Time For A Change

Alex Perez

Welcome to March and our new theme about time. Time for a change, I would say so. I have been in the cold of winter, spiritually long enough, I’d like for the spring to come, really for the Lord to, and His time is closer than we may think.

We will look at time in a lot of ways. I will do posts from Ecclesiastes 3. We will talk about signs and season, moedim, the appointed times of God. We are on the Gregorian calendar, the Jewish calendar or more likely the one God goes by is lunar.

There is a time for everything and He makes everything beautiful in His time. Some things I believe, He will just have to make beautiful in heaven. Because He will separate the wheat from the tares that are still being sown in the end times. That does not mean you have to die and go to heaven to see His goodness and more things the eye has not seen, no, not at all. Many of us, will be alive and remaining when He comes.

We must remain in His love, He wants to find faith when He comes, and I know many of us are struggling with spiritual battles, attacks on our families and health. But don’t be discouraged, there is a brighter day coming, and eternity is a long time to bask in joy, why we must count these troubles as joy because our Redeemer lives.

We want change, and a change for the better. Who better to rule and reign than Christ? But until that day comes we will work on changing our lives for the better with faith in Him, by walking in His love, and by overcoming.

Let’s look at a time we have to look forward to as believers.

You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected. Matthew 24:44

This is from the parable about the homeowner and the thief. Jesus compares His return to a thief in the night. If people know a thief is coming, they would be ready for him. But people don’t know, just like they don’t know about Jesus, so we are to lives watching and waiting for Him. The Jewish bridegroom also comes for the bride at night, another reason we should keep our oil burning and watch for Him.

Are we ready for Him? I am, Bo Yeshua, Bo. Hebrew for,  ” Come Jesus come. ” But are we really ready? He is coming for a pure bride. We have a lot of junk and baggage, we still need to lose, from our conversations and our walk with Him.

I hope we can be wise and redeem the time, because I am looking for change, a peaceful transition into eternity.

Rebecca Jones Unsplash

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