Rest and Rhema?

We’ve been talking about rest now and our month is winding down. A word I heard and learned early on as I began to study healing was rhema, it means a word just like logos from the Greek. I also like to dig deeper in the Word, and we find the word rhema used at least seventy times in the New Testament.

Some Christians, including myself, see a rhema word from God through the Holy Spirit as specific to individuals whereas logos is more for everyone. The Bible is for everyone to read, however, a believer who is baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire as John said of Jesus has more  of a rhema knowledge at times. Any believer has the Holy Spirit at salvation, but there is John’s baptism and Jesus’.

“Rhema” is a broader term including any method God uses to reveal more of His specific will to an individual, whether by is a divinely directed desire, illumination, revelation, visions, or dreams. A glimpse into the spirit realm, angelic visitations, or specifically a word.

A word or rhema birthed in your spirit by the Holy Spirit, is like a whisper but it leaves the very fingerprints of God on you and your soul. It could be a right now word or one that will come to pass in His perfect time. It can also be firm or authoritative. You do learn to discern the Holy Spirit as a believer who spends time in the Word, in prayer or praying in the Spirit or tongues.

The Holy Spirit gives you a blessed assurance and a deeper understanding. A lot of people will no longer ” get you “. Let’ look at some instances of a rhema. Jesus has been accused of casting out the devil with the approval of beelzebub but He tells them specifically that he would be dividing his own house and lose power and that they would give an account of every lazy or useless rhema.

Mary received a rhema word from God, and accepted His divine will. Many of the patriarch were the same, the build of the ark for example. God’s word was for a specific individual and for His will and purpose. Rhemas are different from prophetic  words in the sense, that they do not have to come as a word of knowledge or prophetic word from another, although they may, I have found the Holy Spirit to be the one to drop that word into my Spirit.

And that is why I took the time to explain rhema. I know His word was for me about rest, but it is also for someone else, anyone too heavy laden or burdened. And He will confirm it to you by two or three witnesses, either as a logos, word in general or a deeper rhem for your soul.

Keep speaking His love and peace over you life and you will find understanding as you seek His rest. He is coming for a pure bride and how will be? By the washing of the water of His Word. Or maybe, a rhema, rest?

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Rest Easy In The Lord

Rest has always eluded me, though there are some who would say I don’t actually work. When you love what you do it isn’t work, and believe me praying for people and any kind of volunteering, is work. Good ministers are worthy of their salary, so I don’t get paid to blog. I can do lots of other things. It is easy to confuse rest with lazy or should I say accuse.

So many women feel guilt or even shame about it, but they shouldn’t. Forget the Netflix, go to sleep, turn off the phone, if someone needs you that badly the Lord will tell you, if it is as emergency they will call 911. Have sandwiches for dinner or order out on occasion, take a hot bath go to sleep. Get a sitter if you have to. Your health and well being are important to God, and He offered rest but the Israelites refused.

Can you imagine walking or wandering around like that and God says, ” Here’s the place of rest. ”  And you keep going, just like driving by a rest stop with a backseat full of hungry and whiny children and passing the rest stop, even with a sign saying here it is? Well, they did it! And God was angry and withdrew rest, but Jesus invited us back in Matthew 11:28.

Was I ever weary and heavy laden, as I said, rest eluded me, I still tried to fix my life and help everyone else. I was tired, beyond exhaustion. I could hear the Holy Spirit’s whisper that I was working too hard, while everyone else wanted me to do something else.

But enough about me and my ordeals, rest. Jesus said to come and rest. He calls the weary and heavy laden. Our burdens can get too heavy and He took them, all our cares and so much more. His yoke is easy and light. Now, most of us are not exactly familiar with being yoked as a team of oxen or horses, one usually guides the other, the stronger one takes the lead and guides the other one making his burden light.

So, in effect, if our yoke is not easy and our burden light, we are not in step with Jesus or are not fully receiving His rest. The burdens and worries, all the turmoil and confusion comes right from the wicked one. And his yoke is oppressive, isn’t it? We would rather be reined in to Jesus.

Our figurative bridegroom calls the beloved to His rest and it is easy. He tells us not to get up too early or stay up too late, it doesn’t do any good, that He gives sleep to the beloved. Psalm 127:2 I do stay up late to write when I have inspiration, He also instructs at night, that is not a burden because I have no set schedule and can rest.

