More and More Rest!


You know what it is like to get really hungry or thirsty. Needing God’s rest is the same. We are so hungry and thirsty for His righteousness that we fill up and then sometimes we are overdoing when He says to rest.

Rest should put some balance in your life, it shouldn’t be what you need to restore you from burning the candle at both ends, the middle will eventually melt down and break. Half in two? I’d rather not. I suppose it is feeling little like a split personality to be running on Jesus and coffee, that wasn’t His plan.

You should never be so tired as a believer that you are losing your joy. You can lose your zeal and joy for helping others, if they are unappreciative, difficult or a constant source of depleting you, dunamis or Holy Spirit power.

All believers have a measure, the baptism of fire and spiritual gifts increases that, and even if you have received power from on high, you will have to rest. Jesus, the Son of God had to in human form, so why wouldn’t we? We are certainly not greater and Jesus has the highest anointing ever. He rested in the ” lonely places. ”

Isn’t that secret place of the Most High? Your prayer closet? The quiet nook you read in? The porch or garden? If you don’t have one, you need to find one. Find a place to take a walk, or a nap, to get away a few minutes everyday.

This is the place of rest God declared it to the Israelites and they would not listen. He was angry, but reinstated His rest, God’s very own Sabbath rest. He sat down and watched creation continuously unfurl. He was finished and so was Jesus after the crucifixion. He made provisions for us, we just have to learn to rest and receive.

He knew we would get weary in the world and said come and rest, but we need to stay there, walk there, talk there, even eat and sleep there. It is something we have to learn and get used to, not lazy or guilty, but restful, peaceful, with His love in our heart and faith in our words that line with His, we can rest in His peace, even in life and abundant life.

I’m kind of tired as I write this, there is a lot going on around me. Some things I can handle others are out of my reach. But not out of His If you are like me, post holiday overload, or just day to day cares and burden you must be tired. Get some rest!

Jacob Townsend / Unsplash Adobe Spark

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