Merry Hearts


We all know the proverbs about a merry heart being like a medicine and that it has a continual feast. Well, it is true. I know that more than ever, now. And I am sorry to be admitting that so late in my life. I should have known it even through the days of exhaustion and struggle, I think my heart knew it even if my mind wasn’t getting the message.

Everyone has something they think is funny, we used to sing silly songs in daycare like. ” You can’t get to heaven on roller skates. ” And then there is a favorite movie or sitcom, I prefer the older ones. I had a couple of things I would literally gravitate toward and when your favorites don’t make you laugh or smile, you are in trouble. I have had that happen. Maybe you have too but I hope not.

Part of the roller skate song is also, ” ain’t gonna grieve my Lord no more. ” And we can grieve Him, a lack of the joy of His salvation surely pains the Lord who died and told us to ask that our joy may be full. So we don’t want to grieve His Spirit by refusing to be cheered up, or to maintain that merry heart which is like a medicine, and keeps our spirit from breaking and our hearts.

Those deep wounds will need healing even to be cheered up, it will take some reconciliation between mind and heart, and the Holy Spirit to count it all joy, I found it hard to laugh when I was in so much physical pain, mental anguish is another story. There are people who love to torment and cause it, that takes discernment, some people do it out of ignorance, and I have had others hurt me by talking about themselves so negatively, I saw myself that way too or worse. There are some people you will have to deal with, but others you can avoid.

When Jesus was born it was said of Him that He would be a joy and delight. He was also a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, He above anyone else, understands and has the answers. He knows when you have to laugh to keep from crying, and He has our tears in a bottle. Psalm 56:8 For years I misread the Psalm 51, it is not restoring David’s joy, but the Lord’s joy.

We can all experience natural joy, which to me is happiness, but this is pure joy from the Lord, one of His many spiritual gifts and benefits we are loaded with daily as believers in the giver of abundant life and joy. So if life is getting you down, and even a favorite show or song won’t cheer you up, remember He said to be of good cheer. He overcame the world so we could.

Merry hearts feast on His words, His goodness, and find humor in the mundane, I am always walking with toilet paper or something stuck to my shoe. I have made some funny typos. My Yorkie makes me laugh. Merry hearts continually feast on joy because they have learned not to allow bitterness, brokenness and bad days to bring them to their knees except to pray.

I hope your learn from your mistakes as much as I do. I try to pass along that to save you some trouble. I know we are to encourage each other and build ourselves up in the Lord. And we need to share a laugh along the way, I really do have a good sense of humor although I don’t appreciate everything some consider comedic.

God created joy and He knows funny from frivolous or even cruel and hurtful, we can all laugh at ourselves but not cave to condemnation when He loves us so. Jesus is our joy and He is the healer, so of course He wants us to have merry heart and a continual feast, even if we have to learn to see the humor of life, it is there, and you can get to heaven on roller skates, you won’t roll right by those pearly gates. I don’t want to grieve my Lord, He is my joy and heart, my merry heart.

Michael Dam / Unsplash Adobe Stock

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