecca Jones   Ronit Shaked / Unsplash

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Did you ever see a time capsule opened. I’m not sure I ever
have. Perhaps in a movie or television show. Wouldn’t it be nice
though to unearth some long ago treasures left by a pioneer? I
suppose it would have a map of their town, a photograph or
two, some personal items, a letter for us, maybe, a gold nugget
or two.
Where I live you might dig us some Confederate gold or
paper money, that is worthless, Perhaps, some family recipes
or a map of an old plantation. People often find coins or musket
balls. What do think you would find where you live? I have seen
people looking for all kinds of treasure, but the best and safest,
most secure kind is what is in you heart in Jesus. He left us a
sort of time capsule, in a way in the pages of the Bible, there is
history, romance, war and betrayal. Most every story you have
seen has already happened to someone, somewhere at some
time before.
People put in little mementoes, perhaps, even a biography or
their lives. Jesus has that in there too. His life is depicted from
being at Creation, making man in our image to being the Angel
of the Lord making appearance in the Old Testament, to His
birth, crucifixion and resurrection and ascension into heaven. It
is even revealed that He is coming again.
He left us an inheritance also as believers, sons and
daughters of God, true believers, not just the people who think
they know and really don’t, He really recorded and left us His
will. And people worry about knowing what it is. It is what He
died to give us, salvation, healing, deliverance, peace, life more
abundantly, eternal life an love. The enemy of our souls has
had his nose in our business, he is about to be encapsulated in
the lake of fire.
I challenge you to think about that today. Are you struggling?
I have been, we need to come to Him and rest, not keep
wandering in the wilderness, I think He is ready to open a time
capsule, and the Lamb’s book of life. Please make sure you are
ready. We’re not even supposed to be happy that the devil
leaves as we use His name, but that our names are written
there. I can hardly wait to see all the treasure I have really
stored in heaven, a lot of people may have read and benefited
from my blog. If your name is there because a word He gave
me I praise Him for it.

I am resting and remaining and letting Him keep track of my
time, my tears in His bottle and I know my name is written
Rebecca Jones    Unsplash photographer, I will recheck the name.


I have seen old newsreels about the march of time. It is fun
to look at what people were thinking about in the 1930’s, 40′
50’s and more. Some of them show the schools and towns and
other current or world events. I like to see the clothes, the
history, what it was like when my parents were young. But time
is marching on and toward the end of the age Jesus talked
about, I was writing about time all March 2020, before I got a
little sidelined. 2020?
If you had asked me as a girl, I would would have thought we
would be in heaven years by know. The Late Great Planet
Earth was something I heard a lot about, but I had to learn the
Bible and prophecy for myself and I know more now, and still
Iam amazed at the grace poured out on us. He has given
everyone every chance to believe. And 2020 is a long way from
the 80’s, but closer than you imagine, the blink of an eye, a
heartbeat from heaven, the last trumpet.
I pray for people everywhere to know that love, if I can’t tell
you in person, the Holy Spirit will. The time of the AntiChrist will
be horrendous so please don’t wait to ask His forgiveness, Jesus
can only wait for so long. The Father will tell Him when it is time
and the Spirit and angels will gather the saints, separate wheat
from tares. I want to be forever with the Lord, I hope you do too.
Time is ticking, we don’t know when but it can be when you are
not expecting it. I don’t want to be angry or in and argument or
not paying attention to Him. All He wants is our love, He
out loves us anyway. Time is marching on.
Rebecca Jones  Stijn te Strake/ Unsplash


Kajetan Sumila

The Bible says that God is a very present help in time of
trouble. Well, the world is in trouble. It is in trouble alright but
not as much as during the Great Tribulation, that is preceded by
the catching away of the church known as the Rapture. After
that there is a thousand year reign. But there are two judgements, the
bema for believers, and the Great White Throne, where
unbelievers will be sent to hell. The world is in trouble.
There are fears of not enough already with quarantines and
pandemic worries, unlike others, I do not see this as us going
through the Tribulation, the tribulation Jesus spoke of is day to
day cares and sometimes something happen that is
Jesus also spoke of the end times, and there is much
speculation but He could come anytime. I know He has been
with me in more trouble that I care to admit. I did not see a lot of
the spiritual warfare. Still, He is right there, a very present help,
meaning just that, the He is there. He is very present, He was
very past and He is very future. In a time of trouble. So, if you
are in trouble today. He is right there. Jeremiah 33:3 says to
call to Him and He will show you things you didn’t know.
John 15 is about the Holy Spirit, it says a lot of the same. The
Holy Spirit is there to help us pray when we don’t know what to
pray for. Romans 8:36 So whenever there is trouble we need to
rely on God. Jesus and The Spirit to be there and deliver us
from all our fears, our troubles, and from evil. Trouble is present
but so is the greater one and His love.
Rebecca Jones  Kajetan Sumila / Unsplash

