My Daughter’s Rest / The Poem / Sunday Bonus

My daughter’s rest,

I have blessed.

Because she has believed.

The sleep of the beloved, she received.

As she seeks her heavenly Father’s will,

Her spirit mine will fill.

As she beholds my beloved Son’s face.

She is rewarded with amazing grace.

Her heart and mind are free from care.

She finds me in a secret place,

A closet of prayer.

And I am her Heavenly Father, I Am there.

When she asks it is given her,

I will give her bread and not a stone,

Her heart is pure in asking me,

I will never leave her alone.

When she seeks me she finds me,

I am always on her mind and heart.

She is never off her Father’s, either.

I loved her from the start.

Thinking thoughts so many toward her,

Moving her forward in the Lord,

Giving her my peace and protection,

She is guarded with a sword.

When she knocks, door opens from above.

And close when there is trouble,

Fear, worry, and so much more.

Because of my everlasting love, I close the door.

When she was  weary,

I called my daughter to rest.

When she heard and obeyed my voice,

Then surely she was abundantly blessed.

photo courtesy of Kaysona Wilcox

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