Back in my wilderness days, I was on the go from about seven in the morning until after midnight and wrote very little, got a lot of rejections, the enemy wanted me to give it up, the Lord wanted me to keep going and here I am. I hope I can help you rest easy in the Lord.

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My Daughter’s Rest / The Poem / Sunday Bonus

My daughter’s rest,

I have blessed.

Because she has believed.

The sleep of the beloved, she received.

As she seeks her heavenly Father’s will,

Her spirit mine will fill.

As she beholds my beloved Son’s face.

She is rewarded with amazing grace.

Her heart and mind are free from care.

She finds me in a secret place,

A closet of prayer.

And I am her Heavenly Father, I Am there.

When she asks it is given her,

I will give her bread and not a stone,

Her heart is pure in asking me,

I will never leave her alone.

When she seeks me she finds me,

I am always on her mind and heart.

She is never off her Father’s, either.

I loved her from the start.

Thinking thoughts so many toward her,

Moving her forward in the Lord,

Giving her my peace and protection,

She is guarded with a sword.

When she knocks, door opens from above.

And close when there is trouble,

Fear, worry, and so much more.

Because of my everlasting love, I close the door.

When she was  weary,

I called my daughter to rest.

When she heard and obeyed my voice,

Then surely she was abundantly blessed.

photo courtesy of Kaysona Wilcox

His Daughter’s Rest

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I put a pin on my board on Pinterest called A Daughter’s Rest, it said ” Trust My Timing “, and I thought the rest of His love and His peace was surely the way to go. Trusting Him is definitely the way to rest. We have talked about rest a lot, we can’t ever talk too much about it.

It is so overlooked and misunderstood. Though a nice pair of jammies and socks or even the bare feet like this girl in her robe, is not it. It’s nice but it isn’t it. It is a part of it, A Daughter’s Rest, but this rest is from heaven and from Jesus. A gift like all the rest of the benefits we are daily loaded with.

I simply cannot tell you enough what it is like to have finally entered that rest. Even if chaos breaks out and the enemy comes with thoughts of disaster or impending  doom, Jesus is right there. You have to be well versed, skilled in His Word. He is the Word, and He speaks His peace to us and to our hearts.

Ladies, that is rest. And that is peace. It is nice to sleep the sleep of the beloved, to not be weary and in need of rest because you have entered it and you can trust His timing. And it is perfect. Perfect timing, perfect peace ( keeping your mind on Him ), perfect rest because of  His perfect love.

I wanted you to have as much wisdom as possible concerning rest. I know, I needed it and didn’t have it until later on but at least I finally heard, I actually understood, it made so much sense, and it took a little effort, it was something that was new and it required changes to what I thought, not giving in to the enemy devices.

But it is well worth the effort, and anything you have to change, thoughts, actions, or words, perhaps even prayer. pray for and receive His rest. Rest is more than sitting in a spa at a luxury hotel or in suite with a box of dark chocolates, or looking out at the ocean and a spray of sea air refreshing you as you breathe it, the mist of your face relaxing you in the breezes, it is like that and more, the sanctuary of God’s Sabbath rest, when no weapon formed against you prospers and you are a Proverbs 31 woman, laughing at the future without fear.

So enjoy His rest, and here is my board.

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Why Not Rest?

As we have already passed the halfway point of our month of rest, I thought it would be a great idea to go back over our verses, and sow them again into our spirits. We want to receive that word about rest, holy, sacred, Sabbath rest that God instituted and withdrew, but Jesus offered again and we don’t to refuse.

Sp please read them, write them, save the pin or post for later, go back over the month if you like. You can read many more on my blog, or someone else’s or from any reputable ministry. However, you learn about rest, why not rest? It is an important study for believers to receive from God.

These are the basic ones and there are more i am sure, I will be sure to add any I come across to help you out. Though many other verses like Psalm 46:10, translate, the be still into a sort of rest, a needy and vulnerable, going limp before the Lord, when you can give Him your cares, let go. You can rest and why not. God was angry when people didn’t and look what Jesus did and He offers it, ” Come unto me. ”

My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently on Him. Psalm 37:7

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him. Psalm 62:5

God has told His people, “Here is a place of rest; let the weary rest here. This is a place of quiet rest.” But they would not listen. Isaiah 28:12

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:29

Since the promise of entering His rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it. Hebrews 4:1

For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from His. Hebrews 4:10

Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience. Hebrews 4:11 Some translations say unbelief.