Matt Antonioli

What is time to spare time, exactly? Well, what do we do in
our spare time? I know I was always so busy and so busy
caring for others that I hardly had any. I was always studying
the Bible too. Though I loved old movies, I wasn’t always
watching them on my own, a student of cinema, that I am in my
spare time. And I am picky, I don’t like everything.
Recently, I have been going back and watching old television
shows, family and some adventure. I have been writing
mysteries. And I have been resting. I still get things done. I
have been cleaning and putting away groceries, in my spare
time, yes, I sort have turned that around a little. I just had too, I
was letting the enemy of my soul run me ragged. And people.
There are still people who think I don’t actually work. I suppose
they have never been as much as a caregiver, know little of
intercessory prayer, and must not take faith as seriously, I don’t
know. But I didn’t have time to spare, I was spent.
Don’t give Jesus your spare time. He demands your full
attention, He should be involved everything you do. He is a part
of your family. Don’t make time for Him, He is time, eternity, the
Father put everything in His hands, and He holds eternity in
His. Don’t think you will make it to heaven with time to spare,
you might get in by the skin of your teeth, to borrow a phrase
from Job. Jesus is the Aleph and Bet in Hebrew, the Alpha and
Omega, in Greek, He is the beginning and the end. And the
children’s song uses that line says best of all He’s my best
And He is! And He is the same, yesterday, today and
forever. He saved then and now, forgave then and now and
even healed then and now, so how much time do you have
spare? To spare for Jesus?
The more I spend with Him, the more I accomplish. I hope
you get to heaven half an hour before the devil knows your are
there like the Irish Proverb says, but you can’t count on just an
old saying. You can count on Jesus. He did not spare His life
for us. We must not cling to ours so that we have no time to
spare for Him, and sometimes even anyone else. Does work
consume you? You need a break, make some spare time and
spend it as quality with Jesus or you may not be ready for His
coming, you may not have time to spare.
Rebecca Jones  Matt Antonioli / Unsplash


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Besides being a Cher song, people are always looking to turn
back time, to take the hands of the clock and rewind the years
like you would a videocassette in the old days, that weren’t that
long ago, I still have some technical stuff to learn. Most women
would love a fountain of youth, I have tried to tell them it is in
the Lord, He is the one who renews youth. There is no fountain
or youth, but for His living water, no miracle cream unless it is
the balm of the Holy Spirit, that can be applied inside and out.
You know a lot of them say not to get it in your eyes or mouth or
to ingest it, the Holy Spirit can be enjoyed in megadoses.
We talked before about Joshua’s prayer and the sun
standing still a day as he won a battle.

God had already assured him and told him not to be afraid. I hope that is the way He is turning back time for us, the Son is not standing still
though, we are to be still and know Him. To know God. Psalm
46:10 and Exodus 14:14. We have to step back, even in our
protective armor of the Spirit, to sort of bow out and let Him
take the lead. I believe that is the only way our tide of battle will
turn or time be turned back. Surely, He is the restorer, Joel
2:25. We have heaven to look forward to and we should be
enjoying His salvation, that is ours as a believer. I used to read
the Psalm wrong, David wasn’t asking for the joy of his
salvation to be restored but the joy of the Lord’s salvation, he
needed a renewed spirit. So do we.
If anyone was familiar with war He was. Most believers, may
not even be aware of the spiritual battles around them,
perhaps, or they just accept them, but His angels are being
commanded and I believe He can turn back time.
Rebecca Jones  Kaylah Matthews / Unsplash

