Relaxing Rest

I love to rest and relax, and I really had to learn how to find the rest of faith from Hebrews 4 and the rest Jesus offers. I dreamed of walks on the beach but my life was far from that so much of the time, then enemy of my soul was at work trying to steal the rest Jesus was giving me, but now I know.

Rest is like a gentle breeze over your face and it will make you close your eyes in a moment of peace even a silent prayer of thankfulness, when He fills your heart with His rest an His peace. It is is worth the effort, getting some preparations made to give you that quiet time.

Sometimes, I make muffins or fruit salads, bag snack bags of grapes., it cuts down on cooking time. I spend time at night slicing vegetables, anything that helps save time, so I can have my quiet time and prayer time. When He offers me rest I want it, do not want to refuse the rest or favor of God.

When the God of peace offered the religious Jews commandments, even though He wanted to be God, they broke them. When he offered them rest, they refused Isaiah says, and He was angry. He allowed Jesus to come and be crucified for us and do we enter His rest?

We are back under grace and people have taken that to mean that you can go on sinning, and that is not so. When they insult the Spirit and make His blood a common thing, doors are opened to the enemy and rest is gone, grace is not in place though it is there if your turn and get back on track.

I don’t watch a lot of these newer television shows, I find them way too loud obnoxious, and I love television. I am careful about what read and study. I want life more abundantly sown in my heart, not fear, worry or stress. I even cut out a few blogging links. I just can’t read everything I’d like to.

Story lines and plots, movies are one thing. Real life is another, you don’t just kill off someone, a character you don’t like in a novel or soap opera. Real life is not sociopaths pretending to be Christians. The world was not created evil, and God is not employing the wicked one to teach us a lesson. We have His Spirit to do that.

And we have to have His Spirit working in our lives, we need all the spiritual gifts, the baptism of the Spirit will give you power.  We want to have His wonderworking power of the blood over our lives and loved ones and to be able to pray for others but we have to also relax and rest. The enemy will drive you to distraction and destruction, wear you out as a saint, why the Lord’s prayer so powerful, and a daily renewal, deliver us from evil, why Psalm 23 gives us green pastures.

I pray you find a way to rest and relax in the Lord, whether it is walk, a spa day, or a nap. Don’t give into the world. We aren’t to long for the good old days, we have so much better ones with His blessing and rest. And we want Him to close the doors on the enemy, so let’s don’t open them, we need a simpler life, a peaceful, restful one in Him.

Eli Defaria / Unsplash / Adobe Spark

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