Returning To His Rest

Here is our verse, Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has been good to you. Psalm 116:7. One translation says  to rest again. Great right? You can get back there if you have wandered away. The Israelites refused God’s rest and I think a lot of have accepted the rest Jesus offered us and have just let it slip away as in the sower sowing the Word parable.

There are so many snares to trap us, but He will deliver us from them all, especially, if we learn to remain in His rest. I like the version that says He has dealt bountifully with us. I know He has me. I have overcome so much more than ever I expected to face, only with His grace and rest and finally understanding what His peace and receiving it daily as His gift to our heart can do. Speaking His peace is very helpful, to others and our soul, we are returning to rest and shalom.

Because I thought it was such a powerful word for us, a really, right now and relevant one, here again is our verse and the one before and after, such a beautiful Psalm, here is verses 6,7, and 8.

The LORD preserves the simple hearted; I was helpless, and He saved me. Return to your rest, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you. For You have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling.…

Simple hearted, I may have to include that in another post for February.  So many people believe Christians to be simple minded, but simple hearted is a better description. The old hymn says we often forfeit peace and bear needless pain because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. If that isn’t simple what is? Just leave it and rest in the knowledge that He is control so we don’t have to panic.

Return to His rest if you have left it. Remain in it and don’t complicate your heart with fear and worry, or let it grow calloused and hard, simply rest. Love should not be so very difficult. His love for us isn’t. Look at the price He paid to redeem us, He bought us with His own body and blood on a cross, we are His as believers.

If you have walked away, return to rest. I used to go to a small church, every now and then they would have people re-dedicating their lives to Christ. No wonder I was always so self conscious, always repenting, watching every little thing I did or said, and feeling so guilty, that was not rest. Jesus gave us grace and truth, and we are to grow and walk in it.

If we are so focused on our walk and our shortcomings we are not resting in Him and giving Him the glory. Jesus is our focus and His beauty and love never fails. We will be much better Christians if we look at Him and not us or even others. We will not always be striving for what He gave us if we rest in His grace, peace and love.

Surely, we do get off track at times, but if we have truly believed we will not have the desire for things that are sinful, and He will deliver us and forgive us, we just have to keep a repentant heart and not be stumbling as the Psalm says. He will keep us on track and another beautiful truth is like the rocks in the picture above, He is our refuge and fortress, from Psalm 91. Why not rest in Psalms?

And here’s another one for you in closing as I again invite you to His rest, and if you don’t know Jesus, look to Matthew 11:28-30, He says come and rest, your heart can believe and rest simply and safely with Him.

…..from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, Psalm 61:2 Some versions say overwhelmed that’s a good description or me when I couldn’t rest.

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