Light Hearts

I have a confession. I didn’t know what it really was to be lighthearted. I knew His burden was supposed to be easy and light. I loved Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, let your heart be light. But so often mine wasn’t. I did have a burden to pray for people and that will lift but there were the pesky cares of the world and just the personalities and bitterness of others that weighed it down.

There is a good reason Jesus says to be of good cheer. He has overcome so we could. And why He said to not let your heart be troubled or afraid. He knows it affects our hearts. Hearts that were broken by the story of the crucifixion and filled with His love, hearts that do their best to love others as He did. These hearts, that love can be very hurt, just like Jesus.

Imagine His poor heart, though all God, He was human. How it must have broken as He wept over Jerusalem, over us, and on the cross. It was breaking in Gethsemane. The enemy wanted Him dead before He could make the sacrifice that would save us, He wanted to grip Him in the grasp of terror.

His sweat became as great drops of blood and fell to the ground breaking Adam’s curse, for those who would believe. He still had the power to stand up and say I AM Jesus, when He was arrested, knocking soldiers back, just as He holds back all that is evil in our lives as we pray.

Even through all that, He carried a cross and so much more for our peace and forgiveness. And His heart was again broken and pierced with water and blood pouring forth. Just like a natural birth, that sacrifice gave us a new birth. A spiritual one if we accept Him as Lord. You must be born again, He told Nicodemus, and I am telling you if don’t know Him. Please do, He is love personified.

For years I tried to identify with Him, I suffered a lot I am certain He did not intend it. Though people may disagree, I don’t believe He died for me to suffer. I believe He died for me to live, and really, not to suffer. Which is why we are to see Him as as risen Lord having overcome so we can.

Jesus’ heart must have been heavy so ours could be light. Joy can make us light hearted and He is our joy, He is our peace. He is the light of the world, and our light should shine because of Him.  His light shines through us and surely we should be light hearted.

That does not mean we can be careless, but more carefree. It does not mean we ignore important things, just the enemy and his deceiving ways, relying on Jesus, not being ignorant of devices that are weighing our hearts down. I like to say I live in the Book of John, it is all about love.

Jesus is light and love, now wonder our hearts should be light.

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