My Post (27)
God never wastes time. He holds it in His hand, he redeems
it , He gives beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. I think He is
about to do that in a big ways as His return approaches. I have
seen too many people suffering with too many problems, I know
they are believers and pray. it’s not just one or two things but
four or five or more. That is why I wrote so much about rest and
I wanted to to rest myself in His promises. I desperately need
joy back and healing to totally manifest in me. Trial after trial
just brought more wasted time, it appeared but I could not every
carry what He did for me, so why was I trying, I had to cast my
cares on Him because He cared for me.
It was like the more I learned the more darts and worse from
the enemy, but I give the Lord the praise as I overcome. I
needed Him to be God, and me I needed His rest, the down
time, alone time, that brought me into His peace and gave me a
chance to let HIm make it all beautiful in His time, and He will.
And what He does for me He will for you. Personally, I hate
waste. Don’t take it if your not going to eat it. I know children
sometimes was crust and may not clean a plate. But leaving
whole slices of pizza or the extra hot dog doesn’t cut it. Don’t
sell things you don’t need if you really don’t need the money.
Give it away, donate it.
Don’t waste your time worrying and don’t be afraid. God’s got
it. And He’s got it in His hand if we can believe that, nothing
slips from that hand and nothing is wasted. So many people do
waste their lives, don’t be one of them. I’m not going to be.
Time with God is not wasted time.

Rebecca Jones  Carolyn V. / Unsplash

Paige Muller
I have spent a lifetime trying to figure people out, what
makes them tick? Some are like time bombs aren’t they? I don’t
think anyone just gets up one day and decides to go a
rampage. It takes a long time for hate to build. We aren’t born
to hate. I know there may be exceptions and just that one thing
sends you over the brink, but look how many of us survive in
the world without being homicidal, suicidal or maniacal. Even
diabolical, that comes from the Spanish word, diablo. And he is
real, but guess what? As a Christian, GREATER IS HE WHO IS
IN US THAN he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4 So much
greater! He makes me tick.
That’s right. Jesus makes me tick, we hit it off, are the best of
friends. He is closer than a brother. He is my kinsman
redeemer, my Alpha and Omega, my beloved Prince of Peace.
It is a good thing I have eternity to brag on Him and all He has
done for me. Nothing can, has or will separate me from His
love. Recently there was a major attempt to stop this blog, it
was only temporary, and I am grateful to be back and better
than ever. So what makes you tick? I can tell you writing has
been a lifesaver for me. I love pictures and flowers and the
beach. I like to make muffins and see my dog try talk to me. I
love birds and butterflies.
So much of life has become connected to the Holy Spiirt who
opens my eyes daily to Jesus in the world all around me, His
beauty and grace. He was there at creation and God put it all
into the Son’s hands. One day, when it tis ime, He will return us
to the Father, until then though, it is time to think what makes
you tick.
I hope your are not about to burst with anything but the joy of
the Lord. But if you are there is hope, let Him put out the old
flames, the ashes that have exploded into life through fear and
worry and anything else that has troubled you. He will give you
beauty for the ashes and start a fire in you, one that is kindled
by the Spirit. It is a spark and flame that will never die. Did I tell
you His our resurrection and life, our abundant life? If you don’t
know Him, hurry up and decide. His love and peace will soon
explode into eternity and I want you to be ready. What makes
you tick? Jesus does and His timing is perfect.
Rebecca Jones / Unsplash

