Smiling Hearts


I was just on Pinterest and saw a quote about not believing every smile because they are not sincere, but to look for and believe the heart smiles. And that they are rare. And you know what, I have to agree. How rare are the people who have a genuine heart smile?

I know a couple. People who radiate the joy of Christ, even through the pain of loss or heart break. They may hide some it but you know about, but still they are determined to keep their hearts full of His love. They know His peace even in pain. their hopes may have been dashed but it is not diminished because it rests in Christ alone.

A smiling knows that the joy of the Lord and not their happiness is their strength. They have matured in grace and salvation to the point of avoiding self pity, drama, useless talk. They don’t have to defend themselves or prove anything. They are content in know God searches , shapes and knows the truth, that He looks at hearts.

These people are rare as they are can not only make your heart smile, but sing. Most likely they will people that not only speak His words and His peace but sing His praise and make melody in their hearts.

What makes your heart smile? I can think of a lot of think I love that will brighten the day, bring out a smile or even make me laugh. I don’t know about you but I i need all the hearts smiles I can get and I would like to know more people that walk in love with Jesus, who can be the same everyday in spite of circumstances and not under them.

Jesus suffered more than any of us ever will. He cried and He laughed. He was very much both the Son of God and a human being. He loved so very much. Many people will accept suffering and never know the joy of the Lord or understand that He came to give us life more abundantly, the fruit of His Spirit.

In the Numbers Prayer, or Aaronic blessing, the lines asked God to smile on us. He did, He gave us Jesus and when we believe and obedient, he is smiling. And He gave us the power, love, and sound mind of His Holy Spirit, so let Him comfort and teach  you.

And He will make your heart smile.

Ales Cartel / pexels Adobe Spark

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