If you are studying rest with me, individually or as a group, even a Bible study. Soak in these verses and be sure to look for others with a similar tone. You may even want to dig into other translations and Greek and Hebrew. The New Testament is translated from Greek while Jesus would have spoken Hebrew and Aramaic.

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More and More Rest!


You know what it is like to get really hungry or thirsty. Needing God’s rest is the same. We are so hungry and thirsty for His righteousness that we fill up and then sometimes we are overdoing when He says to rest.

Rest should put some balance in your life, it shouldn’t be what you need to restore you from burning the candle at both ends, the middle will eventually melt down and break. Half in two? I’d rather not. I suppose it is feeling little like a split personality to be running on Jesus and coffee, that wasn’t His plan.

You should never be so tired as a believer that you are losing your joy. You can lose your zeal and joy for helping others, if they are unappreciative, difficult or a constant source of depleting you, dunamis or Holy Spirit power.

All believers have a measure, the baptism of fire and spiritual gifts increases that, and even if you have received power from on high, you will have to rest. Jesus, the Son of God had to in human form, so why wouldn’t we? We are certainly not greater and Jesus has the highest anointing ever. He rested in the ” lonely places. ”

Isn’t that secret place of the Most High? Your prayer closet? The quiet nook you read in? The porch or garden? If you don’t have one, you need to find one. Find a place to take a walk, or a nap, to get away a few minutes everyday.

This is the place of rest God declared it to the Israelites and they would not listen. He was angry, but reinstated His rest, God’s very own Sabbath rest. He sat down and watched creation continuously unfurl. He was finished and so was Jesus after the crucifixion. He made provisions for us, we just have to learn to rest and receive.

He knew we would get weary in the world and said come and rest, but we need to stay there, walk there, talk there, even eat and sleep there. It is something we have to learn and get used to, not lazy or guilty, but restful, peaceful, with His love in our heart and faith in our words that line with His, we can rest in His peace, even in life and abundant life.

I’m kind of tired as I write this, there is a lot going on around me. Some things I can handle others are out of my reach. But not out of His If you are like me, post holiday overload, or just day to day cares and burden you must be tired. Get some rest!

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Don’t Refuse His Rest!


Isn’t it nice when you have slept well and feel like getting up and going? You can go on to lunch, and even a break or afternoon snooze. You have joy and peace and energy and ready to meet and greet, to share that love of Christ that radiates from from you eyes. That doesn’t always happen though does it?

Something called cares of this world get in the way among other things, our own minds as part of the soul, and our hearts have wearied and made troubled or afraid. Jesus never wants that. So it is a good idea when He says rest, not to refuse Him. Mary told a servant to do what Jesus said, so should we. Are we hearing Him, say come and rest? Matthew 11:28

God has told his people, “Here is a place of rest; let the weary rest here. This is a place of quiet rest.” But they would not listen. Isaiah 28:12

So let us do our best to enter that rest. But if we disobey God, as the people of Israel did, we will fall. Hebrews 4:11

And Hebrews has a lot more to say on that. Isn’t disobedience a terrible thing? We hate to see bratty children who talk back, so does God, and the ones who rebel and refuse to listen. Many people may wonder why they are not healed and maybe, they never entered the rest of faith, I don’t know, there could be many reasons, sometimes people tire of the battle and sometimes they go on warring and should be resting.

Don’t refuse the rest and don’t be a disobedient child of faith. Have a teachable spirit that is sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and He will guide you to truth and rest. Jesus promised the Comforter to teach us are remind us of all things He taught, it is in the Word, it hasn’t changed, nor has He. That is true, but don’t allow the enemy’s deception to disqualify you with accustation.

This is is no way meant to be condemnation or judgemental, I know people who returned to work too soon, worked too much, and some not able to return. We all have to seek and discern His rest or we will fall or fail as the verse says. We don’t want that as believers, it may take some time, a little experimenting with schedules, even cutting back on certain things or cutting them out altogether.

What is a couple of hours of television, of social media time as compared to your life? You can’t join every group, participate in everything or be supermama and rest. He will work with you to rest, and you will be blessed all the more. I explained rest to a lady who did not understand it, I told her it was a spiritual rest. Sometimes, we find it hard to sleep, to rest, guilt and shame and the judgement and words of others play a role, but listen to Jesus, He will give you rest, don’t refuse it.