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What time is it? Almost 8 p.m. as I write this. I had a nap
today. I was awake at different hours last night. I know it is
Thursday, and we are heading into spring, but what time is it
really? Where are we in God’s timing? Eternity is a long time
and I am glad I know where my eternity lies. I can hardly
imagine seeing Jesus face to face everyday. There are lots of
times and seasons, we talked about that before from
Ecclesiastes. People talk about me time, quiet time and quality
time. A lot of people look forward to their children growing up
and being empty nesters or just retirement and travel or even
lazy days on the lawn chairs. I was talking about heaven the
other day. I think it has to be what you love and the people you
love. I said it was segregated and I explained that, I didn’t
mean race not, but that some people will have mansions and
some cabins or country homes. What I meant was if the country
people wouldn’t be happy in the city it wouldn’t be heaven to
them right?
And some people would not want a lake or stream, a cabin in
the woods. Some people may not want to read or listen to
music, though I believe everyone will have to learn about Jesus
and some things they may have failed to learn on earth. Not
everyone may be a scholar, but some of us will enjoy meeting
the great authors, poets and musicians. And there will definitely
be Bible men and women we would want to visit. Are we close
to heaven? What time is it really?
And I could be wrong about it, that people with perfectly
changed hearts may want to know more, ballerinas be friends
with bag ladies, artists with rocket scientists, and with a new
heaven and earth. People will have the opportunity to travel in peace or perhaps live anywhere. Still, I don’t think I would ever want to live in the jungle or swim with sharks.
I can imagine a peaceful, restful paradise, where I can read
and write, and enjoy family time that I believe was overlooked in
life. I want a rose garden and butterflies, birds, my poodles and
Yorkie, and all that I missed or lost. I want music and laughter
and His joy. I hope there are still holidays and even if there is
no night, I know there is rest and if we want to sleep we could. I
want to meet angels. Sing with them. I want to see the
throne room, maybe even dance there like a ballroom. perhaps,
with Jesus. He has always quieted me with His love and
rejoiced over me with singing, Zephaniah 3:17, something I
wished I had known at an even younger age.
Of course, maybe, I always have. I have lived my life with my
head in the clouds, my heart in the stars and in my imagination
my mother said, but it is a holy one. Don’t be offended if you are
someone who wants to be on safari or have a different home in
heaven. Walk by my garden and said hello. The main thing is
that we are keeping faith and wind up there. We will likely meet
each other sometime, no matter where we may live, as long as
we know Jesus, we will have the desires of our heart.
I heard a minister say her grandson wanted an amusement
park in his backyard, she said he would probably have one. I
never liked rollercoasters myself, though I know I will have no
fear of heights. So go ahead and rock climb or bungee jump,
canoe. Whatever makes your heart happy, that is heaven. Jesus is
our heaven. And no tears or disease, or death. That alone
would be enough. I can hardly wait to see what is in store for us
how about you. Even with my imagination, it is better.
It’s about 8:30, but really, what time is it? It is closer to
eternity than you think. Forget the so called doomsday clock
and think about Jesus coming for His church. We should be
thinking about time but not worrying or being fearful. We should
be making the most of it.
And redeeming it and really letting Him redeem it for us.
Believers in Christ don’t have to worry about a doomsday clock.
But many still need to accept Him as Lord, and my prayers are
for them to know His love, don’t reject such a great sacrifice, or
the clock would be a doomsday one when judgement come,
that is a frightening thought, But we do not heave to fear when
when have the one with most powerful love. He will come when
the Father says it is time, but for now, ” What time is it? ”

Rebecca Jones Unsplash


My Post (30)

Every wonder about when it is the right time. I have and
sometimes it is too easy to look back. It is never a good idea to
rehash old problems and wonder if you did something at the
right time. It is never a good idea to fall into that trap, should I
have gone to college, married a different person, waited to have
children, chosen another career. The truth is God is still God
over it all and He knows all about us, right? Tears in a bottle,
hair on your head, the number of stars, some of them must
have been in my eyes. I amaze myself that I can get into those
those patterns after so many years of faith. Was that the right
decision? Why didn’t what I wrote sell, it was good. These are
thing we all go through and we have to stop. Why do we
constantly beat ourselves up with a cross of shame that Jesus
already carried. I love the old rugged cross. But I had to get
past it, to where His glory really is, and His grace and peace.
He had been insfusing me with John 14:27, about the gift of His
peace for the last couple of years.
People have disturbed it and He doesn’t like it. If we don’t
have His peace, it is almost impossible to find that place of rest
and we must not refuse that gift. Sometimes, we might make
mistakes, God doesn’t. And He can redeem time and get us
over and through the impossible and even unforgivable and
We just have to focus on the beauty that is our Lord. I have
to go back and turn to the beloved Prince of Peace everyday,
even many times a day.I see His marred face, and bloodied body, and I know His love, I can take my Communion and proclaim His death until He comes. And He makes thing beautiful in His time. And it will be
the right time. Or the write time, as the case may be.
And He will deliver us as well at the right time, he can make a
way where there is not one, and I know He is coming soon and
that will be the best deliverance of at, just know and believe His
love, He will come at the right time.
Rebecca Jones Emma Matthews / Unsplash

Sheri Hodley
Why can’t we just get to know the Holy Spirit, the Third
person of the Trinity, better? Alone time, that is what we need. If we did, we might have a different perspective on life. God looks at everything differently, His thoughts and ways higher, His love deeper, and He knows hearts, that is how He judges righteously, and by the blood of Jesus and our salvation through Him. A lot of people want to
take issue with what has been termed cheap grace, that God
sees you through the blood of Jesus. We are not free to sin but
free from it if you allow the Spirit to guide you and rule over the
flesh. God is a Spirit, the Father of all spirits. Don’t you think He
knows what is what?
And the Holy Spirit searches God’s heart for the the desire of
yours as you delight in Him. Spending time in the Spirit had
brought me rest, the gift of His peace like never before. He
comforts me and is a constant companion, and teacher. So why
not take time to get to know the Spirit? He will pray when you
don’t know how. Romans 8:26 And He gives spiritual gifts, 1
Corinthians 12-14. He is the Spirit of power, love and a sound
mind we hear so much about. 1 Timothy 1:7 we will never have
that on our own, we need Him. What are you spending time on
or with whom? The Holy Spirit longs to know you. Do you want to know Him better, how about some alone time?

