Whole Hearted

You will seek me and me when you seek me with your whole heart. Jeremiah 29:13

I wanted to close out our series about hearts with this post and this verse to meditate on. How are you seeking God. Many people try other religions and even mixing doctrines, but Jesus clearly states that the only way to the Father is through Him. Other religions may have some of His teaching in there or be patterned or based on it. even if they are ancient one, Jesus and the Father were one, and the Holy Spirit, a triune God. he was there at creation. He precedes all teaching.

Many people seek him through self help books, vitamins and even diet and exercise, because of being the temple of the Ho;y Spirit, but that is still your flesh. The Holy Spirit is in your Spirit as a believer. Powerful to heal and raise the dead, He i the Spirit who raised Jesus, who Is the Comforter and teacher.

He broods over you as a believer, with motherly affection. But He will let you do things on your own and make mistakes if you won’t let Him let help or do it for you, if necessary. He respects free will and will not force God’s love on people, even believers.

Seeking Him in church once or twice a week is not enough. Worship music isn’t. Writing a blog isn’t. You have to seek Him with your whole heart, He wants to be a part of your work, your family, your marriage. He wants to laugh and even cry with you. He wants to heal you so you will even have a whole heart.

There are lots of holes in hearts aren’t they. Thy have been broken, bleeding and wounded. Arrows of doubt and fear have pierced them and placed them in an almost cryogenic state. Sme and we have studied, are hard, deceptive and fearful, and please go back through February if you like.

Leap year is here, so we want to take a leap of faith and seek Him with our whole and healed hearts from His rest and enjoying His peace. And they are offered to us but we must receive. salvation included the shalom that in the Hebrew is deeper, it is healing and protection and all His benefits.

Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, who seek Him with the whole heart! Psalm 119:2

With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! Psalms‬ ‭119‬:‭10‬ ESV

Many are still trying to keep the law, when Jesus told us to love. Are we seeking Him, whole heartedly, in every part of our lives or half heartedly, or even not at all. We want to keep His testimony because He made such a sacrifice to save us and love us enough to die a horrible death, even having His heart pierced.

Matthew 7:7, talks about asking, seeking and knocking. And Revelation 3:20 says He is knocking at the door and we should let Him in. His return is ever closer. Are you a believer? If not you can give Jesus your whole heart, so He can make you whole. And if you know Him you can know HIm even better and be more blessed, when you seek Him with your whole heart and another translation says search, you will find Him.

You will learn to see His love in many ways, just search Him and let His spirit search your whole heart and make it whole, is something missing, is it Jesus? Ask Him in. I pray for hearts today Lord, to accept your gift of salvation, as they seek you and for you to make them whole, in Jesus name.

Gean Montoya / Unsplash

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