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Sacred Rest

Rest has become very important to me, not knowing how to spiritually rest, kept me from physical and mental rest. I have seen the results of so many women suffering through stress, health issues and marital problems, I know it may even be hard to believe how much He loves us, but He does and He is not only our peace but He gives us rest. As we mentioned before the even deeper place of the Most High, His sanctuary.

Rest may not appear to be worship to most of us, but I believe it is because you have come into a covenant agreement with God, you may not be able to fulfill it like Christ but He can. Let’s think that over as some are having trouble in resting the Sabbath rest and even understanding it.

When God created the world it was perfect until the fall, the only thing He said was not good was for Adam to be alone. Marriage is sacred to God and so is His rest. He had already set it in motion, just by speaking it into creation, an omniscient and omnipotent being that is pure love and light, and gave us the freedom to choose. How often we choose the wrong way. But don’t worry, even perfect people did.

God was finished and rested. He offered this sacred rest to the children of Israel. They refused. Imagine how hurt and angry God was, so He withdrew it. Our rest is through Jesus, He invites us in Matthew 11:28, and I was heavy laden, I carried way too much trying to be a good Christian.

It hurts Jesus too, and His Spirit will not leave but back off and let us choose our way or His. His is better, His ways and thoughts are higher, not that we think too highly of ourselves but that as His children we walk in His best. And that means rest.

You often hear the phrase, resting in His finished work. He finished it on the cross and said so. He made the provision for everything we would need just like God, if we believe it and receive it, it is there. I have to take a moment to mention the name it and claim it teaching, it is true we are supposed to ask in faith and believe even before we see it come to pass, but that phrase alone will not give you rest.

Faith works by love and we don’t always receive do we? People we want to be saved are not, right. For faith to work others have to receive and we do have a free will, some may choose not to believe in healing or angelic protection. Others, myself included, have just grown weary in well doing, so who needs rest? Sacred and peaceful rest, know He is in control and He may just have a better time to answer or a better way.

Never count yourself out, you are not disqualified, by being sick or tired, or even having a few doubts, just don’t let them turn to unbelief. They will harden your heart. I have heard ministers say things like when you get tired or being sick and tired, you will confess healing and not be sick anymore. You may find yourself in spiritual warfare and be even worse. I was. I tried to have ” great faith ” for my healing and I really needed was rest and His love. People pleasing will run you ragged and God pleasing gives your rest.

I am not telling you not to confess it or that you won’t be healed but you have an enemy that will attack you body and soul and oppress your spirit, he doesn’t want you to use your authority over him. And then there’s the get mad at the devil one, I do and I did and God even had to warn me about the righteous anger, if we put him out, we can’t let our anger overtake our love.

I was angry at believers who were not hearing me or understanding, and some who could appear to care less and even be leaning toward the enemy’s camp, It was ruining my rest and taking love away from some I could help and even myself, God doesn’t need a bunch of angry women, though they dent the devil, we are to be angry and sin not.

God wants loving women who understand how to pray from His rest, knowing He is in control and they don’t have to be under attack from all sides of attacking others. His rest is sacred and it is worship, it is intimate and healing, and it is part of His perfect love for us.

When we rest, God can work for us, we can pray for people and against the enemy. If we are weary then we have not entered His rest, and rested from our work like God and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in us brings our rest, our confidence in Him to complete His work in us.

I pray the dove of His rest be with you today. Read and reread Hebrews 4 and rest, if we don’t it is disobedience, I don’t want God angry with me. I’m resting.

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The Power of Rest


There is power in a lot of things, power in praise, power in worship, in words, the wonder working power in the blood. His name. We receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. And that is power from on high. The Holy Spirit is power, and love and that sound mind we need so desperately as believers.

And we know His peace from John 14:27 is a precious and holy, sacred gift but there is another power. His rest, if you can ever comprehend the Sabbath rest it is power, God completed His work and rested, Jesus completed His work on the cross and sat down with the Father. It is finished. There is power in His peace, His rest, His sanctuary, and like that vestibule of worship, we are to be His temple, a living sacrifice to God, the best examples of His love we can be.

He has paid the price once and for all who believe. Salvation, forgiveness, and angelic protection, healing and so many more benefits we are daily loaded with to carry us through to His rest if we can receive it. Too many of us are wandering, like the children of Israel, here is you rest and they would not take it. They didn’t want God, they wanted a king and when they did tell God they could do anything He said, they failed miserably breaking the commandments.

