When A Heart Breaks

I remember thinking how becoming a Christian made my heart break even as a young girl of eleven, I had read Bible stories before that, but one Friday morning in a chapel service in November 1973, my heart was broken by the story of the crucifixion and that He did it for me.  I have been in love with Jesus ever since.

There were other times I found myself broken hearted and I’m sure you have too. We have already talked about broken hearts in this series, even scarred ones, so when hearts are broken and God heals them. We have to go back to guarding them and better yet, let Him do it by allowing His peace to rule them.

As a believer, being tenderhearted can cause us hurt, and yet we are to be tenderhearted and forgiving. We just have to be on guard. I usually tell people that if you have been healed or delivered of something don’t go back. It will be worse than before. And this can just be anger problems or something that you have to let go of because the enemy would draw you back in if he could even into bad relationships, the frying pan to fire, for instance.

If you have been broken hearted of a miscarriage, the fear will be of having another one, it takes healing and deliverance. Divorce, the temptation to just be involved  with someone, wrong, More trouble. Let him heal your heart and find a better match and wait. As a believer, you must guard the temple of His Spirit, your body.

Perhaps, it was death. I have seen people grieve years over aged parents, losing joy, become reclusive until they are to the point of being like their parents. I have seen people healed of heart problems, cancer, overcome life threatening situations and be like the nine lepers, who were not following Jesus thanking Him, like the one. In fact, some people won’t mention Jesus until you do or you give their testimony.

Fear is a deadly and destructive weapon, and it attacks every believer at one time or another, some more than others and the enemy will attempt to keep you in fear if you have an especially exceptional calling or talent. Don’t let him stop your from sharing Jesus.

Let Him break your heart with His love, accept His gift of salvation, receive His peace. Let Him pour in His Spirit, everyday to heal and cleanse you, keep you free. For whatever reason you have had a broken heart, He will heal it and give you peace. We all need to speak His peace in prayer over one another.

And remember He is always close to the broken hearted and will heal them, for He, Himself, Jesus was the most broken of all hearts.

Ali Pazan / Unsplash Adobe Spark

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