Scarred Hearts

I don’t know a lot about medical terms, but sometimes I hear about people having trouble with scar tissue after surgery. So even if  problem is corrected, the intrusion into the body and a natural healing process can leave scar tissue. Then it can cause  problems.

Fortunately, God is the healer of all hearts and scars, and brokenness. Physical scars are healed, they may long incisions on the body or slight ones.  I have  one from having the chicken pox and one from a lawn chair folding on my leg, the only surgery I ever had was a tonsillectomy and it hasn’t helped sinus pressure, I still had attacks of bronchitis. We do live in a fallen world.

And though I truly believe that ” no plague will come near your dwelling. ” from Psalm 91, I do believe He protects us from far worse than we know, even if we are not always prayed up or walking in divine health. I don’t believe God gives you sickness  to teach you a lesson, He will allow you to learn and grow from it. John 10:10 reveals God in the New Testament. It is the thief who comes to kill, steal and destroy. But thank God, Jesus came to give life, and life more abundantly.

Like little scars and larger ones, we can carry around a lot more than we know. I knew God would heal me, but I kept having setbacks, the so called little foxes were spoiling things for me, other people’s unbelief and even unkind words for having faith, a lot of things piled on my heart, and I praise Him that I have never needed a heart operation.

It is both the natural ones and physical ones that have scar tissue. And we can carry it around like baggage. And we should not do that. Jesus carried so much on the cross. He does not want us to keep carrying things around that He forgave, and He wants us to forgive, so we will not carry the sins of others around in our heart. He is who we should look to and not the past or the hurts, and I know how difficult that can be, especially, if you are still having to deal with that person.

Scarred hearts can be so for many reasons, I don’t have to name them for you. If you read this you probably already know what you are carrying, whether it is from something that really happened to you leaving you physically or emotionally scarred, or it was something cruel or spiritual warfare. Don’t forget the spiritual scars, even from Christians or ministers, they can be harsh at times. I know I have been harder on people who should know better, but now I just back off and let God deal with some people, I had to let go or keep having a scarred heart.

If you have been healed or delivered of something, let it go and don’t take it back. Praise Him everyday for it, and even before you see a manifestation of it. Don’t keep it on your mind or heart continually and allow scar tissue to build up. It may end up worse that before.

Believe me, scarred hearts can be hard hearts and only a real revelation of God’ love will melt that away. I invite you ask Jesus into your heart, if you are carrying scars of the heart. And if you already know Him, let Him love you well and be free of all your heart scars.

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