Rest Easy In The Lord

Rest has always eluded me, though there are some who would say I don’t actually work. When you love what you do it isn’t work, and believe me praying for people and any kind of volunteering, is work. Good ministers are worthy of their salary, so I don’t get paid to blog. I can do lots of other things. It is easy to confuse rest with lazy or should I say accuse.

So many women feel guilt or even shame about it, but they shouldn’t. Forget the Netflix, go to sleep, turn off the phone, if someone needs you that badly the Lord will tell you, if it is as emergency they will call 911. Have sandwiches for dinner or order out on occasion, take a hot bath go to sleep. Get a sitter if you have to. Your health and well being are important to God, and He offered rest but the Israelites refused.

Can you imagine walking or wandering around like that and God says, ” Here’s the place of rest. ”  And you keep going, just like driving by a rest stop with a backseat full of hungry and whiny children and passing the rest stop, even with a sign saying here it is? Well, they did it! And God was angry and withdrew rest, but Jesus invited us back in Matthew 11:28.

Was I ever weary and heavy laden, as I said, rest eluded me, I still tried to fix my life and help everyone else. I was tired, beyond exhaustion. I could hear the Holy Spirit’s whisper that I was working too hard, while everyone else wanted me to do something else.

But enough about me and my ordeals, rest. Jesus said to come and rest. He calls the weary and heavy laden. Our burdens can get too heavy and He took them, all our cares and so much more. His yoke is easy and light. Now, most of us are not exactly familiar with being yoked as a team of oxen or horses, one usually guides the other, the stronger one takes the lead and guides the other one making his burden light.

So, in effect, if our yoke is not easy and our burden light, we are not in step with Jesus or are not fully receiving His rest. The burdens and worries, all the turmoil and confusion comes right from the wicked one. And his yoke is oppressive, isn’t it? We would rather be reined in to Jesus.

Our figurative bridegroom calls the beloved to His rest and it is easy. He tells us not to get up too early or stay up too late, it doesn’t do any good, that He gives sleep to the beloved. Psalm 127:2 I do stay up late to write when I have inspiration, He also instructs at night, that is not a burden because I have no set schedule and can rest.

Back in my wilderness days, I was on the go from about seven in the morning until after midnight and wrote very little, got a lot of rejections, the enemy wanted me to give it up, the Lord wanted me to keep going and here I am. I hope I can help you rest easy in the Lord.

Thomas / pexels / Adobe Spark

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