A Joyful Heart

I had to go back to joy as we focus on hearts and wrap up our series. Jesus is our joy, He said to ask Him for our joy to be full. And it is something the enemy will take, people will. Life in general, will. It is hard to count things joy as we are supposed to, knowing it builds up patience.

But when we both learn and experience true joy, His joy. Just like His love and peace and even rest, we will be able to see that we are just in a spiritual battle and more easily overcome by counting it joy that we are growing in faith and grace, that we know He will bring us through.

I have seen times when nothing appeared to cheer me up, but I held onto His promises. It is what we have to do. I was reading Psalm 51 all wrong. David was not asking for his joy to be returned, but God’s. He also asked for his spirit to be made right again. We can fall into traps or just get weary in well doing, and not have such a willing spirit anymore.

It is an open door, and joy bubbles will float right out, but the good news is the bubbling joy of the Holy Spirit can come right back again through prayer and His rest. He will right our attitudes and our spirits if we allow Him to rule over the flesh The joy of the Lord is our strength. Nehemiah 8:10, tells us so but also about not grieving but to feast, though he was talking about a particular instance, the application is there for everyday.

Hearts full of Jesus should feast on Jesus love everyday, and not grieve His Spirit, we have access to the cleansing power of His blood for sin and His Spirit to keep us washed in the water of His Word. We are not to grieve nor grieve Him. And still we do both  even as believers, don’t we?

We need to stop and think. What is the cause of our loss of joy? Take it to Jesus, pray in the Spirit if you can. That is a gift, a powerful gift we can ask for. Joy is strength from Jesus and it is a target of others, even other Christians, who may not be as mature. We have to hold on to jesus and joy.

I really regretted referring to someone as Miss Perky, Perky. Her joy just bubbled out, it did not appear real to me. Now, perhaps, it was a little hyped, I don’t know if she is a believer, but one day I noticed she was no longer around. My cousin recognized her immediately when I said I had not seen Miss Perky Perky lately. She told me her boyfriend was murdered, and she had left the country. The Jesus in me was hurt, though Jesus knew I meant no harm in it, I was just wondering what happened to my joy, I felt rotten. Another lesson in watching our thought and our mouths.

My joy was always there. My joy is Jesus and He bubbles over, the living water that is effervescent and life giving . We will never thirst again if we drink from that well, there is happiness, and that is one thing. His love and joy are quite another and we should draw and drink from that well daily.

We don’t want our conversation and testimony to be babbling but bubbly, so let His joy be your strength. I can’t do anything right without Him, can you? I pray His joy bubbles over in us and for those who have been hurt and wounded, broken hearted to have a joyful heart to return, in Jesus name.


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