Exhaustion Or His Rest?

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I have seen what exhaustion can do to a person. And I have been there. You last nerve is frayed and hanging by a thread. You have tossed and turned night after night. Oppression hangs over you like a dark cloud with no silver lining. The good news is that silver can represent redemption, it is also what Judas was paid to betray Jesus.

The enemy of the soul may not let you rest but Jesus will. He says to come. Remember, from our study God offered rest and it was refused, we don’t not want to be stubborn and stiff necked. If you think you are being strong, like I did, you may just have fallen in to an enemy trap, rest will get you out, we can be good at deceiving ourselves as well.

I have used the phrase beyond exhaustion. I admit having pushed the envelope of faith, trying to be a good example, to receive God’s best and even to be healed. Healing and rest walk hand in hand. I was working for a gift Jesus had already died for. He bought on a cross of shame, and He ransomed my soul already,

I was saved very young. He had already paid for everything for me, making me a pearl of great price and I had no idea, how He really expected me to rest. I was driven, but who was driving me.? Jesus was tempted out in the wilderness, the Spirit was with Him. He is with all of us and even deeper with those who walk in spiritual gifts.

Mothers will understand, in fact, fathers too. Parents can watch their children run all day and night if you let them. Setting a nap time, a quiet time are important to teach babies and toddlers to rest in the natural. Too much stimulation is never good. And when you add in medications, well you get the picture. And don’t think I am against taking medicine, it is just that some of it has side effects that affect sleep, and some is just overly prescribed. I have see plenty of people I could not stand to be around most likely without their medicine, and I hate to admit that.

What I want you to understand is that your exhaustion can be a call from God to accept His rest. You’ve studied the Bible, now do what it says. Come to Him and rest, let Him have the heavy burden in exchange for a lighter one. It has to come off your back, mind and even heart.

I am all to familiar with it. So I want to share that like loneliness is sometimes a call to listen to God, exhaustion can be a call to rest. This is an important study. It has really been on my heart for a long while, that we, as believers, should be speaking His peace to the body of Christ and our own. And resting, that is from God, rejected by the Israelites and offered again by Jesus, so let’s listen. It could literally be a matter of life and death to some.

Please don’t think I am exaggerating this, it is very serious. My readers are important to me. I am always delighted to hear that someone is enjoying my writing, whether it is thi blog or another of my stories or a poem. But even more than that is that you are blessed, healed or even led to Christ as Lord. That is His love at work.

Exhaustion or rest? He is giving us a choice. Take medicine if you need to, the correct dosage and safely. But be sure to realize that Jesus is offering rest and we don’t want to fall short of it as believers, is you are too tired, even to the point of physical or mental exhaustion, He will give you rest.

Eric Antunes /  pexels / Adobe Spark

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