Deciding To Rest

Okay, you made the decision to rest. The phone will ring, children will scream, pots will boil over. You get it! The enemy does not want you to rest! And he will try to discourage any belief in Jesus for any reason, whatever you have prayed for. And if distraction works, well that great, he can send in destruction to defeat you.

Your rest has been distracted and destroyed. Jesus is our rest and we have to go to Him. It is a decision. You do have to decide what and you may have to implement a few new rules and be aware of the those tactics, so you can guard your heart and mind, and to rest.

We are coming to a close on our study but we have to keep our minds on Jesus and rest. On His grace and His peace. And the greatest of all His love.

Let me remind you that there is also a deeper rest called sanctuary. It is like a refuge from being hunted. It is true we have been stalked by an adversary, he would like nothing more that to make you just give in, give up, lose hope. Rest is key to remaining a strong woman of faith.

It makes no difference your age, God is not a respecter of persons. He cannot lie. The devil doesn’t care how old you are either or young he will go after you if you have a testimony, a ministry or even a calling as a parent, just because you are a believer. It would be his intention to stop your miracles, your healing, and your testimony.

Young people make the mistake of thinking they are invincible or can handle it, I have hear the foolish phrase, ” I sleep when I am dead. ” That is a dead phrase, Jesus says you will give an account of inoperable words. Phrases like that have no place in a believer’s vocabulary. You may regret it.

I want you to rest, if you are young mother, middle aged or older, rest. It is a very big deal to rest. It is important to rest. Jesus would not have mentioned it. God would not been angry for His offer to be refused. So let’s make a decision to rest. Today and everyday.

Let’s decide to rest and to call healing, peace and good things into our lives. And let’s be ready to stop those distractions and the destructive behaviors that would befall us. And if you rest or decide to or have found a way to, a nap, a walk, deep breathing, or meditating on His words, leave me a comment, let me know how you are doing.




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