His Daughter’s Rest

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I put a pin on my board on Pinterest called A Daughter’s Rest, it said ” Trust My Timing “, and I thought the rest of His love and His peace was surely the way to go. Trusting Him is definitely the way to rest. We have talked about rest a lot, we can’t ever talk too much about it.

It is so overlooked and misunderstood. Though a nice pair of jammies and socks or even the bare feet like this girl in her robe, is not it. It’s nice but it isn’t it. It is a part of it, A Daughter’s Rest, but this rest is from heaven and from Jesus. A gift like all the rest of the benefits we are daily loaded with.

I simply cannot tell you enough what it is like to have finally entered that rest. Even if chaos breaks out and the enemy comes with thoughts of disaster or impending  doom, Jesus is right there. You have to be well versed, skilled in His Word. He is the Word, and He speaks His peace to us and to our hearts.

Ladies, that is rest. And that is peace. It is nice to sleep the sleep of the beloved, to not be weary and in need of rest because you have entered it and you can trust His timing. And it is perfect. Perfect timing, perfect peace ( keeping your mind on Him ), perfect rest because of  His perfect love.

I wanted you to have as much wisdom as possible concerning rest. I know, I needed it and didn’t have it until later on but at least I finally heard, I actually understood, it made so much sense, and it took a little effort, it was something that was new and it required changes to what I thought, not giving in to the enemy devices.

But it is well worth the effort, and anything you have to change, thoughts, actions, or words, perhaps even prayer. pray for and receive His rest. Rest is more than sitting in a spa at a luxury hotel or in suite with a box of dark chocolates, or looking out at the ocean and a spray of sea air refreshing you as you breathe it, the mist of your face relaxing you in the breezes, it is like that and more, the sanctuary of God’s Sabbath rest, when no weapon formed against you prospers and you are a Proverbs 31 woman, laughing at the future without fear.

So enjoy His rest, and here is my board.

Kaysona Wilcox pexels



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