Rebecca Jones  Sherri Hodley / Unsplash

My Post (29)
I am compiling a list of thoughts on time as I finish up some
posts for March. It goes by slowly sometimes, andI get up and
look at the clock. Is it that early? I look at it in the evening and
think, it is seven, I thought it was eleven. And sometimes, it flies like the proverb says. Where did that day go? When you are having fun? Yes, but sometimes just ticking on. Especially, if you watch it at work or when you can’t sleep at night.
So as a challenge, let’s write some thoughts on time. It can be
a good memory. It can be just a hope or dream, a verse that is
Or write few thoughts and add verses. It can be a journal page
or something to scrapbook, however you choose to do it. I am
suggesting questions. Use your own or these.
What is a time you enjoy remembering?
Think of a time you should forget, pray past it.
Ask God to throw it in the sea of forgetfulness.
How do you spend family time?
What is your definition of quality time?
How do you spend time with God?
How would you like to spend time with Him?
Just some thoughts on time.

Rebecca Jones    Ales Krivec / Unsplash


My Post (29)

You know, if that old saying about time flying is true, that it is
when you are having fun. I must have had a lot of fun. I did
always try to keep my joy that the enemy was after, but that
saying may not always be exact.
Time would fly sometimes when I prayed. It is as if God was in
fast forward. Other times, it was heavy, I must have been in
spiritual warfare. It was as if it took days and weeks for some
things to lift.
I think that i is when a lot of us give in, but please don’t He
fights for us if we can be still. I had to quit trying to help Him so
Obedience is better than sacrifice. Jesus said for us to ask Him
that our joy would be full, and He wanted very much for that joy
to remain in us as we remain in Him.
I love to read the book of John because it is full of Jesus love.
So I spend a lot of time there, especially, when time is dragging
me down, sometimes, I think I would have to speed up to catch
Jesus, but the truth is, He slowed down for me.
God looks at time and things so differently, with such hight
thoughts and ways. He has all the time in the world, eternity, as
we do, if we have believed in Him as Lord.
So, if time is flying for you, slow down to take a breath of the
Spirit and hear His voice. And if it dragging along, reach to Him,
and He will lift you up. Time doesn’t have to fly for you to have fun or His joy, but it can. His joy is important, it is much more than being happy. And it doesn’t have to move aging you, He restores your youth
Don’t you think the one who knows all about time, has eternity
in His hand, the creator of it, has a better way and a better plan.
It is incumbent on us as believers to look to Jesus for ways to
redeem the time. We are to walk in His love and show our lives as living epistles to others. We have to have our times of rest, refreshing, of being alone with the Lord. I pray you have His peace. It’s about time. Time for His return, receive it in His love.
Rebecca Jones   Daniel Von Appen / Unsplash


My Post (28)

It won’t be long before we come into our time as believers.
What a glorious day when we are to be forever with the Lord. I
know people disagree as to the catching away or Rapture of the
I pray we all think about heaven a little, turn our thoughts from
the mundane, everyday, dream a little of the peace and
presence that awaits us as believers in Christ. People take a lot of our time, whether work school or just family, we are all giving time to others. We have to have time for Jesus.

Because I believe He is coming soon, and it will be our time
with Him, forever, eternal. We will enjoy the beauty of heaven
but more than that we will see Him face to face, and that is
We will rejoice with the one who loves us most, saved us by His
grace and we will know the one whom they have pierced. There
is a much better time coming. For believers.I know when something happens, people will say someone is in a better place. If they are a believer that is true, but it is also a little bit trite.
You can be in a bad neighborhood and move to a better place,
the comparison pales. You are in an eternal place with Jesus
and you will be forever in perfect love and peace. So much
more than a better place and we should realize it.
And we can find that healing and peace in Him and we can be
here when He comes, it is possible, many of us will be alive and
remaining in His love when He comes.
I don’t know about you but I am ready for our time and it will be
forever joyous, no more pain of sorrow. What Jesus took in our
place is unbelievable really.But we can believe it, because it is true. Are you ready? Heaven is waiting and it will be on time and always our time with Him.

Rebecca Jones  Hisham Yahya / Unsplash
Rebecca Jones
I hope these posts cover March, I was offline for a while, but
appreciate any and everything you read as always, feel free to share an post and the love of Jesus.



Work in progress….



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