Jesus fulfilled them and ushered in grace and truth, and gave us His Spirit to teach, comfort and remind us of His words. Again the Lord offered us this Sabbath rest. It is not merely physical rest, it is mental, spiritual. When everything is spiraling out of control like a tornadic and harsh wind, even with evil on every side, you know it will not come near you, angels are at your side, no matter how many fall it will not be you.

If others get demoted, not you. Lose money, not you. Suffer from sickness, you can stand on Isaiah 53. If even the worst of storms blow your way, you will not fear, it is just a shadow of death, He has restored your soul. You see what I mean. Your words are His, and they are pure, peaceful and powerful. You can rest because He doesn’t have to.

You get more accomplished after a good night’s sleep and maybe even a nap. And you move spiritual warfare. You can rest because Jesus rests in you in the person of His Holy Spirit. In the Holy Spirit, He will give you rest. That is another area of His power. The enemy hates for you to rest. Why? Because then you are powerful.

And demons and the devil roam, they have no rest, and will try to get back into minds and hearts, flesh.  And they very ones they are put from, why we have to be diligent. Believers are not possessed but often oppressed, and should be aware of those devices. Your fears, anxieties, torments, can can get worse if you will not enter His rest. So rest in His love and promises, He is your God, greater is He in you.

If you are baptized in His Spirit, you have the same power that raised Him from the dead and quickens you. You have the Holy Spirit at salvation, but there is John’s baptism and Jesus’ baptism, Jesus got both at the same time when the Spirit of God came on Him.

To me, it is a shame and disgrace that the church has not taught this more. We need Jesus desperately in these trying times before His return. Why do you think He slept in the boat during the storm, which was demonic, they were approaching Decapolis, really, ten cities that were wicked, and the madman was there in the tombs, now that is power. I like to think He could hear that man’s heart crying out for help as he was tormented so.

He had power. He had rest, and He wants us to have power and rest. We may never encounter a madman and never be in a storm on a lake but we have our own trials to overcome, and we will, in fact we have by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of His testimony, Jesus finished it, can we believe that and rest in His power, His love?

His blood is power.

His name is power

His rest is power.

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Rest Comfortably In The Lord

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Rest comfortably in the Lord, are you? Are any of us? When face with the tough issues of life are we at rest and speaking His truth instead of what circumstances say? Can we actually do that when a prognosis is grim, hope is lost, bills pile up? We can, because He overcame the world and all its trials.

Everyone has their comfy shoes, T shirt or sweat pants. It’s time to get comfortable in Jesus. He has seen us at our worst, knows what we look like at our best and is looking at hearts anyway. Now, I ‘m not saying you have nothing to do or shouldn’t care how you look. We represent the King of Kings, I put on some red hair color the other night. And yes, I know how to do it, would I go to the beauty shop? Sure, it is just practical and money saving at present.

But enough about me and my T shirts, shorts and socks, I can dress up or be comfortable. A lot of time though we are dressed up and uncomfortable. Do you know I heard of a church who would not let you come without a suit or a dress? Well, that might be fine, but what about salvation? Jesus can save you, whatever you are wearing.

We need to comfortable with His rest. Too many rules and regulations equal religion, which means to be tied up or bound again. Our cord is a threefold one with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Son sets us free in His Spirit and we can be comfortable, the Holy Spirit gives us rest.

I just wanted you to get the picture, like the pretty girl in the swing. Don’t get too comfortable and ignore the enemy’s devices or too complacent. But get comfortable in Jesus and you will know how to both pray, be delivered and  to rest. Imagine Jesus a warm blanket.

Or what about Him wrapping His arms and prayer shawl around you? That would be nice. The Holy Spirit can do just that as you learn to rest comfortably in the Lord. His promises are true. He answers prayers with a yes and amen. You may have to wait on His timing, but He never forgets you.

Rest at His feet, learning and discerning His Word, you are same in Him, forever protected and loved, the enemy won’t have a chance if we ever learn to just be still and know God. Psalm 46:10. And here are a few restful verses, get comfortable in a morning robe and with cup of coffee or tea or at night with hot chocolate, and read comforting words, the Comforter has come, Jesus sent Him.

My presence will go with you and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14

My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him. He is rock and my salvation. He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. Psalm 61:1-2

And the blessing of the Lord rested on us. Psalm 90:17

Be at rest once more, O my soul; for the Lord has been good to you. Psalm 116:7

I will give you rest. Jesus Matthew 11:28-30

Go ahead and look up some and fall asleep resting comfortably.

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