Having Trouble Resting?

I know this is a funny picture, but it isn’t funny if it is you or me or anyone really. Too many women are too stressed. And I want you to be blessed, too blessed to be stressed and how do we get there? Rest! We all know the ” Are we there yet? ” and get tired of hearing it.

Well, are we there yet, in His rest? No, often we are not. And rest does not always mean just sleep. So, what keeps you from resting? People? It is like you are on their radar and when you’re resting and not just asleep. Noise! Let’s TALK LOUDER, turn up the volume, some ridiculous distraction, while you read or study, something happens and you can’t go for a quiet walk, or listen to music.

I have tried setting boundaries. People will ignore them, children will, grownups will. Christians will. You have to learn from yourself and the Holy Spirit how for you to rest the best way. For me, sometimes, it is changing for one thing to another, tired of laundry? Clean the fridge. Studying to write a post or a series of them, stop and go to Pinterest, or do a puzzle.

Writing is a great stress release, but eight hours over a computer, isn’t happening. Neither television or social media. It is too much, too distracting. It will divert your attention to other things besides His peace and His love, His healing power if that is what you need.

Fibromyalgia is a common ailment among women, the bladder problems, even migraines, so many things can keep you awake. God wants you to rest, all ailments are not necessarily caused by worry, fear or stress, but they have a major role in both mental and physical health.

I’m not telling you not to go to the doctor or to seek help. But let’s face it, they can only do so much. They can’t be with you every minute but the Lord can. He knows all about you, what you don’t even tell the doctor. He knows if He has forgiven you or if you have never asked Him for the gift of salvation. You can talk to Him and confide in Him.

We have a lot of distractions that lead to destructive behaviors. We do not want to self destruct. Don’t let your relationship with God be what is keeping you stressed or awake, what is keeping you from receiving His rest or His peace. God wants you to have it.

He was angry when the Israelites refused, and withdrew the offer. Jesus offered rest as well, don’t you think it hurts Him to be refused? We should respect Him and just rest with Him. It is a conscious decision, it will have to be a firm one. It could very well face attack, the enemy of your soul does not want you to rest. It will empower you.

I can tell you he hates women, but we scare him too, because when we are submitted to a loving Lord and in line with Hs plans for our lives, he has had it. Jesus defeated him so we could. He overcame the world so we could. The world will say rush, work and even hustle.

But God says rest. My presence will go with you and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14

Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash Adobe Spark



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